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5 Effective Leadership Practices to Round Out the Year (and to continue next year)

In this post, we want to share with you our 5 favourite leadership practices that we’ve shared or discovered in the past 12 months. These have worked for hundreds of leaders during the past year, including us, especially those who practiced and made them their own. They found ways to incorporate these into their day to day life that were authentic and appropriate for them.

1. Make Your Conversations Count - Have Quality Conversations 

Start by having regular…


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The 3 Keys to Executive Presence for People Leaders

‘Executive presence’. We hear the term a lot, particularly in leadership circles. But what exactly is executive presence? And how does one develop it? At People Leaders, we refer to those with executive presence as having an authentic, confident and poised sense of self that makes a positive impression. In this post (and this podcast) we've boiled down the…


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How to Keep Your Team on the Same Page With a Team Charter

Working well in a team can often be the difference between project failure and success. One way to increase team cohesion is to develop a team charter that details how the team will work together to get the best result. This simple yet instrumental document encourages members to discuss and agree on how best to coordinate efforts towards their shared goal. It sets out expectations for behaviour and provides a framework for how the team will operate. To get your new team off on the right…


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How to Create a Team Purpose Statement in Three Steps (and Why)

It’s fair to say that most organisations have a Purpose Statement, Mission Statement or something that determines the company's’ scope of operations and direction. However, though they need just as much clarity and direction (or perhaps more!), it’s rare that individual teams within organisations have their own distinct Purpose Statements. In this post (and this podcast…


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A 4 Step Framework for One-on-One Catch Ups for People Leaders

It’s important for managers to check in on their staff in regular one-on-one catch ups. But without a process or structure, these conversations can be quite transactional. In this post (and this podcast episode), we explain how we help managers pave the way to far more valuable and effective catch ups using four steps and five additional tips.

Step 1 - Follow…


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5 Tips to Effectively Influence ‘Feelers’

Influencing is an important skill for anyone, especially people leaders. In this post, we continue our discussion on Influencing, focusing our attention on how best to address those with the personality style of ‘Feeler’. Let’s be clear again - this isn’t about manipulation. It’s about how delivery of a message is integral to how it’s received. To influence someone with a…


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Influence Through Preparedness and Tangible Takeaways

Today we’re sharing insights about the benefits of preparing tangible takeaways before heading into an exchange with a team member (or a colleague for that matter). We’ve recently come across several situations where we’ve helped leaders prepare for a variety of responses heading into a conversation. Invariably we’ve found that presenting visual materials or specific evidence to back up points or demonstrate intent has successfully influenced outcomes. Here’s how. You can listen to the …


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A Racey Matrix to Help Your Teams to Collaborate Effectively

For teams to work well collaboratively, every member must be crystal clear on roles and responsibilities. The RASCI matrix (pronounced ‘racey’) is a simple ‘quick view’ tool that defines who’s involved at what stage and in what capacity. In this way, it helps managers keep everyone on the same page.

RASCI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Supported, Consulted, Informed. It’s an…


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This Is Me – How to Help Your Team Know You Better

Understanding how team members operate is the key to high-performance teamwork. But it can take some time (and painful trial and error) before you really know what makes each person tick. Through the work we do with managers and teams, we’ve developed a practical shortcut that helps people get to know each other quickly. It’s a simple and highly effective exercise we call, ‘This is me’. You can …


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A Simple 5 Step Career Planning Guide for Leaders

There are certain times of the year that people get the impetus to examine their careers and career goals to see if they’re on track. They may be reflecting on what they have accomplished in their current role. They might be asking how the current role or job they have in their organisation fits with who they are. They may also be wondering whether they are fulfilled and on the path that will lead them where they ultimately want to go in both career and…


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5 Tips to Effectively Influence ‘Thinkers’

A big part of any leadership role is knowing how to influence others. Not to manipulate or cajole but to influence so your team can work more cohesively. Because we all see the world differently, not everyone has the same ‘influence buttons’ but the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) gives us clues how to frame an argument based on style or ’preferences.’

We covered preferences in more detail in this post on …


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Meditation – Your Secret Leadership Weapon

Meditation is a subject full of misconceptions and misunderstandings, yet those of us who do it regularly can’t imagine life without it. It’s one of the best kept secrets around but fortunately it’s becoming more and more mainstream.

In fact at the leadership level it’s becoming an essential skill. Mark Bunn, author of …


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6 Good Coaching Habits For Managers and Leaders

As you move up the leadership chain, your role steadily changes from supervisor to manager to leader. Supervisors are very task oriented and the focus of their work is ensuring that outputs are met in a particular timeframe. Managers and leaders however are more focused on empowering their team members to take responsibility for their own outputs.

In the modern work environment, this requires managers and leaders to be coaches and mentors, usually to their team members but also…


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4 Ways to Flip Feedback for Leaders and Managers

Feedback for team members in the work environment is a double edged sword. On one hand it can be constructive and useful, while on the other hand it can also cause stress and discomfort.

The stress and discomfort usually comes about because of the top-down aspect of feedback. Usually it’s a manager or leader providing feedback to a team member for the purposes of ‘course correction.’ Having the status of manager or leader poses a perceived threat to those who report to…


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Top 10 Tips for Communicating with Extroverts

Depending on the nature of your workplace, chances are that half your team (give or take) is likely to be extroverted. Probably less than half if you are running a library and more than half if you are running a sales team. Either way, knowing how to communicate effectively with extroverts is a skill worth having, especially if you are more introverted yourself. That’s not to say that extroverts have special needs as such but if you want to bring out their best, communicating …


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How To Use The MBTI In Your Professional Development

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a powerful non-judgmental tool for understanding the self and others. It helps us understand our similarities and differences, and how we see the world, without restricting us or putting us in a pigeon hole.

And while it is non-judgmental, it does have distinctions where characteristics may be seen as ‘well-developed’ or ‘underdeveloped.’ If those words seem a bit ‘judgy’ you could view them as ‘effective’ or ‘less effective’…


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Know Your Impact. Know Your Reputation.

As a leader or manager you are in a position where you have more impact than most. While your intention will always be for that impact to be positive, sometimes it’s affected by factors you may not be aware of. Your reputation for example.

If you have a reputation for being strong or principled, then chances are your words and your directions will have more impact than someone with a reputation for not walking the talk. Where there’s a misalignment, problems will arise. They may be…


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4 Simple Time Hacks To Improve Your Performance As A Manager

Though all of us have the same amount of time each day, it seems that some folks use that time more effectively than others. While we might like to think it’s because they don’t have as much on their plate as we do, that’s often not the case. Often they actually have more to do but they have just set themselves up to be extremely effective.

While this may take a little effort to set up, you don’t have to be superhuman to do…


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Cognitive Diversity

Workplace diversity has been a pretty hot topic in recent years. Most people think of diversity in terms such as gender, age, race or physical or intellectual ability. And rightly so, as diversity based on these characteristics adds tremendous value to a workplace.

However, there is a less talked about form of diversity that has a huge impact on how teams and businesses operate. Cognitive diversity refers to the differing…


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The 7 Elements of a Resilient Team

"Developing team resilience is a key strategy for leaders at any level of business"

In the work we do with leadership teams we often come across teams who are overworked. The impact of this is more than tiredness and inefficiency. It actually affects the character and personality of those in the…


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