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Why soft skills are vital for business success

At SalesDNA, our clients, prospects and networking acquaintances often ask what they can do to enhance the productivity of their people.  While our answers vary to suit the situation, we invariably end up talking about the skills and behaviours their people demonstrate when interacting with their clients and with each other.

It is now well recognised that success in business can be significantly enhanced by developing the interpersonal and emotional intelligence behaviours of people…


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How to create an operating rhythm

First published in Linkedin:

The new catchphrase in business? How to create an operating rhythm.

We are often asked what it means to create an "operating rhythm" and how it can work for a small business or indeed a larger corporate.

Creating an operating rhythm is easier than you think – but there is a specific catch. Understanding this "catch" can be the difference between getting productivity change sooner as opposed to later. (We have one…


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