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The balancing act - Hiring contractors versus upskilling your people

Generally speaking, many of your internal employees would love to be part of or any new programs of work. Unfortunately, they often lack the skill-set needed for new builds, implementations, or whichever innovative projects are being undertaken.

From a retention point of view and from an…


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You have to stop to move forward

To be completely honest, I find it really confronting to even commit this story and this feeling to print. But, in the interests of stressing the importance of stopping, I had to get over myself on this. So, here it is.

At the end of last year, I was unsuccessful at winning one of my…


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Back yourself, it’s the only way forward

I was inspired by the candid, relatable stories in …


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Two lessons in leadership I learnt from my children

I was fortunate to get away over the break to visit family and friends in the UK. But I consider myself even more…


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Culture breeds innovation and growth

A positive workplace culture focuses on your people, their personal productivity and it benefits the whole. A high-trust environment lets business leaders attract…


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All on-board: are you missing a critical opportunity for employee engagement?

First impressions really are lasting impressions when it comes to an employee’s first experiences with your organisation. The best companies know that having a thoughtful on-boarding program is what will give…


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If candidates wrote job advertisements, this is how they would read:

‘Seeking company with a strong leadership team that will enable me to be the best version of myself’.…


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