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So how do HR professionals stand out from the competition?

Most professionals strive to be the best versions of themselves that they can be, and for HR professionals standing out from others is vital to career success.
With responsibilities stretching across most or all functions of an organisation, a successful HR professional is engaged with the entire business and works towards achieving the overall organisations goals not just the goals of their own department.

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How to help your organisation succeed with change.

It’s no secret that change is one of the toughest tasks in the HR profession. To implement effective change requires “buy in” both emotionally and mentally across all levels within the organisation. 

One of the first elements to consider is cognitive, people need to understand why the change is needed. Begin with those who have the most influence and are not necessarily the highest ranking within the organisation. They are the ones who influence the majority…

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7 steps to corporate wellness

We all know that you only get back what you put in.  This is especially true when it comes to investing in employee wellness. The wellbeing of your employees has a direct impact on the performance of your organisation from productivity levels through to unscheduled leave and consequently loss of revenue. 

Whilst HR are working towards achieving high-quality wellness initiatives, to achieve success, it is necessary that leaders as well as employees are together aligned towards the…

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An innovative HR Assess tool for organisations

Over the past 20 years, the role of an HR professional has evolved and with that comes an increased expectation to demonstrate advanced business capabilities. The HR Space was established to work with the profession to identify and develop skills so that HR practitioners could increase business capabilities and actively contribute to the overall financial success of their organisation. 


So what is unique about HR Assess? 

The Competency Framework has been developed…


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