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Can Values Become Villains?

Values are the foundation for everything that happens in your organisation. They drive behaviours and are the building blocks for your workplace culture. Can values become villains? Yes, when they drive behaviours that create a less than healthy culture.

Let’s focus on this example that was described to me…


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Are you Running on empty and it's only March...time to refuel !!

It is interesting to note that around  50 % of Executives in recent national engagmement  surveys are dissatisfied with their employer, and therefore their career. It is no wonder that high performing environments are rare .

Whilst  a succesful Career is such a key influence in everything we do and how we are seen, it is not unusual for executives to drift into crisis because many  invest little in time and resources in their continued development. Here is a simple checklist that will…


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How do you handle negative feedback?

Receiving negative feedback is never easy but by managing your thinking and your emotions it is possible to use it positively.  It’s all about perceptions and what you make it mean.  If you think about it, all of the most successful people have simply made more mistakes and had more negative feedback than others . . . but they never let it get them down. 

Negative feedback can take many forms but in many ways it is an important part of life; things don’t always run smoothly, we aren’t…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work

As Paul Dunn, co-founder and chair of…

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Employee Happiness - A Leadership Issue?

On March the 20th, the world will be celebrating the International World Happiness Day, which was introduced by the United Nations at the World Happiness Conference held in April 2012.   As the subject of happiness is dear to my heart, I thought I would mark the occasion with a question for leaders.  "Should employee happiness be on your agenda?"  

I do wonder sometimes how far employers should go to try to help people at work.  After all they are paying them to come along and do…


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The Dangers of Misaligned Values

Core Values

Engaging a …


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In management, once is not enough

Are you falling into the trap of telling your people only once and assuming that they will then diligently get on with your request?  How do you ensure that your requests stay at the top of their list of priorities?  Are you taking your power for granted? 

In the modern workplace we are all inundated with hundreds of demands from clients and customers as well as colleagues and managers.  They are all competing for our attention and we constantly have to juggle priorities.  There is…


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Employee retention. Can you afford not to?

Last year I was sitting in a business meeting which included a CEO, hearing how there is never enough time in the day. How meetings always started late, how commitments were never met because there simply wasn’t enough time. The conversation went on for a while until one member of the conversation threw down her pen and said ‘We all have the same amount of time. We all have 24 hours in the day. Time goes no more quickly or slowly for me or you. It is about priorities. This is a…


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Mature age initiative floundering

The Gillard Government's mature age worker strategy is floundering - major projects have been poorly implemented and flexibility arrangements aren't backed by legislative muscle.

Over the last 12 months, the Commonwealth Government has scrapped three important mature age initiatives: Experience Plus Training, On the Job Support and Job Transition Support.

This is in spite of the findings of the 2012 Consultative Forum on Mature Age Participation that poor physical…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work

If you've been seeing Feel Good Friday for a while, you know we can't…

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7 Key Questions Astute Recruitment Interviewers Must Ask

Whether you are involved in recruiting or you are looking for a job, this weeks article can help you get focussed on some of the key questions which can be great for revealing a candidates strength.   When in a selection process, you can expect to find assessments and tests to give the recruiter the necessary information to show the candidate has the right skillset.   Some recruiters will leave it at that.  

However, good recruitment campaigns also try to make sure the candidate is…


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Promotion proxies & employee development

One reason why some organisations lose staff is because there are not enough promotions available for upcoming high performers. So what can you do to encourage this group to stay that will satisfy their need for career progression and skill development?

What successful 'promotion proxy' initiatives has your organisation done?


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Business Engagement

Critical Engagement:

A super aircraft carrier can launch or land planes every 25 seconds. Standing 20 stories tall and stretching the length of several football fields, a crew of more than 5000 men and women ensure the floating citadels continue to play a key role in peacekeeping and war.

From the flight deck to the mess, each crew member wears a color to delineate their specific role on the ship.

If you ask anyone how they see their role …



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Self-inflicted injuries & employee turnover

So once you have details about which resignations were influenced by the organisation, you can go about addressing the ‘push factors’ like manager practices (which is the main one!).

If you are doing annual studies on your current employees, you should see a change in the push factors as you address issues.

If you know why people are leaving, fix it! Otherwise your resignations are self inflected injuries!

How have you addressed issues…


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4 Crucial Steps for Effective HR

eh-logo no text

Effective human resource management doesn't need to be over complicated. In fact, if you can just get the fundamentals right then you are well on your way to growing a successful business and employment culture.

Read on to discover the steps and tools to help you achieve them in your business.…


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Winning respect – 10 ways to give up wanting to be liked

I recently read about the upcoming release of Sheryl Sandberg’s new book “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead”. As the COO of Facebook, she talks about Mark Zuckerberg (her boss) and the advice he gave re her desire to be liked by everyone and his belief that it would hold her back in her…


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Push V Pull factors when uncovering staff turnover

Two things we tend to look closely at when conducting a study for our clients:

1. “Push factors” which are able to be influenced by the organisation such as manager practices, company policies, pay, etc.

2. “Pull factors” which are not able to be influenced by the organisation such as health issues, moving away, pregnancy, etc.

It is important for you to know the difference between these two causes and then start benchmarking your results and improving the…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work

A change of pace for your busy Friday -  a beautiful little short film from Greece.…


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Dealing with Negativity at Work

As you know, in most organisations there is usually something valid to complain about, and the one described in the situation below was no different.  The trouble is of course, if complaints aren't voiced constructively and they become part of a negative moan, then the line between fact and fiction becomes blurred and people start making their own negative interpretations about the simplest of things.  When this happens, people who need to listen often just stop.




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