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Bernard Keith Althofer commented on Phil O'Brien's blog post Sexual harassment myth busting
"Phil,  You identify some important myths when it comes to addressing sexual harassment. As  Sexual Harassment Referral Officer, I sometimes found that the initial inquiry was couched in terms that required some specific questioning. …"
May 12
Bernard Keith Althofer commented on Phil O'Brien's blog post Workplace Bullying Myth Busting
"Workplace bullies are normal everyday looking people who have been described by various authors as liars, cowards, cheats, psychopaths, assholes, emotional vampires and a multitude of other descriptive nouns.  Some workplace bullies might be…"
May 12
Bernard Keith Althofer commented on Brennan McEachran's blog post How Employee Feedback Impacts Engagement
"The absence of any communication between a manager and a worker may have a direct impact on engagement, how the worker views management, how the worker performs in the workplace, their attitude and approach towards other workers and managers, and…"
Mar 31
Bernard Keith Althofer commented on Harriet Stacey's blog post Unpacking the Concept of Reasonableness
"Since first becoming involved in the provision of advice, guidance and support in relation to the prevention, detection, reporting and resolution of counterproductive behaviours such as bullying and harassment, I have formed the view that the two…"
Feb 10
Bernard Keith Althofer commented on Leisa Messer's blog post R U OK? But where do you draw the line?
"Having been a manager, a peer support officer and a harassment referral officer, sometimes the issue of mental health is raised by individuals in performance discussions; when they are under pressure from internal or external sources; or in cases…"
Dec 2, 2016
Bernard Keith Althofer commented on Kristin Ramsey's blog post Are former employees obliged to participate in internal investigations?
"Very good points raised here. The flip side is that some former employees who have made a complaint whiilst still employed at an organisation still want to pursue their complaint even though there has been a thorough investigation. In some cases, an…"
Dec 2, 2016
Bernard Keith Althofer commented on Jason Buchanan's blog post Employee Surveys. Are you blaming the player or blaming the game?
"In my view, if an organisation plans on conducting a staff survey, they should plan on using the results, or at least address the concerns raised.  There is a risk in conducting staff surveys and not implementing the findings; or if a strategic…"
Nov 25, 2016
Bernard Keith Althofer commented on Harriet Stacey's blog post 3 Reasons Why People Fail to Report Misconduct at Work
"The points raised in this article mean that organisations should consider the real risk of legal exposure when unlawful activities and even counterproductive behaviours are not reported because the prevailing workplace culture tolerates such conduct…"
Oct 28, 2016
Bernard Keith Althofer shared Harriet Stacey's blog post on Facebook
Oct 20, 2016
Bernard Keith Althofer commented on Debbie Morrison's blog post @^#$%*! Workplace harassment isn’t what it used to be.
"Some organisations have taken proactive and preventive steps to reduce the risk of workplace harassment and other counterproductive workplace behaviours. It seems that for some individuals, there is a continued risk of exposure to counterproductive…"
Oct 20, 2016
Bernard Keith Althofer commented on Harriet Stacey's blog post Value of Feedback for the Development of Investigative Interviewing Skills
"Communication is in my view the most critical issue that impacts on any interaction, be it through interviews, or through job seeking. Practicing communication skills for processes such as interviewing is important for so many reasons.  A…"
Oct 4, 2016
Bernard Keith Althofer commented on Harriet Stacey's blog post Corruption in the workplace - how social identity keeps workers in check
"The level of understanding about what constitutes 'corruption' or 'unlawful activities' may depend on individual and organisational approaches towards being proactive and preventive, to being reactive. Many organisations have…"
Sep 30, 2016
Bernard Keith Althofer commented on Harriet Stacey's blog post Social Identity and the Spiral into Corruption
"The links between bullying, organised crime and corruption were discussed at a Corruption Prevention Network NSW Conference in 2012.  It was identified that organisations need to have 'corporate heroes' will stand up and report such…"
Apr 15, 2016
Bernard Keith Althofer commented on Merilyn Speiser's blog post Underperformers: It's time to have that conversation you've been avoiding
"Much has been written about performance management and it seems that communication continues to be the linch pin as to whether or not it works. Unfortunately, there is a perception that when there is a need to communicate with an employee, the end…"
Apr 5, 2016
Bernard Keith Althofer commented on Nathan Deslandes's blog post Employee "Joke" enough for Fair Dismissal
"There are risks involved in every communication encounter as this case highlights.  In some cases, comments intended as being of a 'jocular' nature, may not be so received. Whilst organisations are investing heavily in areas of…"
Feb 19, 2016
Bernard Keith Althofer commented on Kristin Ramsey's blog post Deck the halls with warnings and termination letters?
"It seems that as Christmas approaches each year, organisations are reminded of the potential legal issues involved with a 'party'. It does seem that some organisations need to ensure that these reminders are continuous i.e. do not wait…"
Dec 11, 2015

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