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Why are so many HR Careers peaking too soon?

Every year I update my salary guide. As part of this process, I examine and analyse every vacancy and compare it to the salary data I get from job seekers. It’s a fascinating task (no, really, it is) because it tells me all kinds of things about the state of the jobs market and what’s happening in the world of HR. By reading the numbers I get a black and white insight into what trends are happening, where the growth is, and what my corporate and applicant clients need to know.



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How Internal Recruitment became a key part of the HR function

Once upon a time I believed internal recruitment was a graveyard for ex-agency recruiters. Now many functions have evolved beyond recognition. I honestly think that internal recruitment departments are fast becoming a vital part of most of Australia’s corporates.

If you don’t see that too, it could be because you’re making the same bad assumptions about internal recruitment I once did…. assumptions just like…


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How to increase your chances of getting a role through an agency

I want to let you into a little recruiter’s secret. Not all candidates were created equal.  We will go out of our way for some people.

I know what you’re probably thinking: we’ll only have time for you if we can see easy money in it. And there may be some truth in that. We do like to eat (some of us like to eat very well) and when a candidate is an easy placement we will shower them with attention. 

But that’s not the whole picture - not by a long way.…


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8 trends I'm seeing in HR Recruitment this year

Here are 8 things HR professionals need to know about 2017’s employment market, based on the work that’s been coming across my desk over the past 12 months

1. The HR Generalist will still be in demand

Forget notions of newly created specialist HR roles, from where I sat last year it was still a very generalist year.

It’s true that for every one of the seven years I’ve recruited in the Sydney HR market, the generalist has…


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What does Human Resources Business Partner really mean?

Our guide to HR’s most confusing role

The Human Resources Business Partner or HRBP. It’s a term that many companies have started to (mis)use and a career step many human resources professionals aspire to. But does anyone know exactly what it means? Or has it become so ambiguous that it’s lost meaning altogether? Find out in our guide to the most confusing role in HR.

As a specialist recruiter of HR professionals one thing I pride…


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Has LinkedIn made the CV obsolete?

These days many candidates ask me if they should even bother with a CV. Surely it’s enough just to flick an employer or recruiter an email with a link to their LinkedIn profile?

While it might be tempting to go without a CV, I’d never recommend it.

Why LinkedIn doesn’t do the same thing as a CV

Say you’re applying for a job online - maybe through LinkedIn itself. So why wouldn’t you just save time and hassle and link to what you’ve already put out there?…


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Why Australia's not part of Asia when it comes to HR

When it comes to business, Australians are often encouraged to think of themselves as part of the Asia-Pacific, and many global businesses take the same approach. They choose just one centre for the whole of the region - sometimes Sydney or Melbourne, but more often Hong Kong or Singapore - and in it they place almost all senior decision makers, including the highest ranking HR professionals.  

I’ve placed people around the world and all I can say is that I think these global…


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Who'd you hire? Clinton or Trump?

Here's a hypothetical for you: two Presidential candidates walk into the interview room for a job in a Sydney HR department. (At separate times, of course, we’re way past group assessments, especially for senior roles.) They present very differently, they communicate very differently and they promise to take your organisation down very different paths indeed.*

The question is, who gets the job? Do you back the steadiness and poise of Ms…


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Why HR Professionals Don't Interview Well

You’d be excused for thinking that HR professionals would be expert interviewees. After all, isn’t a big part of their job supposed to be hiring people? Shouldn’t they know the questions that they’re going to be asked and the model responses to shoot back? And won’t they have a reasonable idea of exactly what a prospective employer is looking for and how to present themselves and their skills in the best possible light?

That’s not my experience. In fact, sometimes the reverse is true.…


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