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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work



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There are many ways to have a successful career

When most people think of a garden, they picture a flat piece of ground with plants growing on it. Sure, this is the traditional way of thinking but there are many other options available . . . growing plants on lattice or against a wall (called “espalier”) are two established methods. However, there is a new method that is growing in popularity . . . the vertical garden. It’s ideal for people with small spaces or those who want to maximise every growing surface. Plants are hung almost like…


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Why are you wasting your time?

We all know ‘time is money’ yet we are sometimes willing to throw away time to an extent most of us would never consider throwing away money!

Did you know that if you spend just half an hour each day dealing with junk email, interruptions and other time-wasting…


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"You can accomplish nothing unless you can communicate effectively".....ensuring you are heard as a leader

This week I got a bill from my Accountant – who I’ve had a long term relationship with (nearly 15 years) that got me rather annoyed and frustrated. I had been charged extra for “email advice” on a “range of issues”.  Did that make my blood boil!  Not because I had been charged – I understand they make…


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The on-going Productivity debate......

Contrary to what you see in the movies and tv shows, the way to increase your employees productivity is not through the use of derogatory language, whips or Dilbert-like management. The most effective way is by simple communication.

There is almost monotonous regularity of media reports of failing productivity, of employers blaming the Fair Work Act, of unions blaming employers for their “lack of compassion and understanding of their employees”. Neither is completely wrong, nor…


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Talent Attraction and Retention in the Digital Age


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Workplace diversity – are you having the right conversations?

The debate about gender diversity in the workplace in the media is ongoing. The gender pay gap currently sits at 17.6 per cent, the same as 25 years ago, and only 13.8 per cent of ASX 200 board directors are women. 

Most gender and diversity programs in organisations are aimed in one direction - fixing the women,  rather than the situation - and much of the recent debate has been around implementing board quotas for women. While this method has had some success in Europe, for there to…


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Have a Happy Easter!

Easter time is one of my favourite times of year, because in Australia around Easter the light is gentle, crisp and golden. In contrast to its underlying symbolism and meaning, Easter in the Southern Hemisphere is in autumn and in Australia there is a mellowness and relief in the air, as though the earth is resting from the intensity of summer, and gently closing itself in, in preparation for the hibernation of winter soon to come.…


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HR Manager's Effectiveness: 21 variables to aspire to

HR Manager’s Effectiveness:

I had been Director of HR for just over 5 years in a human services agency. Just after winning a promotion to a senior executive line management position the newly recruited Director approached me and asked me for my perspective on what makes for an effective Manager of the HR function. This is what I gave her:

1 Work hard to build, foster and sustain a special relationship with your CEO. This must be based on –

• trust

• personal…


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Facebook, Twitter, Myspace…The list goes on.  Without researching the exact figures, it would not be unrealistic to assume that well over half the world’s population has at some stage in their personal and professional lives either “posted” or “tweeted” something into cyber space.


The recent move from Facebook, to increase the privacy protection of its users, has been hailed as a good move by those of us that use the social media outlet to stay connected to friends and…


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Here is a great idea for your next meeting. Cancel it!

In business, don’t we love a good meeting? Team meetings, status update meetings, budget updates, pipeline reporting, key account meetings, sales meetings, management meetings and finance meetings. The list is endless.

And here is the thing. Many of these meetings, some would argue most of them, are a total waste of time.

No doubt there are thousands of books, articles and training courses on how to run a good meeting. I don’t propose to emulate these. But let me share with you…


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How would your recruitment practice stand up to this scrutiny?

From the very first advertisement you place, your potential new talent is making judgments about you - and those judgments become a critical part of how much your new employee attaches to you and your team. Here's an article from our Social Media Manager, Karalyn Brown. She writes on questions you want (or may not want!) your applicants to ask.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. OK I know this is a cliché. But clichés are clichés for a reason. They contain a nugget of…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work


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How to spot exceptional talent before everyone else

The Rare Find: Spotting Exceptional Talent Before Everyone Else by George Anders (Portfolio/Penguin, 2011) is an exceptional book on talent. In trying to find a way to capture the essence of the book I decided that it would be easier if I just provided an edited version of the final chapter as an inspiration for you to buy the book for yourself.

 So here it is.

The experts interviewed and profiled in Rare Find almost all agree on the…


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Employer's Redundancy Assumption goes awry in Dismissal Case

In Brief

In a recent appeal case about a redundancy1, Fair Work Australia ("FWA") rejected an employer’s “assumption” that a manager would be insulted if offered redeployment to a more junior position following a restructure.…


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The Fortunetellers wheel of fortune....what does success mean to you?

Last week I was flying to Brisbane to run a workshop with an up and coming HR Consultancy. To kick start the first session I opened with the topic of success and what it means to their business and the individuals within it.  Before getting into the nitty gritty of achieving top performance and putting action steps…


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Engage like you should eat

In today’s culture it is almost impossible to not think about how you eat. Every day we are bombarded with the latest diet fad - hi-fat, low-carb, no-dairy, caveman diets, lemon juice detoxes and so on. There is even the sleeping beauty diet, which recommends sleep instead of eating to reduce those unwanted kilos!

As we all know the best approach is the most basic, eating in sensible moderation along with a reasonable amount of exercise. Simple, but by no means easy.

It turns…


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The Steve Jobs way: Seven lessons in business leadership

Having spent a couple of days reading the Steve Jobs biography I couldn't help but reflect on the remarkable accomplishments of the man and the lessons applicable for business owners everywhere, big or small.

This could have been a very long list, but here are the seven things that are most strongly front of mind for me (text is paraphrased and quoted from the book 'Steve Jobs' by Walter Isaacson, Simon & Schuster, 2011).

1)    Focus: When Steve Jobs returned…


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Leadership is Action! It's what you do that counts, not what you say

Managers have subordinates, leaders have followers.

That short statement took me many years to learn. When I was young, and thrust into a management role way before I was ready, I thought leadership meant, “getting people to do things”. And maybe, in the end, that is what it is. But it’s not by telling, or coercing or bribing. It’s way subtler than that. And if you are looking to carve out a career in managing a business or indeed any enterprise, developing your leadership…


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