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Leadership lessons from a small boat

This weekend, I’m off to Perth with my rowing crew, the Warriewood Crustys. We’ve already won Silver at the NSW State Championships. Now we venture west with our eyes on the main prize – Australian Gold! We’ve worked hard and improved out of site. We’ve also learned what it takes to perform at the highest…


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3 great ways to put thought leadership to work in your business

With the explosion of professional social media channels such as LinkedIn, it makes sense for your managers, leaders and future stars to get serious about building a presence. As we all remember from school science experiments, nature abhors a vacuum. If your people are not a voice in the market, chances are your customers are tuning into someone else.

Building a Thought Leadership profile is one of the key aspects of turning your leaders into INFLUENCERS. They need to build their…


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Developing the INFLUENTIAL LEADERS your business needs

The rules have changed. To succeed today, your leaders have to stand out. Being expert and experienced is still necessary - but it’s no longer sufficient. The people charged with leading must actively develop their INFLUENCE to attract the people, customers and resources necessary for your business to win in volatile, uncertain and complex markets.

INFLUENCE doesn’t just happen

Turning your leaders into Influencers creates benefits for both the individual and the…


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Building your Transformational Leadership Capability

We’re all in the business of Change

One of the foundations of thought leadership is to throw rocks. Not in a reckless, greenhouse-busting, angry way. More in the sense of casting one in the eye of the prevailing Goliath in an industry. For me, that’s ‘Change Management’. I reckon it’s a crock. I spent several years studying the field and am actively involved in helping businesses to change. Trouble is change is not ‘managed’. It’s led. Sure, there are elements of a…


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Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose

This mantra comes from the excellent TV series, ‘Friday Night Lights’. It’s set against the backdrop of high school football in Dillon, a small town in Texas. In this community, the football and the team’s success is…


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Ready to Dial Up Your Influence? - TAKE THE TEST

This week I’ve launched my BUILDING YOUR INFLUENCE diagnostic tool, developed from a 2017 blog ‘Dialing Up Your Influence’.

There are a lot of elements involved in creating the personal brand presence that we all need to stand out professionally. A lot of people struggle with confidence or simply don’t know where to start. I wanted to create a…


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Ready to jump? 5 keys to launching your solo career

I was recently invited to sit on a panel at one of Sydney’s leading business schools to share my thoughts on how I had set up my successful consultancy practise. I was struck by the wide variety of people in the room. They ranged from twenty something students to folk in their 50s and 60s. Many had obviously dropped…


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Time to future proof your career

It wasn’t that long ago that you needed a downtown office to do business. A bricks and mortar presence was essential. Corporates traded with other corporates and the little guy could hope for little more than the occasional crumb. Work was done in offices. Meetings (lots of them) took place in meeting rooms.…


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Are you talking yourself out of future success?

“Happy 2018 you magnificent Grand Final winning bastards. Pre season is almost upon us and need to know who is saddling up again for 2018”.

This is the text sent to me by the captain of the mighty Newport Rugby Club 3rd team. I am 53 in February. By any measure, that’s old to be playing rugby. It’s easy to give in to a prevailing narrative - “time to hang up your boots”, “most of those blokes could be your son”, “Mate, you’ll be the slowest bloke on the park”. In…


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Why you need to shine in the new world of work

I was recently driving back from holidays with my wife, Nicki, listening to Russell Brand’s excellent podcast, ‘Under the skin’. His guest Pankaj Mishra, Indian essayist and author of ‘The Age of Anger’ said something that really resonated.

“Most lives end in disappointment”

Simple, profound, confronting. But true? We paused the podcast and debated the idea.

On balance, I suspect, sadly, he’s right. Mishra frames his argument in terms of a world in which many…


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Step out!

I’m a little tired. You probably are too. As we enter the stadium for the last lap, having run our personal marathon since January, the finishing line approaches. What kind of shape are you in? Are you coming home strong in front or a roaring crowd, or more limping across the line, unnoticed?

The New World of Work is tough

It’s natural to be tired of course. This ‘New World of Work’ is tough. The early breathless excitement about all the possibilities is being…


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Building Influence - Don’t you know that it’s different for girls?

You learn something new every day. I recently met with female leaders in two Australian banks who are very interested in my upcoming Building Your Influence Webinar and my book, ‘Time To Shine’. Intrigued, I asked them if there was a specific reason the thinking resonated. Both thought that women in particular are looking for help in standing out. The language of ‘Your Time To Shine’ is spot…


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Pinch of Thought - Your Move

My wife, Nicki and I spent a decade moving home every year. From North London to South London (ne’er the twain!). From the UK to Hungary. Four more times within Budapest. Across the world to Sydney. Bondi (a DO NOT PASS GO visa imperative for incoming ‘Poms’), Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches (twice). Finally we were done!

Nine times in nine years, we went through the pain of packing. Occasionally we paid people to help. It sounds like a great idea, but never really worked. You…


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Time to drop the act!

Have you noticed how successful people have a knack for making their life look less bumpy than yours? They glide across everyday challenges, unfazed by the dramas that conspire to frustrate your progress. If your dream is to make a good living doing your own thing, this lightness of touch can seem both attractive and unattainable. It’s easy to become discouraged.

It’s not like in the movies

Would that we could live in the unreality of the silver screen. There’s a lot…


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What’s the Plan Malcolm?

Demise of this great country

I love travelling. There’s no better way to create a new perspective. After three weeks overseas I’ve found myself reviewing my thoughts on Australia. I think we’ve lost the plot. As a strategist, mentor and consultant, I work with businesses and individuals to create…


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What currency are you carrying?

It’s that time of year when many of us head off overseas. Different country, different culture and different currency. I’ve recently returned from my native Britain. Fancying myself as something of a global traveler, I like to keep a bit of local currency in my wallet. (Not quite…


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Are you a 1 in 100?

I recently heard a great presentation by Scott Ward of Digital Infusions. He introduced the notion of a 90/9/1 rule for industry, social and business network forums such as Linked In. According to Scott:

90% of people watch and do nothing

9% contribute with ‘likes’ and comments

Just 1% actually create the content around which everything revolves.

I love this observation. Most people are just watching the game rather than playing it. That’s right,…


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Finding your bravery in unexpected places

In these uncertain times it’s so easy to get stuck. In a recent PWC report, media expert Megan Brownlow, expressed her pessimism about the Australian sector outlook where businesses are reducing both spend and campaign ambition. 

“We have to educate a raft of business leaders that behaving in…


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Why it’s OK to play the fool on the hill

I’ve always loved the Beatles. As I explored in ‘Bringing out the greatness in others’ the variety of their music was extraordinary. For me, it’s their quirky songs that stand out; none more so than…


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Are you Serious about your future success?

As I build my consultancy helping experts to become confident and successful influencers and leaders, I’m struck by how many time wasters I meet.

Of course, these people are an irritation to me. But they’re also wasting their own time, resources and personal ‘energy’ as they flit from one free meeting, seminar or webinar to the next – picking up crumbs, but with no focus or strategy. These are not serious people. I doubt that many of them ever achieve the success they claim to…


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