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Over the past 20 years, the role of an HR professional has evolved and with that comes an increased expectation to demonstrate advanced business capabilities. The HR Space was established to work with the profession to identify and develop skills so that HR practitioners could increase business capabilities and actively contribute to the overall financial success of their organisation. 
So what is unique about HR Assess? 
The Competency Framework has been developed through years of research, collaboration and data collection from an extensive network and incorporates the 10 core business competencies required to be successful at any level of a HR professional's career. Since 2013, using the Competency Framework close to a 1,000 HR and HSE professionals have been assessed and the results have distilled to create a distinctive HR customised normative benchmarking group. 
What is a normative benchmark? 
The normative benchmark is a comparison population made up of HR and HSE professionals that allows a reliable comparison of individuals and teams to inform areas of strength as well as development, it’s Australia’s only HR specific assessment tool. This data provides leaders with the ability to benchmark talent against the Next Group’s Norm Population.
What are the key benefits?
One of the key elements in ensuring HR organisations perform at their peak, is the selection and development of HR talent. Research has repeatedly shown the role that psychometric assessment can play in significantly improving the selection process for potential new hires and promotion of internal talent. Effective psychometric assessment also plays a crucial role in the development of employees.
With the ability to benchmark talent, leaders can identify individual/team strengths and development opportunities including:

  • Define development opportunities to upskill individual and team members so they can actively contribute to the overall success of the business. 
  • Be confident that through HR Assess, they can attract the top performing HR talent and retain them by re-investing in their ongoing development. The benefits include retention as well as improved performance.
  • HR Assess provides another data point to assist companies in making the right hiring decisions that are related to business capabilities, not just technical competence. 
  • Through the application of HR Assess, an organisation can be identified as an employer of choice for HR professionals and gain an advantage over competitors.

The HR Space is a boutique HR and HSE assessment and development business that works with some of Australia’s most respected organisations. They provide a comprehensive range of training programs, assessments and bespoke consulting solutions to HR and HSE professionals. Visit:

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