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The impact of the pandemic on working parents in Australia

There’s no doubt this unprecedented health crisis has changed the way Aussie families interact, with many forced to stay at home and spend more time together than ever before.

In our latest instalment of research, The New Family Norm, we asked over 5,000 Australian parents how COVID-19 has impacted their family unit, values and behaviours, as well as what they believe could be the lasting effects on their…


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Taking Responsibility For Your Workplace Culture

A comment from a workplace manager: "I can say for sure that quite often my day starts fine, but I am regularly pushed below that line because of other people's behaviour, and it's fine to say don't engage in it, but it's what most of my job is; dealing with people!"

Heard this before?

Then it's time for your workplace to engage Workplace Harmony…


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The 5 secrets to a great workplace induction process

Death, taxes and staff turnover. Nowadays, whatever your industry, it’s a fact of business life that employees will come and other employees will go. The good news is it’s a situation that can be harnessed by senior managers and HR to inject new energy and ideas, inspiring your team to even greater heights. Yet it also has the potential to be disruptive. That’s…


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How to proactively access the hidden job market

We have been speaking to our Outplacement clients recently about their concerns that there are relatively few jobs being advertised. However, despite the apparent drought, there are always jobs out there and we have clients moving into new roles every week.

This is because many of these people are accessing new opportunities through the hidden job market, but even…


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The Pink Folder - Senior Employees and their duties of trust and confidence (3 Tips for Employers)

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Senior employees are often in a position of trust with their employers, to the extent they may owe an implied common…


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Preparing for redundancies as JobKeeper payments reduce

With JobKeeper 1.0 having recently ended, many businesses are now looking at their staffing levels and labour costs.  While letting staff go is never easy, during the midst of this global pandemic it may be necessary for many businesses trying to stay afloat.  If you are in the unfortunate position of having to make an employee redundant, being alert to the legal requirements for a redundancy is the first step to avoiding a claim.

Sunday, 27 September 2020 marked the final day of the…


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5 HR things to action before the end of 2020

As we watched fireworks bring in the new year, did we ever really think this is how 2020 would play out? Now with just three months left before 2021 is here, what should your business be doing to make sense of the commercial reality we’re living through? We share with you five human resource-related things that every business owner should consider before 31 December comes around.

HR tip 1: Review your organisational structure

The pandemic is forcing many businesses to change…


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Top 3 Tips – Employers Can Avoid A $1.34 Million Underpayment Claim

A recent Federal Circuit Court decision has seen 48 employees of Macquarie Bank being awarded in total $1.34 Million in underpayment of wages.  Ranging from non payment of:

  • Annual leave loading
  • Periods of annual leave
  • Personal/carers leave (sick leave)
  • Compassionate leave
  • Public holiday leave

This was even…


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Remote Working - 8 Tips For Running a Successful Remote Internship Program

Can I handle a remote internship without regular face-to-face meetings? 

What should I do to manage remote interns effectively?

How can I give direction to a remote intern that has lost focus?

If you have ever asked…


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Are you using ‘huddles’ to unlock workplace efficiency?

When time is money, a more efficient workplace is a more profitable workplace. If you’re tired of your team wasting valuable hours each week in long, meandering meetings, we strongly recommend putting huddles to work in your business.


Every day, more and more forward-thinking employers and managers are embracing the concept of…


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In your letter: Termination of employment letters

A termination of employment letter serves a significant purpose in bringing the employment relationship to an end.

Termination letters are frequently relied upon by employers and employees alike when a claim for unfair dismissal is made. Given their tendency to arise in legal proceedings, it is important that these documents are correct, provide as much detail as possible and meet the requirements under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW…


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Put it in writing: Notice of termination in the employment contract

When it comes to engaging new employees or promoting existing employees, it is crucial that employers prepare and review contracts of employment to ensure that they accurately reflect the terms which will govern an employee’s employment.

Standard clauses, such as clauses providing notice of termination, can easily be overlooked. This can be a critical error because, in the absence of a contract or certain clauses within a contract, a court will imply those terms. For example,…


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Divided opinions needn’t mean a fractured workplace

Diversity. It’s typically one of the greatest strengths of a thriving business. Yet while differences in skills, backgrounds and opinions can often be harnessed to great effect, inevitably some issues are so fundamental they can instead create tension and conflict, turning a…


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Why workplace mental health is directly linked to your bottom line

Mental health challenges can be as devastating as they are intangible. Historically they’ve also been shrouded in stigma and misunderstanding. Thankfully, the past decade has seen a significant shift in attitudes towards the issue of mental health in all corners of Australian society, and workplaces are no…


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Business continuity and survival during COVID-19 and beyond

By Mark Buckley, Vice President, Australia & New Zealand, Genesys

There has not been a single industry that has escaped the human and financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In Australia and New Zealand, the swift government response to slow the spread of the virus meant that the needs of organisations and the economy changed overnight. While many industries and businesses have seen the customer demand for their products or services virtually disappear, others…


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How to use specialist marketplaces to maximise talent management in a downturn

With organisations needing to tighten their spending and review work practices and internal talent pool, now is a great time for leaders to consider doing things differently. The continued growth of freelancer and specialist marketplaces as a source of excellent talent is not going to stop any time soon and organisations that leverage these specialist skills will be amongst the leaders of the post COVID world.

At a time of recession, focus on the core business is everything and how…


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Managing Employee Health Issues

A question that we’re often asked for advice on, is ‘How do I best manage my employee’s health issue?’ Some examples of how this can manifest are:  an employee taking regular or significant periods of leave (for known or unknown reasons); an employee injury that leads to a Workers’ Compensation claim; an employee’s management of mental health issues;…


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How to find the right outplacement provider – when you needed them yesterday

With the economic impacts of COVID-19 being felt across the country, more businesses are resorting to restructure and redundancy to survive the downturn. As a result, HR managers and teams are finding themselves in the increasingly challenging position of transitioning staff with little to no planning.

While communicating change and organising outplacement are best done months in advance, this is a luxury many businesses don’t have at the moment. So, if you’ve found yourself in the…


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How to Migrate Your Business Online in the Time of Coronavirus

There isn’t a person on the planet that isn’t looking forward to the end of the COVID-19 outbreak that turned the whole world upside down. From nationwide lockdowns to social distancing, epidemiological measures have hit multiple industries hard.

Tourist and hospitality services were especially affected, as countless franchises were forced to migrate their business online. Although necessary, this migration is…


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Technology and Personal Health; a complementary unison

Technology has become an integral part of our lives. Today, we pretty much take it for granted. Whether it be convenience, enablement, practicality or improving someone’s health and quality of life, technology has made its way into every facet of our existence. There is also a thought movement that claims that technology has consumed us and led us astray. While a case could be made for that, the responsibility ultimately falls on us to utilize it to the best of our abilities.…


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