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Top 20 Web Crawler Tools to Scrape the Websites

Web crawling (also known as web scraping) is widely applied in many areas today. It targets at fetching new or updated data from any websites and store the data for an easy access. Web crawler tools are getting well known to the common, since the web crawler has simplified and automated the entire crawling process to make web data resource become easily accessible to everyone. Using a web crawler tool will set free people from repetitive typing or copy-pasting, and we could expect a…


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5 Essential Data Mining Skills for Recruiters

Job sites are really popular today for anyone to find the right job or for any firm to hire the perfect candidates. These sites, however, also house large quantities of aggregated data which provides good insights for job trends, salary levels, competitors‘ info and many others. While these job sites are overwhelmed with massive volume of data, recruiters should know how to leverage and make full use of them while they are still fresh on the web.…


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Website Crawler & Sentiment Analysis



To start with Sentiment Analysis, what comes first to our mind is where and how we can crawl oceans of data for our analysis. Normally, web crawler or crawling from web social media should be one reasonable way to get access to the public opinion data resource. Thus, in this writing, I want to share with you about how I crawled the website using web crawler and proceeded to deal with those data for…


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9 FREE Web Scrapers That You Cannot Miss


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I want to share with you in this post some best free web scrapers for non-programmers who want to gain insight from large data-set online at low…


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5 Steps to Collect Big Data


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We know most companies today collect big data to analyze and interpretate of daily transaction and traffic data for keeping track of the operations, forecasting needs or implementing new programs. It is in this way that we define big data as the capability allowing companies to extract value from large volumes of different kinds of data. But how to collect such capability of big data we want directly?

There may be…


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