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Are you Serious about your future success?

As I build my consultancy helping experts to become confident and successful influencers and leaders, I’m struck by how many time wasters I meet.

Of course, these people are an irritation to me. But they’re also wasting their own time, resources and personal ‘energy’ as they flit from one free meeting, seminar or webinar to the next – picking up crumbs, but with no focus or strategy. These are not serious people. I doubt that many of them ever achieve the success they claim to…


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How psychometric testing can help overcome bias in hiring

 We’re all biased, whether we care to admit it or not. And bias becomes a real problem when it interferes with your ability to find real talent and affects your business’s growth.

We are all biased, whether we care to admit it or not.

That’s not the same thing as saying we’re all racist, xenophobic, homophobic or misogynistic. It’s not even the same thing as saying we prefer people who have the same background as us or think the same way we do (although,…


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Top 5 Tips for Mindfulness in the Workplace

People leaders are no stranger to 'mind fullness'. Not only do they have their head crowded with their own issues, but usually there are a dozen or more team issues keeping their mind full also.…


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The gender pay gap explained: Women are less likely to negotiate

Recently I read through the excellent Richard Lloyd Sydney Accounting Salary Report - 2017. I have seen many salary surveys over the years and most are a boring copy of each other with very little new to say about the data that has been gathered. The pedestrian reporting of salary differentials across skill levels, although mostly diligently gathered and reported, was rarely enlivened with a fresh angle on the data subsets that were available. 

The directors at…


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Sexual harassment investigation – Grabbing an Employee and Sexually Propositioning her was Valid Reason for Dismissal

The Fair Work Commission dismissed a former Calvary Hospital office worker’s application for an unfair dismissal remedy. Link to case

Andrew Powell commenced employment with Calvary Public Hospital in an administrative role in September 2014. On 26 May 2016, Mr Powell was suspended without pay pending an investigation into allegations of serious…


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HR Practices: What has changed?

Technology has completed changed the way we do things. Gone are the days when the use of technology had no impact on the business. Revolution in the world of computers and the internet has impacted businesses to a level that without technology they would seize to function at all!

From recruitment to sales,…


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Top 5 Tips for Recruitment Marketing

The world of recruitment has changed – it used to be that talented people went out and looked for suitable employment, trying to show why they think they might be a great asset to their potential employers. Interestingly enough, this is not the world that we live in today; in fact, nowadays, it is the employers who have to compete, in the goal of catching the eye of talented individuals. This entails them giving compelling offers to the candidates.

This has bred the reason behind the…


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Her Word Against His – Detecting Lies in Interviews

One of the most challenging aspects for employers attempting to deal with workplace bullying or misconduct is getting to the truth of allegations, especially in circumstances where the apparent victim's version of events contradicts that of the alleged bully.

Most of the time, this disparity can be put down to differences of opinion or misinterpretation of…


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Wellbeing at work is more than Happiness

More and more business owners are realising both the monetary and moral benefits of high employee wellbeing at work. On the monetary side we know that employees with high wellbeing produce higher quality work (greater customer satisfaction), and experience fewer absences (lower sick leave costs). On the moral side of the equation as businesses look beyond pure profits and towards initiatives of corporate social responsibility, showing care for staff wellbeing is a fantastic place to start.…


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Science-Backed Strategies For Managing Employee Mental Health

The Challenge

At least 1 in 5 employees will experience a diagnosable mental illness and far more experience “sub-threshold symptoms” that are highly distressing and cause functional impairment (but don’t meet criteria for a diagnosis). Sadly, less than 1 in 30 employees receive workplace support for mental health, with HR managers often unsure about which strategies to implement, when and…


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Disruption could be good for workers in their 40s, 50s and 60s

There is no ‘business as usual’ as far as digital disruption is concerned, but one unique way organisations can prepare for such uncertainty is to employ more older workers.

While younger digital natives are often thought of as an organisation’s best response to the rapid pace of change, a workforce with older experienced employees is often more prepared to face change.

Last year, Ford CEO Mark Fields signalled quite how profoundly technology has overthrown…


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Mental Health In The Workplace With Georgie Harman, CEO of beyondblue

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Georgie Harman, CEO of beyondblue about the actions that contribute to mentally healthy workplaces.

I recorded the discussion which you can listen to here and/or, take a look at some of the notes taken from the recording below.

beyondblue provides access to information, tools, help lines and other support…


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3 Typical Ways to Use Web Scraping Tools for Marketing Decision


Web scraping, also known as web crawling, (web) data extraction, data mining, screen scraping, is the process of collecting large amounts of data from the web, then save to a file, database, etc. Let’s dig deeper into web scraping.


It’s estimated that the…


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5 Tips (and a challenge) for Wellbeing for Leaders

Leading people creates stress and puts pressure on your health and well-being. But as a leader, it's important for you to set a standard that not only keeps you in top shape, but sets an example for your team to follow.

And while you no doubt know what you need to be…


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Views to your LinkedIn profile slowed? Here's how to make your profile pop on the new platform

The first thing to do is get a good headline!

But before I go into how to do this, I need a short rant…

LinkedIn, oh LinkedIn what HAVE you done?

Why are you no longer displaying the summary section in full?

You do know its so tough to get people to click through to see more content, don’t you?

As a writer, I LOVED the summary section. It was a great place for people to to sell their story.

It was the place people could translate the benefit of their…


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Stop right now: Employer prevented from proceeding with investigation and disciplinary process

The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act) gives  the Fair Work Commission (the Commission) the power to make orders to stop bullying where it is satisfied pursuant to section 789FF that:

  1. A worker has been bullied at work by an individual or group of individuals; and…

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Employment Law Essentials – It’s not over till it’s over: Ramifications of unfair dismissal proceedings

In part one and part two of our Employment Essentials Series we discussed procedural aspects of termination and the need for substantive fairness.  In this third instalment we will discuss the various outcomes and ramifications for employers if they fail to settle an unfair dismissal claim…


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Let’s talk a-boat gift giving in the workplace

Workplace gift giving can be a blessing and a curse for employers. On the one hand it brings out the generous, team-oriented qualities in employees but equally, it can cause animosity between employees not to mention embarrassment and even anger.

The dangers of workplace gift giving and money collection were demonstrated recently when employees of…


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Abolition of 457 Visas: The Impact on Employing Strategies

On April 18th 2017, the Turnbull-led government has abolished the Howard government-introduced 457 visa from the 1996-97 era. The government has announced that it will be introducing two new visas as the replacement for 457. But how will this impact the employing strategies of Australian businesses?…


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Workplace Bullying Myth Busting

Instances of bullying in the workplace are an issue for many employers at some point especially if not managed correctly it can be very costly.  However a lot of the advice and suggestions for dealing with bullying while well-meaning simply do not work.

Let’s have a look at some of the common…


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