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Doctor, Doctor: Full Bench rejects appeal from employee who altered medical certificate

Employers and human resources professionals may often be provided with medical certificates which they are not quite sure about, prompting them to look at the certificate a bit more closely.

In Bluzer v Monash University [2017] FWCFB 4032, the Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) considered an appeal against a decision to…


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Grievance handling procedures: informal complaints – should managers give them ‘airtime’ or not?

With respect to taking notice of informal complaints and where they fit in the context of grievance handling procedures –there are three types of manager:

  1. Those who, when listening to staff, just hear comments but don’t consider them as grievances;
  2. Those who, when listening to staff, hear a concern and hold further…

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Artificial Intelligence for HR, turn the fear into opportunity

The perception for some is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will replace much of the work of HR departments. For leading organisations, the adoption of AI is a reality. The long-term benefits to productivity and overall cost savings to their organisations make the initial costs worthwhile. 


So what is AI exactly?

AI is basically technology in the form of machines that have the ability to conduct human capabilities including learning, manual…

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30+ tips for those 20+


Age is a very high price to pay for maturity Tom Stoppard, British playwright.


For all in HR, share this with your younger Millennials.  If you be one, read it carefully; twice is best.

 Workers in their 20’s are typically more impatient, are more easily disillusioned, more demanding, more mobile, more ambitious and more impetuous than their older colleagues. Many feel disengaged at work. Most are lacking in one…


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What transitioning employees need from employers to help them re-establish their career

Just imagine it, you’ve been called into a meeting with your boss, and they tell you that while you are a valued employee, you are no longer needed. Maybe you suspected it was coming, or perhaps it has caught you completely by surprise.

A lump in your throat forms. You think back to earlier in the morning as you were leaving your house blissfully unaware of what you would walk into. You want to go back there. The explanation your employer continues to give is muffled under the…


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Strong Leaders Are Vulnerable

We live in a world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (V.U.C.A.). Because of this the way we work is rapidly changing. Old ridged hierarchical organizational structures are being consigned to the history books, giving way to fluid and collaborative project based teams. In this new world of work, the ability to gain and maintain employees’ trust is crucial for leadership success. If a leader isn’t trusted by their team then they’ll never achieve their full…


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Conflict Resolution via Self Management

Self-management is an informal process that seeks to restore workplace relationships without looking for the alleged perpetrator to be disciplined in some way. It is only appropriate to try this method of conflict resolution if you feel safe to do so.

It is important that you, the complainant, remain calm and polite. This process should be seen as an assertive and objective exercise and not an opportunity to become angry and aggressive. Think about an appropriate time and…


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The happiness factor: 6 tactics for improving workplace productivity

Remember the old (and slightly misogynistic) phrase Happy Wife, Happy Life! ? Well, it turns out there is a workplace equivalent: Happy workers, productive business! (and no - we couldn’t make it rhyme). There’s a strong correlation between happy…


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How Can Employers Assist Workers with Acquired Brain Injury?

A decision by the Queensland Court of Appeal highlights why employers must take into account the needs of workers with an acquired brain injury, in order to avoid being considered to have discriminated against them. 

In Chivers v State of Queensland (Queensland Health), the Court of Appeal heard a case pursued by Ms Chivers, who was employed as a registered nurse with Queensland Health (QH). She…


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What Is E-Learning Today?

In the L&D world, e-learning today can sometimes be seen as the poor cousin to instructor-led training. It’s mostly because when we think about e-learning we think about the boring compliance courses we’re expected to complete to protect against organisational risk. Very rarely does that form of…


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Better safe than sorry – Best practice for dealing with poor performance issues

Here at Workplace Law, we regularly assist clients with unfair dismissal claims, which often involve disputes over performance management processes and meetings.

Performance issues can be some of the most difficult for employers to manage and when performance management results in disciplinary action, employers need to be on the front foot to protect…


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Insights on Managing Change – Interview with Charles Caldwell

After seeing Charles present at the HR Summit in Hong Kong, I had the pleasure of sitting with him to discuss ‘the illusion of permanence’ and why change is often a stumbling block for organisations and individuals. As the Director of Human Resources for the Hong Kong English Schools Foundation, Charles has worked with teaching and non teaching staff, of different nationalities, to ensure they have felt supported and successfully been able to manage and implement…


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Time to drop the act!

Have you noticed how successful people have a knack for making their life look less bumpy than yours? They glide across everyday challenges, unfazed by the dramas that conspire to frustrate your progress. If your dream is to make a good living doing your own thing, this lightness of touch can seem both attractive and unattainable. It’s easy to become discouraged.

It’s not like in the movies

Would that we could live in the unreality of the silver screen. There’s a lot…


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How to Help People Lay Career Foundations

Planning your life and career is never easy. They’re very closely connected. After all, your career will play a big part in your development as a person. The truth is, life is a one-way street, but who says that that one-way street has to be a boring one?

If you’ve recently graduated and if you’ve already found that perfect company you want to work for, you’re certainly on the right track. What you need to do now is push yourself to the limit.…


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Top 10 Tips for Communicating with Extroverts

Depending on the nature of your workplace, chances are that half your team (give or take) is likely to be extroverted. Probably less than half if you are running a library and more than half if you are running a sales team. Either way, knowing how to communicate effectively with extroverts is a skill worth having, especially if you are more introverted yourself. That’s not to say that extroverts have special needs as such but if you want to bring out their best, communicating …


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“Dear all...” – FWC finds employee’s heated mass email a valid reason for dismissal

Email, in one form or another, has been around for more than 40 years but employers and employees are still coming to grips with how to manage email etiquette in the workplace.

In a recent decision of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) (Mr Andrew Pearce v Viva Energy Refining Pty Ltd [2017] FWC 3817), an employee was validly dismissed for…


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To everything there is a season: Ski employee was not dismissed

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has dismissed an application for unfair dismissal in Bosley v Kosciuszko Thredbo Pty Ltd [2017] FWC 3763, upholding the jurisdictional objections of the employer.

Mr Bosley was employed as a fulltime seasonal employee in the ski patrol team and had worked in this capacity for the past 13 ski seasons. His…


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How to ensure a relevant and sustainable insured employee benefits program

There is a generally accepted belief that if organisations pay employees enough, they will be more productive and engaged. However, benefits packages, if used in the right way, can be a powerful tool which can empower and motivate employees

According to recent research by Aon Hewitt[1], there is a strong correlation between employee…


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The Benefits of Switching to Cloud-Based POS Software

Choosing an effective and appropriate POS system for your business is imperative to running a successful store. Traditional sales technologies have, in recent years, been left behind by web-based POS software. Small businesses and large chains alike have found a cloud or web-based POS system far…


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Complaints Management Under the NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was introduced in mid-2013 to facilitate a support system for disabled Australians. In many ways, this has begun to streamline and simplify the process whereby many thousands of Australians under the age of 65, who have sustained a permanent and residual disability, are able to access healthcare services. But what happens when the system goes wrong and complaints need to be made…


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