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Why it’s OK to play the fool on the hill

I’ve always loved the Beatles. As I explored in ‘Bringing out the greatness in others’ the variety of their music was extraordinary. For me, it’s their quirky songs that stand out; none more so than…


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Are you Serious about your future success?

As I build my consultancy helping experts to become confident and successful influencers and leaders, I’m struck by how many time wasters I meet.

Of course, these people are an irritation to me. But they’re also wasting their own time, resources and personal ‘energy’ as they flit from one free meeting, seminar or webinar to the next – picking up crumbs, but with no focus or strategy. These are not serious people. I doubt that many of them ever achieve the success they claim to…


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The power of doing nothing

I recently returned from the World Masters Games in New Zealand. We came up empty in the hunt for surfboat rowing medal glory. Team ‘Crusty’ scored a creditable fifth, but sadly those Kiwis don’t play at sport! Hardened crews the lot of ‘em. No out-of-condition pub crews, or last-minute ring-ins…


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Why blogging is an essential weapon in Activating Brand You

I first wrote ‘the blog about my blog’ 2 years ago. I wanted to lift the bonnet on ‘Pinch of Thought’ to show how it actually works and why. My premise – that writing a blog is no longer a nice-to-do, but a business essential. The intervening 24 months have deepened this belief. You see…


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Standing out in the Gig Economy

It’s all sweet in the ‘Gig Economy’. These are the findings of a recent EY report, ‘Is the gig economy a fleeting fad, or an enduring legacy?’. Also known as ‘the contingent workforce’, the Gig Economy is where businesses contract talent on a short-term project or even a daily basis to…


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Are you really succeeding?

I wrote recently about the power of connection. In an ironic twist, today my internet connection died – predictably at a supremely inconvenient moment. This created a farcical ‘signal quest’ as I frantically ran like an addict from café to café, “do you have wi-fi, do you have wi-fi?” Finally somewhere did.…


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Pinch of Thought - Why connection trumps capability

I recently ran a leadership workshop where I showed Dr Brené Brown’s excellent Ted talk. I’ve watched it many times and usually concentrate on the section where she discusses vulnerability. But…


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Think Twice to Maximise your Influence

It’s been one of those weeks. Running around like the proverbial fly, continuously aware of a ticking clock… get to the meeting … tick; send that proposal… tick; make those calls…tick; fill up the car … tick; pick up X from Y … tick…

We’re all juggling time. There are still only 24 hours in a day, yet, by…


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Are you playing in the right space?

I am a big rugby union fan. At the weekend, England took on the un-fancied Italians in their annual 6 Nations competition fixture. The ‘Azzuri’ excel in coffee, cuisine and love, but the expectation was for an easy win for the competition leaders. Whilst they ultimately prevailed, it wasn’t without drama. The Italians exploited rule technicalities that enabled their players to position themselves in unexpected places. The English were clearly confused. Their advantage in power, player…


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Pinch of Thought - Crisis of Confidence?

This is the first Pinch of Thought for 2017. That’s shocking! I bang on about the need to create thought leading content once a week. And you do. But I needed a break, a re-set.

It’s so easy to tumble from one year into the next. Yes, there’s a brief pause for Christmas/New Year, a slowing around summer…


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The world needs you! Are you ready?

Funny how some things just stick in your head. I can always remember that the axial tilt of the earth is 23.5 degrees. I can’t remember much else (and often swap the name of my dog and my sixteen year old son when shouting at either), but 23.5 degrees – that’s for life.

I mention this,…


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The times are a changin' – and so must we?

We all know that change is here and accelerating. It’s impossible to keep up with everything and easy to become overwhelmed. At times, giving up even trying can be tempting. Tempting, but a big mistake. Staying current is one of the most important skills we need to develop. Even better, if we can…


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Time to get our brains in the game

I recently had to re-paint the woodwork on my deck. It was covered in dust and loose paint, so I knew I needed to first clean off the dirt then rub it down with sandpaper. In other words, I prepared. I knew that missing these steps would result in a bodge job that would look terrible and soon need…


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Courage is now an essential leadership skill

My favourite time of the week is when I volunteer as a Water Safety swimmer for the weekly Nippers sessions at my local surf lifesaving club. Nippers teaches kids age 5-13 how to safely enjoy the surf. One of the key activities is the swim. 100 metres off the beach we set a buoy and simply swim…


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Pinch of Thought - Everyone's got a plan until they get punched in the face

I love this quote by former world heavyweight boxer, Mike Tyson. Whether you love or loathe ‘the noble art’, as a man who won his first nineteen fights with knockout punches, ‘Iron Mike’ clearly knew a bit about disrupting the best made plans of wannabe world champs. And – whilst few would argue…


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The future’s already here – are you ready?

In 1993, American author and futurist William Ford Gibson observed that:

“The future is already here, it’s just not very evenly distributed”

I was reminded of this on my recent trip to Nashville, where we stumbled across a vintage car exhibition. One of those wonderfully random happenings…


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Is your expertise ready for the big time?

I‘ve just returned from a great family holiday to Nashville, USA. I’d never been there before, knew very little and – accordingly – had few expectations. Well, let me tell y’all (as they say there) the secret’s out. Nashville is going off! In the last decade it has positioned itself as a…


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Putting Ethics at the centre of leadership

A visit to the website of the Ethics Centre in Sydney leads to a fantastic video telling us that “Ethics is at the Centre of Being Human”. It details a range of areas to which ethics are central. Birth, Right-to-Life, Identity, Love, Sex, Desire, Happiness, Belief, Gender, Bias, War ………. The list is diverse and fascinating. I am struck by how little we generally think about ethics – at least consciously. In a world that many people feel is…


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Pinch of Thought - Ready to grow? Get a mentor who’s in your camp (and in your face!)

I recently refreshed the testimonials for one of my mentoring programmes. I was surprised to discover that I‘ve helped over 40 clever people to grow their income, influence, confidence and happiness in the last two years. This week, I explore some ideas around why I believe smart players…


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Why 'curiosity' is vital in the changing world of work

One of the emerging ‘hot topics’ of 2016 is the increasing awareness that computers and artificial intelligence are going to transform our world more rapidly and profoundly than we thought possible. Computers are learning to learn. They can already outsmart their human counterparts in winning at games like Chess and the (infinitely more complex) Chinese board game, Go. Books like ‘The Rise of the Robots’ by Martin Ford predict that this will impact not just ‘blue collar’ jobs through…


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