If the Head of HR is a bit ordinary or the function lacks standing, status and influence then send them this: anonymously might be best.

In the very best organizations the Head HR honcho:

1  Has direct and unfettered access to the CEO 24/7

2  Sits at the corporate decision making table

3 Spends more time with the core business providers/front-end operatives than on email

4 Promotes that quality staff selection is more important than breathing

5  Takes no bull-shit and gives none

6  Engages readily, easily, frequently, with all

7  Presents at leadership training and has something powerful to say

8 Has identified the top few people management and engagement challenges and has strategies to deal with them

9  Is passionate and unambiguous

10  Is trustworthy, approachable and compassionate

11  Listens

12  Possesses business acumen and knows the HR stuff

13  Is more a leader than a manager or a business partner

14  Motivates and inspires

15  Mentors others and has one too

16  Shows courage and is up to the challenge

17  Sows goodness and reaps its rewards

18  Remains modest and understated

19  Is natural and credible

20 Promotes ‘thank-you’

21  Puts others on the podium

22  Confronts the difficult stuff and fixes it

23  Builds status for the function

24  Is constantly curious

25  Wins over the critics

26  Removes the word ‘win’ from the corporate lexicon

27  Accesses corporate wisdom even from those now departed

28 Refashions the corporate DNA so as to build longevity and resilience

29  Is the most valued of all employees, including the CEO

There’s one more. Stick it in here :-

30  ……………………………….      


Derived from Leadership with a ‘T’   a forthcoming eBook   

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