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Hi HRdaily readers.

Jo Knox has kindly suggested that I give readers a bit more info on my forthcoming ebook. (I blogged earlier - 12 March)  Well, it's a highly interactive ebook about trouble in our workplaces, the disillusioned and disengaged that populate them and those that purport to lead.There are many stories derived from my experiences yet it is not all doom and gloom as the book provides many restorative strategies and ideas as to how the workplace can be made a better place…


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Ensure Compliance with Workplace Laws

Even though the Fair Work Act 2009 has been in full operation for just over 2 years, we are continually surprised by the amount of outdated employment contracts and workplace policies still in use.

The Fair Work Act introduced the National Employment Standards (NES) and Modern Awards.  The NES brought about changes to a number of minimum terms and conditions, which necessitated amendment to many existing employment contracts…


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No 1. tool for a conscious people leader

 Make awareness the priority

A conscious people leader makes awareness his priority, not the problem, the situation, the event or the person. The conscious people leader makes his way of being a priority.

What actually happens is, we stop the automatic way of operating, the habitual addictions we have to feeling a certain way and reacting a certain way. We become different.

Have you in the last week said to your self “ Why is this…


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I am looking for one or more experienced HR managers to read my manuscript. It's about people averse workplaces. I've had over 40 years experience in multiple workplaces. A couple of my blogs have appeared in HR Daily - The Organisational Colonscopy and Heroes and HR

Anyone with preliminary interest in having a squiz can email me - wayjan at iprimus com au

I'll send a synopsis ( 1 page) and a chapter listing (1 page)  so you might determine whether you have an interest…


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Why less attention is sometimes better than more

In the book “Good Boss, Bad Boss” by Robert Sutton there is a great quote from William Coyne, one of the leaders at 3M. He believes that:


“The best management is sometimes less management or no management at all. After you plant a seed, you don’t dig it up every week to see how it is doing.”


Makes sense when you think about it but how many managers have you encountered that just can’t leave people alone to get on with the job? They are always…


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Who Are You? De-Mystifying Psychometrics

Since ancient times, when Know Thyself was inscribed in the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, people have known that it is important to understand as much as we can about ourselves.  For years, philosophers, psychologists and ordinary people have asked themselves, “Who am I?”

It’s an important…


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Can you spot a liar?

On average a person lies between 10 and 200 times a day. Some of these may be white lies, (‘good work’ or ‘that’s one way of doing it’) designed to maintain relationships and oil the social wheels.  Other lies can be detrimental and affect our development, our work, and our relationships both at home and at work. 

At the IEC we recently watched a TED video clipby author Pamela Meyer based on her book, How to…


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“Part-time is a dirty word” & why it needs to change

Last week in Adelaide, there was controversy and speculation after the …


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work


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The power of the paradox

A client in Western Australia recently called regarding a work preferences profile we had provided for a candidate.  When shown the report, the candidate had questioned its validity because some of the traits listed appeared to be contradictory.

We notice contradictions because we are conditioned to thinking in terms of opposites:  good and evil, right and wrong, black and white.  The reaction to Tiger Woods' off-course behaviour is…


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Resumes, curriculum vitae, employment summaries… it’s a jungle out there!

Ok, yes this is yet another blog about the difficult task of resume writing! I was initially put off writing about this topic as there are so many good resources available, but the constant demand from candidates, clients, friends and family to assist with resumes spurred me on to put keyboard to screen with my two cents on the matter!! 

So here…


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“It’s the vibe of the thing”……can you explain your culture?

Last week I spoke at a boardroom breakfast to a group of leaders from infrastructure, mining, legal and local government.  The topic was on my blog “technical competence without people skills –…


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Political Skills and Job Performance

Organisations are inherently political arenas in which individuals are often competing for advancement and resources. In such environments, the exercise of power and influence can characterise the way things get done (Bing et al., 2011). As such, it makes intuitive sense that political skill (the ability to understand others at work, and use this information to influence others to enhance one’s personal or organisational goals) is predictive of job performance.

Political skill has…


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One little problem with using personality profiles for recruitment

The following information is an excerpt from the whitepaper ‘Best Practices in Talent Assessment’ by Dan Harrison, PhD, of Harrison Assessments International ©2008 Harrison Assessments International. For a copy of the full report, please email us.

If a behavioural assessment report simply describes the…


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Effective Union Relationship Management

Contrary to popular belief a Unions power is not enshrined within the confines of the Fair Work Act. 

For months now employers and public have been bombarded with statements of "inflexible" legislation. The "unfair dismissal monkey riding our backs". "Where has our productivity gone?".

My question is simple. How many lawyers, HR and IR Managers, Business Managers, Business owners and the like, have taken the time to learn what they CAN do, instead of simply listening to what…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work


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Play to Your Strengths

When I was a child growing up in the middle suburbs of Sydney, every household seemed to religiously read The Australian Women's Weekly. It was a cultural and social mainstay: both a barometer and a bible.

One of the main things I learned from the Women’s Weekly is to play to your strengths. Over and over again, and in…


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Three things you should know about every new employee

You’ve read the CV’s, interviewed and done reference checks. Could you have missed something? 

Assuming your new employee has the qualifications, experience, skills and attitudes required to do the job, there are three basic things every boss needs to know about their latest…


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Does your workplace feel natural?

This picture represents a typical scene in any wine growing area . . . orderly rows of grapes. When I see them it always reminds me of offices full of neat cubicles in a row. Both might appeal to our sense of neatness and order but they are not natural. 

Plants don’t choose to grow in neat rows. That is…


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Individual Flexibility Arrangements - Are you getting them right?

As part of the Award Modernisation process, it was identified that every Modern Award was to contain a “Flexibility Term”. The original intent was to enshrine a mechanism in the awards for employees to seek flexible working arrangements to allow for family responsibilities etc, or alternatively for them to seek flexibility in terms of the certain arrangements or conditions in the Awards or Enterprise Agreement. 

Individual Flexibility Arrangements are not lodged with FWA, therefore…


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