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Working hard for the money: FWO sends out warnings about payment and pay methods

As harvest season is fast approaching, the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has reminded growers that they need to be familiar with their obligations under the Horticulture Award 2010 (Horticulture Award).  The reminder has been issued in response to claims that labour hire contractors are approaching growers and offering workers at very low rates of pay.…


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Two weeks’ notice: What are the requirements for notice of termination of employment?

The requirements around when notice of termination is required and how to provide that notice can be difficult for employers.  An employer’s obligations with respect to notice and notice periods are specified in the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act)

Except in circumstances of serious misconduct, employers are required to provide notice…


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Renewal – The Eighth Dimension of The High Performing Team Assessment Tool

Gone are the days where the measure of a professional’s success was how late they stayed at the office or how much they sacrificed in the name of work. Business leaders have worked out the price of such a culture was way too high, resulting in poor performance and poor health for their workers.

This is why renewal, the eighth and final dimension of a high performing team is so vital, as we discuss on our latest podcast episode. People leaders need to not only…


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Think Twice to Maximise your Influence

It’s been one of those weeks. Running around like the proverbial fly, continuously aware of a ticking clock… get to the meeting … tick; send that proposal… tick; make those calls…tick; fill up the car … tick; pick up X from Y … tick…

We’re all juggling time. There are still only 24 hours in a day, yet, by…


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What Should Replace the Employee Engagement Survey?

It’s time to rethink the employee engagement issue.

The change we need to make is to redefine engagement beyond an annual HR measure to a…


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The Key Warning Signs of Grooming and Sexual Manipulation

As the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has painfully revealed, our most trusted institutions have at times mishandled some of the worst cases of child abuse imaginable.

It is becoming clear to us as a nation that the trust given by children and other vulnerable people to individuals in positions of power is boundless. And…


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The day I received crappy news – and how it changed the way I now break bad news to others

Let’s face it – life can be challenging, especially when you’re a leader.

Yes, you have the status, the salary and the company car. But with that comes all the hard stuff, too.

Being in charge is not all beers and skittles (most workplaces have banned alcohol now anyway). Every leader has…


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An HR leader's dream program

HR leaders dream about implementing programs that solve all workplace and workforce issues. While this silver bullet or program-cure-all doesn’t exist, there is one approach that gets closer to that dream scenario than any other - a good mentoring program.

Mentoring is a business practice that almost every HR executive would agree is ‘good’, and yet it is a…


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Leading on Purpose

How do you start your day? Do you get up a 5am for a comprehensive workout followed by a healthy breakfast, or do you hit the snooze button to get in 10 more minutes and end up rushing out the door with barely enough time to make an instant coffee? At work do you dive right into emails, or do you actively avoid looking at your inbox before the “serious” work is done? These are just a few (polar opposite) examples of the morning routines of highly successful leaders. On the face of it, the…


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We Don’t Talk Anymore: The “Human” in HR – Part 3

Human resources management is experiencing a digital revolution as online platforms and data collection solutions flood the market.

If the make-up of a workforce can be understood and managed through data alone, will future HR departments be the domain of data analysts?



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Back yourself, it’s the only way forward

I was inspired by the candid, relatable stories in …


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Resolutions up and applications down: Unfair Dismissals Quarterly Report released

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has released its Unfair Dismissals Quarterly Report for the period October 2016 to December 2016 (the Report).  The Report revealed that there has been a decrease in the number of applications lodged with the FWC compared to the same period in previous years. 

Resolutions have also occurred more quickly,…


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In the heat of the meeting: Can a resignation given in a heated moment be accepted?

We know people can say or do things that we do not mean when we are under pressure, feeling stress or are angry.

In rare incidences (often in the context of disciplinary meetings), an employee may indicate that they wish to resign only to later try to withdraw their resignation or claim that they did not really resign. Can a resignation given “in…


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The Toxic Grinch: There's one or more in every workplace

We’ve all observed the person who dampens enthusiasm or spoils our enjoyment of work. These folk, whilst few in number, erode workplace culture and they are something of curse for HR professionals given the distractions they engender and the work they create. 

In recent days Fairfax media ran an article in their Executive Style column – How to spot a toxic employee before you hire them. All well and good but somehow they keep popping up and are generally well ensconced…


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How to position yourself as a leader

In today’s competitive environment, standing out can actually be the thing that gives you an edge. For instance, if you’re positioning yourself for a leadership role or promotion, It’s important to develop a strategy to consistently demonstrate your personal leadership…


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The top 5 articles on brainstorming

Chances are you've led or participated in a brainstorming session. Brainstorming is, after all, one of the most common tools for creative problem-solving. 

There’s a ton of content out there about it, but much of it isn’t based on research. My team and I…


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Criminal Conduct and the Likelihood of Conviction in Care

It is a great tragedy that the most vulnerable people in society – children, the elderly and the disabled – often fall victim to the most heinous types of abuse in care settings.   

In some cases, the abuse can be obvious, such as when…


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Flow – The Seventh Dimension of The High Performing Team Assessment Tool

Good communication is an obvious and critical requirement for teams to work together yet it’s one of the first areas to look at when the team is not in ‘flow.’ the seventh ‘face’ of a high performing team.

Good communication starts at the top of a team and works its way down as team members always take their cues from how the leadership team interacts with each other and the team in general. If leadership communication is unclear and inconsistent, confusion…


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One clause you definitely need in your standard employment contract

Employers have the legal right to give lawful and reasonable directions to their staff.  No question.

An employee who wilfully disobeys a lawful and reasonable direction by their employer breaches their contract of employment, pure and simple.

Depending upon the circumstances, such a breach by an employee can justify disciplinary action or even termination.

An efficient way for employers to direct staff is to embed them in written policies, that are communicated to all…


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Women in HR Leading the Charge for More Women in the C-suite

There are many benefits to having women in leadership positions. In fact, research has shown that women bring a diversity of skill sets, and less gender discrimination in the management ranks, often leading to greater profitability.  However, while…

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