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Are shorter attention spans hampering your best efforts In L&D?

“According to scientists, the age of smartphones has left humans with such a short attention span even a goldfish can hold a thought for longer” The Daily…


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Grooming, or an Error in Judgment?

No employer likes to think that one of their staff members might deal inappropriately with a client, or even could possibly commit a criminal act. But all employers need to be aware of the potential for professional boundaries to be crossed in these ways. This is particularly important for organisations that work directly with vulnerable members of society, including children, the elderly, and the disabled …


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Get Your HR Processes Sorted With These 4 Easy HR Hacks

If the business you work in is anything like other small businesses, then your role of office manager means you handle just about anything! So, along with managing office supplies, equipment, recordkeeping, furniture and reception, you’re also the de-facto HR manager in charge of all the HR processes.

And because of the enormous number of HR issues that can play out each and every day, this area probably tests your incredible…


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Part 3: End of the line – Older workers and discrimination on termination of employment

In Part 1 of our blog series on older employees, Selfie time – Video “Snaplication and the potential for age discrimination in recruitment, we looked at age discrimination in the recruitment process.

At the other end of the…


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Knowing your customers and planning around them is only part of mitigating risk and with Baby Boomers exiting the workforce, Millennials are on the rise and work as we know it is evolving beyond expectations.

By 2020, Millennials will account for over half of the world’s workforce and in most sectors, workforce planning will need to be in place to transfer vital knowledge before it is lost. Priorities have changed and what was important 10 years ago in regards to…

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Why does your organisation need Anti Bullying Training?


  1. The make sure that you employees understand what workplace bullying is and what it is not
  2. To support the health and well being of your employees by taking steps to eliminate bullying from your workplace
  3. To support your policies, polices alone cannot stop bullying
  4. To make sure that you employees know the consequences if they engage in bullying in the workplace
  5. To show your employees that you are serious about protecting their health and well…

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Part 2: Just Google it – Age discrimination and technology in the workplace

In the modern day workplace, employers are becoming increasingly reliant on computer systems and introducing new forms of technology and equipment to increase productivity and output. It is often therefore a requirement that employees be proficient in certain computer programs or, at least, that they undergo training to become proficient.…


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Part 1: Selfie time – Video “Snaplications” and the potential for age discrimination in recruitment

We’ve all heard of “blind” recruiting, particularly in the early phases of the recruitment process, but what about the opposite? Actively recruiting based on a visual medium? Look no further than the “Snaplication.”

The Snaplication is an online video job application that can be made and submitted using social media app Snapchat. The Snaplication is…


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Getting rid of Australia’s gender pay gap

It’s pretty simple, really: If you find disparity in pay among employees who have the same level experience and perform the same job, get rid of that disparity. You might not be able to flip a switch, but it’s not rocket science either.

Businesses can commit to be part of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s annual public reporting, as one step on the road to becoming an Employer of Choice for Gender…


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A Simple 5 Step Career Planning Guide for Leaders

There are certain times of the year that people get the impetus to examine their careers and career goals to see if they’re on track. They may be reflecting on what they have accomplished in their current role. They might be asking how the current role or job they have in their organisation fits with who they are. They may also be wondering whether they are fulfilled and on the path that will lead them where they ultimately want to go in both career and…


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Are managers and HR professionals the forgotten victims of complaints in the workplace?

We know that bullying, harassment and sexual harassment in the workplace is stressful to the victims, but it is often forgotten that the responsibility for dealing with and/or investigating these matters can also be very stressful on managers and HR professionals.

I wonder if this stress is the cause of investigations either not being done at all or being done in a less than effective manner. Managers and HR professionals are often blamed if they get it wrong, or take to long and you…


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Employee Sacked After Calling Boss a "Backstabbing C**t" Awarded Maximum Unfair Dismissal Compensation.

On 23 December 2016 Mr Trialonas made an unfair dismissal application to the Fair Work Commission pursuant to section 394 of the Fair Work Act 2009. Mr Trialonas sought a financial remedy from his employer, which he identified as “3D Scaffolding”.

3D scaffolding disputed the identity of the employer and Commissioner Johns subsequently held a preliminary unfair dismissal…


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#TakeAKnee: Can employers legally dismiss an employee for “taking a knee”?

The world has been following the NFL with keen interest these past few weeks after President Trump called on NFL owners to fire players who refused to stand for the US national anthem and flag before a game – raising interesting questions for us sports-loving employment lawyers.

The “Take a Knee” movement was started in 2016 by former San Francisco…


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Is this thing on? Recording meetings and other strategies for substantiating workplace discussions

All too often workplace disputes arise out of conversations or meetings where the participants have wildly different versions of events. The parties then end up before a court or the Fair Work Commission (FWC) where a judge or FWC member is tasked with deciding whose evidence they prefer – essentially, who appears to be more credible and reliable.…


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Someone to Lean On: Who can be a support person?

In determining whether an employee’s termination was harsh, unjust or unreasonable, s 387 of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act) provides a list of criteria the Fair Work Commission (FWC) will consider. One such criterion is whether there was any unreasonable refusal by the employer to allow the person to have a support person present in any discussions relating to dismissal.…


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Flushed away – Teacher compensated for disclosure of health information on note found in staff toilet

From the moment an individual applies for a job, an employer has collected personal information about that person. As the employment relationship continues more and more personal information about the individual is collected – and for legitimate reasons.

Some information may relate to the practical side of the employment relationship like contact…


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Leavin’ on a jet plane: Refusing requests for annual leave

A recent decision of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) has highlighted the importance of correctly managing employees’ requests for annual leave (Adriana Stevens v Horsley Park Supermarket Pty Ltd T/A Carlo’s IGA Horsley Park [2017] FWC 4626).

The employee in question was dismissed from her employment as a Duty Manager in a supermarket…


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Professional Distance and Social Media

Maintaining professional distance in the workplace can be challenging at the best of times. There is a very fine line between managing interpersonal relationships, ensuring that colleagues and co-workers get along with each other, and developing such close relationships that potential conflicts of interest or social problems arise. 

This juggle has become even more difficult with the advent of social…


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That Awkward Office Birthday


We’ve all experienced that moment. Everyone in the office gathers around, the candles are lit in direct violation of office OH&S and your colleagues warble out an off-key rendition of Happy Birthday. To some, it’s an awesome moment; to others, it’s something to be avoided at all costs.


Whether you work in an office of health-conscious…


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Benefits of Writing Intelligent Resume and Vacancies

There are many benefits of using the intelligent content. Some concern the quality of service and others improve process efficiency. Here are some of the most notable benefits of intelligent content.

  • Intelligent content reduces the cost of maintenance, development and review. This means that you will have to spend less time and money on arranging your content or reviewing it.

  • Intelligent content allows you to spend more time creating a new…


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