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A Perplexing Problem: Protecting Children Overseas

Every year billions of Australian dollars are provided to fund aid projects overseas. The money is targeted to assist developing countries with education, housing, health and community projects. Naturally children are a prime target group for these aid programs.  The majority of these organisations are funded by the Australian public via donations and government funding provided…


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Building Rapport in Investigative Interviews

All workplaces are at risk of allegations of bullying, harassment, discrimination or other claims of misconduct or inappropriate dealings. As such, all employers must be prepared to conduct investigative interviews to determine the veracity and accuracy of any allegations made against or by one or more of their employees.

Apart from properly eliciting the facts, perhaps the most…


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Bullying: What's the Role of Leadership?

Workplace bullying is somewhat of a scourge in modern society. Broadly categorised by Reach Out Australia as any behaviour which is physically, mentally or socially threatening and takes place in the employment context, it can have an enormous impact on staff effectiveness, employee retention, the number and type of worker's…


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Unexplained Injuries in Care – 3 Tips for Investigators

It goes without saying that injuries occur in all workplaces, not just the community sector. Yet there are certain unexplained injuries within care environments that should receive particular attention. 

We set out our top three 3 tips for investigators when confronted with an unexplained injury allegation in aged or disability care…


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The Key Warning Signs of Grooming and Sexual Manipulation

As the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has painfully revealed, our most trusted institutions have at times mishandled some of the worst cases of child abuse imaginable.

It is becoming clear to us as a nation that the trust given by children and other vulnerable people to individuals in positions of power is boundless. And…


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Criminal Conduct and the Likelihood of Conviction in Care

It is a great tragedy that the most vulnerable people in society – children, the elderly and the disabled – often fall victim to the most heinous types of abuse in care settings.   

In some cases, the abuse can be obvious, such as when…


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Does the NDIS Complaints System Have Enough Reach?

For those vulnerable people across Australia living with disability, the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has been heralded as a much-needed security net. And for those caring for disabled individuals, the NDIS provides a framework for sustainable care arrangements.  

In many ways, the introduction of the NDIS is the ultimate…

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Abuse by Carers - Defining a Sad Reality

It is quite clear that employers in aged, disability and other care environments do their best to keep staff and clients safe, yet one dark phenomenon that can raise its ugly head in care contexts is abuse by carers. For many complex reasons, vulnerable people such as the aged, children, and disability clients, can be abused by the very people who are entrusted with…


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Investigating Complaints of Abuse by Carers

When vulnerable individuals in our society are subjected to abuse by their carers, our response as a community is understandably one of outrage. It seems beyond belief that this could happen.But the sad reality is that some individuals within aged care facilities, disability care contexts, at home or in childcare centres can face abuse from the very people with whom they…


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What Does Child Protection Look Like in 2017?

There is no doubt that the sobering outcomes of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Sexual Abuse have caused Australian organisations to take stock of their child protection strategies. Investigating and preventing abuse in care has become a non-negotiable priority issue for many citizens and institutions across the nation. So what is the current state…


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Unpacking the Concept of Reasonableness

Across all Australian workplaces the phenomenon of bullying is without doubt a front-and-centre topic. And as a result, overt instances of bullying in the workplace now tend to be more readily identified than ever before.

One challenging idea for all concerned however is this; is it…


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Inference or Evidence? Professionals Know the Difference

In the conduct of any workplace investigation, it can sometimes be tempting to hurry past those alleged facts that appear “perfectly clear”. Such perceptions arise when we draw together two or more related elements from an investigation, add our own assumptions on the matter, and infer from this a particular conclusion.

Unfortunately, such inferences almost certainly arise off the back…

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Key Take-Home Messages from the Employment Law Cases of 2016: Part 2

Some of the important decisions handed down in the employment law world during 2016 would have left more than one employer very glad that they were not the ones facing the Fair Work Commission!

In part 1 of our year-end review of the cases of 2016, we covered the…


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Nepotism and Bias in Volunteer Organisations: A Thorny Issue

Managers within volunteer organisations are renowned for their ability to run operations with incredibly limited resources. Working with both paid staff and volunteers, there is a sense of needing ‘all hands on deck’ within busy community and charity groups.

We explore today some of the hidden dangers of unconscious bias and nepotism that can arise in volunteer…


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Key Take-Home Messages from the Fair Work and Employment Law related Cases of 2016: Part 1

As another year gets underway, it’s timely to look back at some of the most significant fair work and employment law-related decisions handed down during 2016, and the lessons employers can take away from these cases.

In this two-part series, we first look athow general legal…


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Is Child Protection a Priority in Your Volunteer Organisation?

by Vince Scopelliti

Volunteer organisations have a special place in the heart of every community. The vital work that they carry out most often involves providing assistance to those who are in need. Issues of poverty, homelessness, abuse, infirmity and mental illness are just some of the challenging aspects within the day-to-day operations of many volunteer…


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Liability for Volunteers: The Question of Workers Compensation

by Vince Scopelliti

Workers compensation is one of those central issues that necessarily impacts upon the thinking and planning of Australian employers. To use the old phrase – “accidents happen.” And indeed, it is this inevitability that leads to the simple, no-fault basis of most Australian statutory workers’ compensation schemes.

Yet workers compensation is a…


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Conflict in Volunteer Organisations: Lessons from the CFA

by Vince Scopelliti

The CFA dispute between paid and unpaid volunteers has been a salutary tale for any Australian organisation with a mix of volunteers and paid workers. In many cases, these groups work together in relative harmony. After all, paid staff and volunteers tend to share similar values and goals in these workplaces.

But how, when and why do things…


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Within ‘Spitting Distance’ of a Fair Investigation?

Most workplace investigators operate fairly and thoroughly, producing high quality reports following each investigation. Yet oversights do occur – and some investigators have been known to miss vital clues or pieces of the workplace puzzle.Similarly, even though all essential material might be…


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Protecting and Managing Volunteers in the Workplace

by Vince Scopelliti

Most of us agree that volunteer work is an excellent initiative; one of those ‘win-win’ situations where both the organisation and the community benefit from the unpaid work of kind citizens.

We also understand that even the best work-related relationships have their challenges. These include issues around workers…


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