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How HR can meet challenges and opportunities in 2018

Most professions are changing as the world of work continues to evolve, but there are few that compare to the level of change that faces the HR community.

The challenges moving into 2018 for HR professionals require an extended mix of capabilities including elements such as problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. 
As traditional aspects of a HR role become more automated and streamlined, HR will shift into a more influential role…

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Build HR Capability Today, to Shape your Business Tomorrow

The importance of building skills, abilities and knowledge in your HR function, required to shape successful business in 2018. 

HR is a multifaceted function of the 2018 workplace. It is no longer restricted to administrative operations such as staffing, development, safety & health or employee relations, and it hasn’t been for some time. HR business functions whilst combining all of the above are accountable to work towards the vision of the business,…

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Taking care of each other over the festive season.

Taking care of each other over the festive season.



So, here we are at the cusp of the festive season, almost daring to take our foot off the accelerator and allowing ourselves to visualise the summer sun and imagine the sound of waves crashing gently on the shore of a destination we worked hard all year to get to. For many it’s a trip home to catch up with family and meander through the local markets,…

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First Impressions - You don't get a second chance

Most of us at some point in our lives have had an interview experience where we just didn’t connect with the other person, we can’t quite articulate why but the meeting didn’t ‘gel’ as well as we had hoped.
There are so many variables as to whether a meeting goes well or badly that you can’t possibly plan for them all but some research says its takes six 2nd impressions to change a first impression, so it pays in the long run to get it right the…

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HR Postcard from London

Today's postcard is from London

Australia should be proud of its high-quality HR talent.  The Australian HR community is now represented around the world.

Today’s Postcard is from ex-pat Australian Chris Meyrick, a Senior VP of HR currently based in the…

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HR Postcard from Seattle


Today’s postcard is from

Seattle, USA.


Australia should be proud of its high quality HR talent.  The Australian HR community is now represented around the world.
Today’s Postcard is from ex-pat Australian, Rick Watt, who is a HRD based in Seattle.


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Knowing your customers and planning around them is only part of mitigating risk and with Baby Boomers exiting the workforce, Millennials are on the rise and work as we know it is evolving beyond expectations.

By 2020, Millennials will account for over half of the world’s workforce and in most sectors, workforce planning will need to be in place to transfer vital knowledge before it is lost. Priorities have changed and what was important 10 years ago in regards to…

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What makes a great HR Professional?



Human Resources is a constantly evolving profession that requires agility to meet the needs and objectives of organisations. HR professionals for the most part display great business acumen, relationship skills and of course technical knowledge and courage! 

The overarching strategy for a HR professional should be aligned with the organisations plans and objectives.  CEO’s…

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Artificial Intelligence for HR, turn the fear into opportunity

The perception for some is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will replace much of the work of HR departments. For leading organisations, the adoption of AI is a reality. The long-term benefits to productivity and overall cost savings to their organisations make the initial costs worthwhile. 


So what is AI exactly?

AI is basically technology in the form of machines that have the ability to conduct human capabilities including learning, manual…

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The power of knowing your personal brand for HR professionals

Our sister company, The HR Space recently held its 2016 Inspire Program graduation in Sydney.  Both cohorts across Professional and Leader levels were given an opportunity to provide feedback on the highlights from there Inspire Journey.  Discovering how to create and define your personal brand was the topic that resonated the most with all graduates which led us to write this…


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Health, Safety and Technology for Agile WHS Professionals

Flexible workforces and changes in the way and location of work require a shift in the way safety is delivered across organisations.

Innovation is required to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that people are safe and have the knowledge and tools required to stay safe no matter where they work and how they deliver the work.
Technology plays an integral part in transforming the world of work. It is also a vital component for the…

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So how do HR professionals stand out from the competition?

Most professionals strive to be the best versions of themselves that they can be, and for HR professionals standing out from others is vital to career success.
With responsibilities stretching across most or all functions of an organisation, a successful HR professional is engaged with the entire business and works towards achieving the overall organisations goals not just the goals of their own department.

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How to help your organisation succeed with change.

It’s no secret that change is one of the toughest tasks in the HR profession. To implement effective change requires “buy in” both emotionally and mentally across all levels within the organisation. 

One of the first elements to consider is cognitive, people need to understand why the change is needed. Begin with those who have the most influence and are not necessarily the highest ranking within the organisation. They are the ones who influence the majority…

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7 steps to corporate wellness

We all know that you only get back what you put in.  This is especially true when it comes to investing in employee wellness. The wellbeing of your employees has a direct impact on the performance of your organisation from productivity levels through to unscheduled leave and consequently loss of revenue. 

Whilst HR are working towards achieving high-quality wellness initiatives, to achieve success, it is necessary that leaders as well as employees are together aligned towards the…

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An innovative HR Assess tool for organisations

Over the past 20 years, the role of an HR professional has evolved and with that comes an increased expectation to demonstrate advanced business capabilities. The HR Space was established to work with the profession to identify and develop skills so that HR practitioners could increase business capabilities and actively contribute to the overall financial success of their organisation. 


So what is unique about HR Assess? 

The Competency Framework has been developed…


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