The power of knowing your personal brand for HR professionals

Our sister company, The HR Space recently held its 2016 Inspire Program graduation in Sydney.  Both cohorts across Professional and Leader levels were given an opportunity to provide feedback on the highlights from there Inspire Journey.  Discovering how to create and define your personal brand was the topic that resonated the most with all graduates which led us to write this blog.

Why do you need to create your own Personal Brand?

A great personal brand creates a strong and specific association between you and the value you offer. It enables you to stand out from the crowd by developing the ability to articulate all the unique qualities and strengths that make you…you!
When you know your personal brand, it will deeply resonate and give you the confidence to speak with conviction about what your value proposition is and what your core key messages around your personality and capabilities are.
The benefits include career advancement, greater self-confidence and recognition within your chosen Industry and profession. Progressive organisations are tuning into the development of their employee’s personal branding by demonstrating support and encouraging growth. They see this as a way to identify high performing talent, what their value is within the organisation and how to effectively channel that from both a development and retention perspective.

How do you create your own Personal Brand?

The first thing with creating your own personal brand is to look within and learn to be aware of the correlation between thoughts and feelings.  Once you have tuned into these you can consciously think about your own strengths which should come naturally and instinctively feel good. 
Your personal brand should be a reflection of who you are. Be clear on what you stand for and what your strengths and weaknesses are. At the end of the day, people want to connect with people, so be true to yourself if you want others to trust in you. 
Research indicates that having four primary role functions aligned to our natural strengths will improve wellbeing, creativity and innovation.  
As a guide you could refer to The HR Space’s 10 core competencies that help to identify what is required to be successful at any level of a HR professional’s career. Spend time considering each of the competencies, think about how you have adapted them into your work life and which ones you feel aligned with? Identify key moments and achievements where you have demonstrated a particular competency e.g. you may identify with showing agility in the workplace over many occasions. This process can help to define your areas of expertise and abilities.

Now you have created your Personal Brand, how do you develop and grow it?


Once you are completely comfortable with your personal brand the focus needs to shift onto getting it out to the market and growing it.  Create online assets to convey your personal brand message to your target market. Online assets include a personal website, blogging, video, LinkedIn and other social media channels.
Start to show up across multiple online channels to build your brand, write blogs that are informative and helpful, engage audiences and initiate conversations through social media.  Join relevant online communities and LinkedIn groups and share your opinions, all the while relating back to your personal brand and your beliefs.
There is a growing trend in creating personal websites, there are some great tools available to help you build your website which is both free and easy to use.  Check out The benefits of owning your own website are that you own the content and can continue to develop it and give others a great sense of who you are and what makes you stand out from others. 
Social media is a great way to grow your personal brand.  It takes time and consistency, be relentless and commit to regular posting.  Make it interesting and personal and share your experiences as your personal brand continues to develop.

Network and Building Connections

Research local networking events and consider looking at creating your own. The more opportunity to speak through your personal brand the bigger and stronger it grows.  Networking can be anything from a coffee meeting through to industry conferences.
To create a real point of difference, look outside your own profession and create relationships with those who can help you learn and grow.  CEO’s, small business owners and creative professionals can all offer different perspectives that you can tap into to add to your personal brand portfolio and you can equally offer value to them with your HR expertise.

Develop and Grow

Become an expert! Identify that one particular competency that you excel at and become the master of it. Seek training programs that will help you to develop this skill and look for opportunities to speak and create content to share with your target market.
Support your personal brand by subscribing to webinars, listen to podcasts, sign up for Google alerts and read the Financial Review daily.  
Investing in your personal brand is investing in your future.  Though it may take some time and effort, the benefits will far outweigh the costs.  Your personal brand will elevate your position in the marketplace, provide you with a clear path to the career you want and will increase your levels of success because you are focused on what you are naturally good at.
The Next Step, work with organisations that seek to Buy, Borrow and Build talent.  

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