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Flow – The Seventh Dimension of The High Performing Team Assessment Tool

Good communication is an obvious and critical requirement for teams to work together yet it’s one of the first areas to look at when the team is not in ‘flow.’ the seventh ‘face’ of a high performing team.

Good communication starts at the top of a team and works its way down as team members always take their cues from how the leadership team interacts with each other and the team in general. If leadership communication is unclear and inconsistent, confusion…


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One clause you definitely need in your standard employment contract

Employers have the legal right to give lawful and reasonable directions to their staff.  No question.

An employee who wilfully disobeys a lawful and reasonable direction by their employer breaches their contract of employment, pure and simple.

Depending upon the circumstances, such a breach by an employee can justify disciplinary action or even termination.

An efficient way for employers to direct staff is to embed them in written policies, that are communicated to all…


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Women in HR Leading the Charge for More Women in the C-suite

There are many benefits to having women in leadership positions. In fact, research has shown that women bring a diversity of skill sets, and less gender discrimination in the management ranks, often leading to greater profitability.  However, while…

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4 reasons HR needs to be more bullish

HR has always been a critical function of business - because without people, businesses really do struggle. But never before has HR been so important to the strategic side of a company’s functioning. HR, people, culture, and…


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Workplace gender gaps remain: Could de-gendering gender diversity be the solution?

It’s International Women’s Day today and while there’s a lot to celebrate, results from a recent survey show workplace gender gaps remain in career progression, pay and flexible working options.

The survey, by recruiting experts Hays, also suggests that de-gendering gender diversity by offering and accepting equal parental leave and flexible working options without career consequences for women and men could improve female representation in the workplace: 81% of respondents…


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Have you got “the right stuff” when it comes to super?

Superannuation payments and calculations can be a tricky thing for employers, of all sizes, to get right. These challenges came to light last month when the Financial Sector Union of Australia (FSU) claimed that 7,000 part time staff did not receive their full super entitlements from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), with claims dating as far back as 2009.  The full extent of the potential underpayment is…


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FOMODA: Fear of Missing Out on Disciplinary Action

The Fair Work Commission (the Commission) has often held that a dismissal will be found to be harsh, unjust or unreasonable when one of the reasons for the termination of employment included an event which occurred earlier and which was not addressed at the time. This is encapsulated in the concept of “use it or lose it”.

Where employee…


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I, Robot: The “Human” in HR – Part 2

Today it seems like every HR magazine or e-newsletter contains an advertisement or article on “HR tech” that promises to provide all manner & quantity of data on a workforce. There is also a running conversation about how HR will become more automated in the future with computers supervising robots!

Until such time as the robots and computers do…


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Does the NDIS Complaints System Have Enough Reach?

For those vulnerable people across Australia living with disability, the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has been heralded as a much-needed security net. And for those caring for disabled individuals, the NDIS provides a framework for sustainable care arrangements.  

In many ways, the introduction of the NDIS is the ultimate…

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Growth – The Sixth Dimension of The High Performing Team Assessment Tool

It’s a standard law of nature that where there is no growth things become stagnant. This is true in the organisational environment as well. Personal and team growth is critical and without it, work becomes mundane and businesses get left behind as the ‘competition’ moves ahead.

Of course we’re not referring here to growth in the sense of size, but more so in the sense of professional and team development. One of the top reasons employees leave organisations…


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Top 5 Skills that Get You that Bigger Paycheck

Increased earnings are the goal of every professional out there and this is obviously achieved through increasing your overall skillset. However, possessing certain skills tends to pay off more than blatantly trying to work on improving every aspect of your professional self. So what skills are we talking about here? Well, we’ve outlined 5, to get you started.…


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The ONE thing you need to do in 2017 if you're a leader

Time flies.

Can you believe that it is already March, that tricky time of the year?

It’s that time when New Year’s resolutions made enjoying a glass of wine under a sparkly sky seem like a distant memory.

The time where the busyness of life takes over and lack of time…


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Lack of trust is damaging your business – here’s how to fix it

The current lack of trust is a major issue in many organisations.  In their 2016 Global CEO Survey PwC reported that 55% of CEOs think that a lack of trust is a serious threat to their organisation’s growth.  Sadly, most of them of them have done little to improve it because they are not sure…


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The right way to break redundancy news

Let’s face it; staring into the eyes of a hardworking, loyal employee and breaking the news of their redundancy is never an easy conversation to have, but there are some ways to reduce the sting and ensure they have a smooth career transition.

Plan the conversation

If you don’t break redundancy news in a compassionate manner you can make your staff member’s transition more difficult, their notice period more awkward and your work environment more…


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Are you playing in the right space?

I am a big rugby union fan. At the weekend, England took on the un-fancied Italians in their annual 6 Nations competition fixture. The ‘Azzuri’ excel in coffee, cuisine and love, but the expectation was for an easy win for the competition leaders. Whilst they ultimately prevailed, it wasn’t without drama. The Italians exploited rule technicalities that enabled their players to position themselves in unexpected places. The English were clearly confused. Their advantage in power, player…


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Why you should focus on the manager/employee relationship

Do you do one-on-one meetings with your employees? You should. Employees value the one-on-one time they have with their managers and these meetings are imperative in building strong relationships in the workplace. Our company just launched a new tool called…


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Website Crawler & Sentiment Analysis



To start with Sentiment Analysis, what comes first to our mind is where and how we can crawl oceans of data for our analysis. Normally, web crawler or crawling from web social media should be one reasonable way to get access to the public opinion data resource. Thus, in this writing, I want to share with you about how I crawled the website using web crawler and proceeded to deal with those data for…


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Cash me outside: Employer fined nearly $533,000 in addition to back payment for cash back scheme

The Federal Circuit Court of Australia’s decision in Fair Work Ombudsman v Rubee Enterprises Pty Ltd & Anor [2016] FCCA 3456 (Rubee’s Case) has penalised a cafe in Albury NSW $532,900 for exploiting five foreign employees.  This is the largest fine ever ordered as a result of legal action by the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO).  The cafe was involved in a number of breaches of the Fair Work Act…


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Human Nature: The “Human” in HR – Part 1

In recent years we have observed the increased use of technology and big data in Human Resources. The question is whether this shift is taking the “human” out of Human Resources by devaluing genuine personal interactions and conversations when it comes to matters such as employee wellbeing and performance.

In a recent article about employee data…


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Restrainted Love: The Value of Restraint of Trade Clauses

Restraint of trade clauses are often used in employment contracts to prevent or limit an employee from engaging in conduct that is adverse or inconsistent with the employer’s interests once employment has ended. Typically, employees are restrained from soliciting clients or establishing competing businesses.

In a previous…


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