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Why blogging is an essential weapon in Activating Brand You

I first wrote ‘the blog about my blog’ 2 years ago. I wanted to lift the bonnet on ‘Pinch of Thought’ to show how it actually works and why. My premise – that writing a blog is no longer a nice-to-do, but a business essential. The intervening 24 months have deepened this belief. You see…


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Six qualities of great leaders

There are good leaders who drive growth, and there are great leaders who drive movements. What is the difference between them? Here are six qualities great leaders possess and how can you adopt them through your own leadership style.

1. Authenticity

While every great leader learns from the success of others and listens to the market they serve, they also never lose sight of who they are and what they bring to the table. Your principles, ideas, thoughts,…


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5 Essential Data Mining Skills for Recruiters

Job sites are really popular today for anyone to find the right job or for any firm to hire the perfect candidates. These sites, however, also house large quantities of aggregated data which provides good insights for job trends, salary levels, competitors‘ info and many others. While these job sites are overwhelmed with massive volume of data, recruiters should know how to leverage and make full use of them while they are still fresh on the web.…


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Foster a culture of ideation using a whiteboard

Since whiteboards were first introduced to offices in the 1990s, they have become an essential tool for every organisation — how they are being used, however, can have a huge impact on the success of your company.

One of the most beneficial ways is as an idea whiteboard, ideally in conjunction with brainstorming exercises.

Idea whiteboard systems come with a host of benefits like being the start to building…


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Let’s Address the Employee Feedback Abyss (Part 1)

Employee feedback - or the lack thereof - has been a topic of deep discussion amongst executives, businesses, and employees for quite some time. And it doesn’t seem to be going away.

This is because not much has changed. There are plenty of articles written and a few TED talks made, but few companies ever make the necessary changes - changes which…


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Are we letting down middle managers?

There’s a reason middle managers are often referred to as ‘permafrost’, a reference to the difficulty in getting through this management layer from the top or bottom: a lack of learning and development.

According to our recent survey, almost half (48 per cent) of Australia and New Zealand’s mid-level managers say the training and development they now receive has decreased compared to the early years of their career.…


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Standing out in the Gig Economy

It’s all sweet in the ‘Gig Economy’. These are the findings of a recent EY report, ‘Is the gig economy a fleeting fad, or an enduring legacy?’. Also known as ‘the contingent workforce’, the Gig Economy is where businesses contract talent on a short-term project or even a daily basis to…


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Building Rapport in Investigative Interviews

All workplaces are at risk of allegations of bullying, harassment, discrimination or other claims of misconduct or inappropriate dealings. As such, all employers must be prepared to conduct investigative interviews to determine the veracity and accuracy of any allegations made against or by one or more of their employees.

Apart from properly eliciting the facts, perhaps the most…


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Induction Strategies

Death, taxes and staff turnover. Nowadays, whatever your industry, it’s a fact of business life that people will come and other people will go. The good news is it’s a situation that can be harnessed to inject new energy and ideas, inspiring your team to even…


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8 trends I'm seeing in HR Recruitment this year

Here are 8 things HR professionals need to know about 2017’s employment market, based on the work that’s been coming across my desk over the past 12 months

1. The HR Generalist will still be in demand

Forget notions of newly created specialist HR roles, from where I sat last year it was still a very generalist year.

It’s true that for every one of the seven years I’ve recruited in the Sydney HR market, the generalist has…


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Six signs you are a change leader

In an increasingly competitive and changing business environment, your organisation needs a champion for change. Someone who will drive and manage change, anticipate and respond effectively to roadblocks, understand cultural dynamics and engage your team.

Could it be you? Contrary to popular opinion a change leader doesn’t need to be at the top of the company or even within the management team (though it certainly does help!). Here are six signs that you – or someone on your team… Continue

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The Value of Org Charts: Look at the white space

Whilst it is true that Change has always been ‘the only constant in life’, the pace, magnitude, and impact of workplace change today, dwarfs anything that has ever come before.

Three significant shifts are currently impacting organisations across the globe:

  1. The lowering of trade barriers has significantly increased the quality and quantity of business competition.
  2. The daily advances made in technology, are making communicating easier, BUT leading to the death of…

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Mentoring: 26 reasons why you need it

Many of the world’s best minds and great business leaders have had a Mentor. Each knew, in spite of their ego, outstanding skills and abilities, that they would benefit. These folk included Oprah Winfrey,  Mark Zukerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Richard Branson.

Mentoring, however, is not a prominent feature of the Australian business and public sector landscape. How many do you know who are currently being mentored?

From my own experience as a Mentor there are 26…


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Missed the train: Employer fined 250k for failing to provide training to work experience student

You have spent time, money and resources to hire the best candidate for the job and you cannot wait for them to get into their role.  Before they start, your new worker needs to be trained, especially in workplace health and safety (WHS).

Employers need to ensure that all workers are trained and understand the WHS policies and procedures. For…


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7 tips for Managing Moaners

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to have a talent for complaining and moaning?  There is always something wrong or they feel that it’s always another person who is causing all the problems in their life.  They tend to wallow in victimhood and feel everything is unfair.  If not managed, these…


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Quality assurance: Why employees must be qualified for the tasks they perform

Employers should not underestimate the importance of investing in workplace health and safety, including training for employees as well as ensuring that new hires or those promoted are qualified to perform the tasks of their new role.

Case Study 1…


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Employment Law Essentials – What is “Procedural Fairness”?

Whether the termination of an employee’s employment was procedurally fair or unfair forms the basis of the unfair dismissal jurisdiction under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act). Employers can often put themselves at risk of unfair dismissal claims when procedural fairness is not provided to employees during disciplinary action and / or the termination process.…


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Show me the values

Just as personal values tell us about an individual, so too do the values of an organisation.

As an organisation, your values paint a picture of what you stand for, support your vision, shape your…


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The four biggest risks to your employment brand during transition - and how to minimise them

The pace of change in the business world continues to increase — and so do the risks of workplace change. Here are four risks to be aware of when transitioning employees to ensure your employment brand is protected.

1. Short-timer syndrome

Short-timer syndrome is often experienced when staff, who are waiting out their notice or redundancy period, become disengaged or indifferent and have a significant drop in productivity because they have no future with… Continue

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Are you really succeeding?

I wrote recently about the power of connection. In an ironic twist, today my internet connection died – predictably at a supremely inconvenient moment. This created a farcical ‘signal quest’ as I frantically ran like an addict from café to café, “do you have wi-fi, do you have wi-fi?” Finally somewhere did.…


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