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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work

 A little song to cheer you up...   …


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Your Stressed Employee May Not be Suitable For The Job

Do you have an employee that is finding it stressful to fulfil their tasks and performance obligations?

Very often, when an employee claims that their work tasks or expected performance standards are causing them stress, employers tend to panic and immediately look at modifying their duties to avoid a claim for stress under the workers compensation system.

However, employers should not be too quick to modify or alter tasks for such employees without first referring back to that…


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Celebrating Real Success


A trail bike adventure to the top of Australia - hundreds of kilometres of off-track riding through isolated and harsh terrain ... what could possibly go wrong?…


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A case study on using pot plants to increase employee engagement

Cultivating a culture of engagement can be achieved in a variety of ways and recently I can across an innovative method involving pot plants being used to great success by a local organisation. Here is their story. 

Sandra Taylor, the Development and Communication Officer from Teachers Union Health has started an…


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Flexible Work Hours – The Future of Workplace Environments

Research has found that the Aussie workforce uses less of their annual leave entitlements than their counterparts in other parts of the world including the UK and Hong Kong, with the Robert Walters Poll finding that only 41% of Australian professionals used more than 75% of their annual leave in 2010.  It has been suggested that professionals do not utilise their leave entitlement due to “feeling pressured, either by their employer or…


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Social media – how much thought have you given it?

With many organisations increasingly using social media to promote their brand, communicate with existing and potential customers, and recruit new staff members, it is becoming more and more important for management to understand and appropriately manage the myriad of issues and risks that could arise from use of this technology.

From a legal perspective, these issues and risks pertain to use of social media as a business tool…


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Honestly!! Let’s talk about employee dishonesty during an HR Investigation

In Brief

An employee owes a duty to their employer to be honest in their dealings with it.  This is no more apparent than when the employee is the subject of an investigation into alleged misconduct.

A recent dismissal case…


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Our Top 6 FAQs about Mentoring

Our Top Six Most Frequently Asked Questions about Mentoring

Mentoring sounds like such a simple concept, but when people try to establish mentoring relationships they generally find themselves with more questions than they had expected.  Here are the top six questions we are most frequently asked by our clients…and some answers.

What’s the difference…


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Warning: 13 lies applicants will tell you to get the job

[My daughter (17) read this post and told me I'm way too cynical, although it was meant to be amusing.  What do you think?]

We tell potential employees what we want.  We shouldn’t be surprised if they bend the truth to fit our requirements.

Although slightly ‘tongue in cheek’, the following list is based on actual recruitment experiences in real workplaces.

1. I’m self-motivated

…I applied, didn’t I?

2. I have…


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The Dynamics Of Bullying At Work

Posted by Christina Lattimer of People Discovery on 05 Oct 2012

Bullying or allegations of bullying at work is always stressful for the people involved.  For employers who have to deal with claims and instances of bullying, the dynamic can prove destructive and costly in a myriad of ways.  Not least the potential cost of employee complaints, as well as the loss of trust and confidence if such allegations or…


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How to Recruit Superstars and Increase Performance

Attention Business Owners & Managers - if people are your No 1 asset, then make sure you do your due diligence!


Recently I have been working with several SME clients in the professional services sector. Whilst all of these firms have teams of 10 plus staff and in all cases have been operating for five years or more, I was very surprised at their lack of talent acquisition (yes, fancy new term for recruitment)…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work


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10 Valuable Lessons to be learnt from Volunteers

Recently I returned from volunteering my skills in Singapore at the Singapore F1 Grand Prix (SGP). Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motor sport. Just like in Australia, motor sport in Singapore is supported by hundreds of volunteers. Track marshals, flag and recovery specialists, medical, fire specialists ensure safe and fair racing for all.

This was my 5th Singaporean Grand Prix having been one of a select group of Australians in 2008 who trained the Singaporeans to run…


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Why team building is out and team growing is in

The old model of “building” a great team is outdated.

The concept of growing a team instead of building a team has been around a long time. It seems to have started with Frederick P Brooks in his book “The mythical man-month” written over 30 years ago. He believed that:

“The building metaphor has outlived its usefulness. The conceptual structures we construct today are too complicated to be accurately specified in advance and too complex to be built faultlessly, then we must…


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The Untapped Potential of Employee Referrals

Learn how to find great candidates, quicker and save thousands!!

When I talk to businesses about their candidate sourcing strategies, the most common answers I get back include ‘’we posted an ad on Seek” or “we engaged a recruitment agency.” Very often, these answers are followed with “we did not get great results” or “it took us such a long time to recruit”.  I always follow these up with, “did you ask…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work


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21 Reasons To Use Myers Briggs Type Indicator

“Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one of the most popular and respected personality type tools in the world.  It is a personality type tool which is based on research by the renowned psychologist Carl Jung.  The tool, helps people easily understand why differences arise at home and in the workplace.  It is an easy to understand framework which helps to build relationships and teams”

One of the principles of Jung’s model, “Psychological Types” developed in 1921, was each person…


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Gamblers Vs Visionaries - Which is your organisation?

The past couple of years there have been some high profile cases on the industrial front. Cases involving David Jones and others including Airservices…


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Know your real business landscape

I preface this insight with the fact that I am a prolific user of the iPod, Iphone, Ipad, kindle and any other mobile device which has been designed to impart information. 

Anytime ... Anywhere…


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An outsider's insightful view of HR

Attending HRIZON this week I enjoyed the welcoming message of Wurundjeri Elder Aunty Diane Kerr, a descendant of the traditional owners of Melbourne.

Despite only recently learning that "HR people…


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