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Aligning HR strategy with business strategy

No doubt we have all heard the saying ‘I hope it turns out okay’ and it never does? Hence why it’s important not to rely on ‘hope’ and ‘luck’. The same applies in the business world. Organisations cannot take a chance with that kind of mentality when it comes to maximising its competitive advantage to accomplish its mission.  

Today’s businesses are evolving rapidly, therefore having a solid strategy is crucial for the success of any organisation. As they say, ‘an organisation without…


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Worried about a termination turning into an unfair dismissal claim? You have nothing to worry about if all the right steps are taken and if the employee has been afforded with procedural fairness. 

One of the most fundamental duties for HR professionals and managers of any size organisation is when it’s time to…


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Need to build a talent pipeline? Where do we begin?

Need your talent pipeline well-stocked for the new financial year? It may seem like a distant dream however it’s NOT, only if you get the initial stages of…


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