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Is this the end of the 9-5?


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How To Destroy Your Employer Brand In 20 Simple Steps

This article was originally posted on the RecruitLoop Blog.


I remember walking into my first day in a new job many years ago and nobody knew who I was. My manager wasn’t there and hadn’t even told anybody I was starting.

Less than three months later I was gone.

I still tell this story nearly 20 years later (usually including the company…


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Using The Power Of Imagination At Work

The power of our imagination is phenomenal. It is often an underused source of helping us navigate our way through the challenges of life.  This is especially true in the workplace.  Quite often we either stifle or underestimate this very skill which can be used, to either shape the future of our workplace, or to change unhealthy or stressful situations in the here and now.  Up until recently, talking about using our imagination in the workplace sounded like a flight of fancy, but as our…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work (we're back!)

It's good to be back!

We already have a host of ideas for…

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How to identify why some people resist change

Why do some people find change stressful and others get agitated if there is not enough of it?  How can you implement change in a way that avoids stress and plays to people’s strengths? 

Consider the context

Just think about it for a moment, what do you have for breakfast every working day?  It made me laugh the other day when my wife Pam was making fun of the fact that I can eat the very same breakfast every working day for years and years.  For me it’s a…


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The Nature of Real Business Change

In the world of business...

We often face situations that can make us feel like we have to pat our heads whilst rubbing our stomachs ... and clicking our heels all at the same time!


... A very common cry from leadership:

"We must fundamentally change as an organisation!"



"We must continue delivering on our existing business at the same…


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An App for Employee Happiness?

“A new app for Apple and Android claims to help employees learn what will make them happier at work, and how to make it happen.”…


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Performance Reviews – What are we Getting Wrong?

There was once an employee at a software company, let’s call him “Bob”. Bob was a top-performing software programmer, very rarely away from his desk, quiet,…


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No budget for employee retention?

As you can imagine, we’ve heard this a few trillion times before. Our training budget is too small, we can’t afford executive coaches or team away days, we’re too busy, and more. But ask yourself … can you afford not to? As someone who has been burnt out before – I can tell you, it doesn’t happen overnight. You don’t suddenly wake up one morning and think ‘aw, gee, from yesterday to today I’m completely burnt out and exhausted and unable to go on another day’. It happens gradually and it…

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A Measured Return On Your Learning Investment

One of the biggest wasted opportunities for both individuals and organisations is when benefits of learning and development aren't realised.  Learning programmes are usually bought in to correct or change something and there is a perceived skill, knowledge, behaviour or competence gap.  More often or not, the focus is quite rightly on tuning the learning intervention to equip oneself or the team or organisation with the missing attribute.   However, even when the most brilliant programme has…


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Are you relentlessly practising the basics

Setting off into dense mist with snow stinging my face like tiny needles felt a bit crazy because I knew we were at the top of an unfamiliar piste with a steep descent of about 2000m ahead of us.   The weather had changed dramatically, however all the training and relentless practicing of the basics paid off; what would have been impossible only a couple of years ago was challenging but very achievable.  Are you still practicing the basics in case the conditions become more…


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Important industrial relations update for flood affected businesses

The widespread damage caused by the recent wild weather and flooding across the eastern-seaboard gives rise to a number of significant personal and commercial difficulties.

In an industrial relations context, many of our clients have been seeking advice on their legal obligations in situations where their employees are not able to attend for work as a result of the wild weather, or they have no useful work for employees to perform as…


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Motivate Your Employees…. For Free?

More from Tedx, this time in Philadelphia, where Adam Grant discusses the most effective method for motivating employees, and it’s free.

Adam Grant spent some time in a call centre in the Midwest. He arranged for a group of trainees to meet an “internal customer” or an employee from another department whose job depends on the sales brought in by these trainees. The result was a 20% increase in revenue per shift. Of course, the meetings were combines with inspirational talks from the…


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The Business of Breastfeeding

Following the recent Kochie outrage; mothers, breastfeeding and public places are a hot topic. Rather than jumping on the bandwagon and diving into familiar debates over women’s rights, appropriateness and professionalism, we thought we’d share some examples of women who are breastfeeding wherever and whenever they choose (including the workplace) and how the government and employers are responding.

Over in the US,…


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Hiring the ‘relos’ – how to make it work

Here’s a story that you might be able to relate to.  (Names and some details have been changed to maintain anonymity.)

We have a friend (let’s call him James) who works for a family run business – Dad’s the CEO, Mum’s the bookkeeper/finance manager. One of their adult kids works in the business too; their daughter is the office manager.

The business is reasonably successful – it has good products that fit a niche in the market, and the business appears to be making a good…


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Chinese whispers & employee engagement surveys

 I have worked with managers in the past who have said that a particular team member is looking around – go have a chat with them, find out what salary we need to offer to keep them. So I ask, how do you know they are looking around. Well, they say, I heard from such-and-such who told so-and-so that this person was on the phone with a recruiter and was seen using Seek.

In all likelihood, it is too late. If someone is out there on final interview, or in fact gives you notice, offering…


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Project Management in Intercultural Environments


Global Project teams should be considered the best vehicle for organizations to respond to a changing environment characterized by cultural and logistic complexity, but their effectiveness depends on achieving a degree of integration and mutual commitment to organizational goals. For a project team to achieve maximum performance and potential, its manager must find the right balance between process and people orientation, the…


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12 Ways Leaders Bridge Vision And Realism

One of the biggest barriers I have found in organisations when developing vision and strategy has been the lack of understanding about different ways people take in and process information.  When this isn't recognised, nor addressed in the right way, there ends up a mismatch of buy-in right from the intial development phase.  I remember an acquaintence some years ago telling me she was totally frustrated about all of these meetings her boss and some colleagues were holding about the future…


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Key Selection Criteria: When less is more

Malcom Gladwell's book, Blink: The power of thinking without thinking (Penguin, 2005), has a number of fantastic insights highly relevant for recruiters, specifically when Gladwell explores the ‘less is more' syndrome.

Gladwell asserts that in certain circumstances, receiving more information about an issue can cause you to become more inaccurate or ineffective in your response to, or conclusions about, that issue with a corresponding increase in your…


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Not another (!!!) Meeting!

Communication is the oil in the engine of any business and yet it is often neglected, careless or squandered – especially in meetings. Few people look forward to business meetings because they are frequently felt to be unproductive and a waste of time.  But, all too often they are also reluctant to put in the required effort to prepare in advance, be on time and stick to the agenda! 

You can’t have it both ways

If any of the meetings…


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