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Top of the food (supply) chain: Woolworths enters compliance deed to eliminate trolley collector exploitation

Earlier this year, we told the tale of the of the trolley collectors in Once upon a trolley – an ongoing saga involving underpayments, vulnerable workers and the Fair Work Ombudsman’s (FWO’s) scrutiny of labour supply chains. In that blog, we focussed on an enforceable undertaking that involved Coles supermarkets and the…


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Let me restart: Anti-bullying orders issued to employer and employee to reset the employment relationship

The anti-bullying jurisdiction of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act) gives the Fair Work Commission (FWC) a broad power to make any order it considers appropriate to prevent a worker from being bullied at work (except an order which requires monetary payment).

In Burbeck v Alice Springs Town Council; Davison; Price;…


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Why are so many HR Careers peaking too soon?

Every year I update my salary guide. As part of this process, I examine and analyse every vacancy and compare it to the salary data I get from job seekers. It’s a fascinating task (no, really, it is) because it tells me all kinds of things about the state of the jobs market and what’s happening in the world of HR. By reading the numbers I get a black and white insight into what trends are happening, where the growth is, and what my corporate and applicant clients need to know.



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Guidelines to Headhunt Integration Architects

Integration architects are quite scarce to find as their demand doesn’t seem to diminish in the near future. Human Resource teams struggle when they need to fill the post of an integration architect in quickest period of time. That’s why, HR teams get a sinking feeling when they are asked to headhunt solution architects for critical integration projects or onboarding customer data. Here are some best practices to streamline the headhunting process and select an…


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A Racey Matrix to Help Your Teams to Collaborate Effectively

For teams to work well collaboratively, every member must be crystal clear on roles and responsibilities. The RASCI matrix (pronounced ‘racey’) is a simple ‘quick view’ tool that defines who’s involved at what stage and in what capacity. In this way, it helps managers keep everyone on the same page.

RASCI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Supported, Consulted, Informed. It’s an…


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The student becomes the master: When work experience turns into paid employment

Earlier this year, we wrote about the growing concern of an increasing number of people being engaged in unpaid work that was unlawfully described as work experience, a vocational placement or an internship (see our blog “The Intern”).

When engagements of this kind are legitimate,…


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Bye, Bye, Bye – Is your business ready for sudden senior leadership departures?

The sudden resignation of the head coach of the Western Sydney Wanderers (the Club) was a shock to the Club and to the wider A-League football community.

The head coach advised the Club just one week before the start of the A-League season that he would be leaving immediately to take up a coaching role at an international club, and in the…


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The INNS and outs of adverse action: FWO prosecutes hotel owner for underpaying employees because of race

In its first ever underpayment prosecution relying on the race discrimination provisions of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act), the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has successfully established that two employees of Chinese descent and Malaysian extraction were underpaid because of their race and/or national extraction (Fair Work Ombudsman v Yenida Pty Ltd & Anor [2017] FCCA 229).…


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The Support Person... The "Eggdicator"

The Support Person: The "Eggdicator"…


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How Medical Evidence Supports an Unbiased Investigation

When claims of abuse in care come to light, strong emotions can arise for all concerned. It is not surprising that when an unexplained injury is uncovered, family members, care staff, and employers will want immediate answers. 

However, it is vital that employers maintain clear thinking and remain objective when investigating allegations of abuse in care. 

Engaging an external…


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HR Postcard from Seattle


Today’s postcard is from

Seattle, USA.


Australia should be proud of its high quality HR talent.  The Australian HR community is now represented around the world.
Today’s Postcard is from ex-pat Australian, Rick Watt, who is a HRD based in Seattle.


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Big Data: 50 Fascinating and Free Data Sources for Data Visualization

Have you ever felt frustrated when try to look for some data on Google? Pages of relevant websites but none can fulfill your expectation? Have you ever felt that your articles are less persuasive without data support?

Let’s put this article on your favorite list, the most comprehensive guide of data sources, including General Data, …


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Pinch of Thought - Your Move

My wife, Nicki and I spent a decade moving home every year. From North London to South London (ne’er the twain!). From the UK to Hungary. Four more times within Budapest. Across the world to Sydney. Bondi (a DO NOT PASS GO visa imperative for incoming ‘Poms’), Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches (twice). Finally we were done!

Nine times in nine years, we went through the pain of packing. Occasionally we paid people to help. It sounds like a great idea, but never really worked. You…


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7 Must See TED Talks on Big Data

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a nonprofit global community that has been committed to the spread of creative ideas in the form of short but powerful talks since 1984. The talks cover all kinds of topics from science to business to global issues in more than 100 languages as TED welcomes people from every discipline and culture.

TED site rolls out videos all the time and there are more than 2500 videos now. If you are pressed for time, here are 7 must see TED talks about…


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Three Costly Outplacement Mistakes

Staring into the eyes of a hardworking, loyal employee and breaking the news of their redundancy would have to be one of the most difficult parts of a HR professional’s job. That is why the topic of outplacement is so important, it is the last act a HR professional can do for an employee in need, and often the last memory a transitioning employee will take with them when they leave.

When it’s done right, it can have incredible results for both the company and a transitioning employee…


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'I Was Sent to Coventry' and Other Social Bullying Techniques

When we think of bullying, the clichés of schoolyard taunts might spring to mind. Yet as we learn more about the wide-ranging techniques of bullying, it is clear that this deeply complex phenomenon can be hard to pin down. 

For example, being ignored, or made an outcast in any situation - 'sent to Coventry' - can be highly distressing. This insidious brand of social bullying unfortunately arises in…


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How Video Communication Can Build a Remote Working Culture

The traditional Australian workplace has yet to fully comprehend the scale of change that technology will and is already changing the way we work.  

According to hiring sentiment data, 68% of recruiters and 53% of employer’s report that job candidates expect to work remotely ‘somewhat often’ to ‘very often’. Over half of the surveyed candidates say that having an option…


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This Is Me – How to Help Your Team Know You Better

Understanding how team members operate is the key to high-performance teamwork. But it can take some time (and painful trial and error) before you really know what makes each person tick. Through the work we do with managers and teams, we’ve developed a practical shortcut that helps people get to know each other quickly. It’s a simple and highly effective exercise we call, ‘This is me’. You can …


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A Reflection on an Employee’s Experience of Conflict

Why I am in conflict with you…

I am in conflict with you because I don’t trust you.

I don’t trust you because you have done and said things that contradict what I think is acceptable.

Behaviours (actions and comments) that I find acceptable are ones which:

  • Show me…

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How will your workplace start 2018?

“Do as I say, not as I do”.

 Have you ever been on the receiving end of that expression?

Those interested in the workings of the brain will already be aware of the need many of us humans have for perceived fairness.  Interestingly, perceiving an injustice is a common trigger for anger both in and out of the workplace.  It’s not fair!

If a Leader expects certain things from their team members, but isn’t willing to include themselves, is that fair?  It…


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