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The balancing act - Hiring contractors versus upskilling your people

Generally speaking, many of your internal employees would love to be part of or any new programs of work. Unfortunately, they often lack the skill-set needed for new builds, implementations, or whichever innovative projects are being undertaken.

From a retention point of view and from an…


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Romantic relationships in the workplace

It’s a legit relationship, so why is it anybody else’s business?

There has been a lot of debate recently about the impact and consequences of romantic workplace relationships. There is the current barney over…


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Ready to Dial Up Your Influence? - TAKE THE TEST

This week I’ve launched my BUILDING YOUR INFLUENCE diagnostic tool, developed from a 2017 blog ‘Dialing Up Your Influence’.

There are a lot of elements involved in creating the personal brand presence that we all need to stand out professionally. A lot of people struggle with confidence or simply don’t know where to start. I wanted to create a…


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Handle conflict like a pro: Essential team conflict management examples and tips

Conflicts are inevitable, even in the most engaged of workplaces. Regardless of the source of the conflict, if they are left unresolved, conflicts can quickly impact employee morale and productivity.…


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Recruiting your perfect match: 3 tips to making candidate connections that last

Going through the motions of finding a new job can be a daunting process. There are many hoops to jump though along the way: connecting with a recruiter, preparing a resume, submitting your application and then, hopefully, going through the interview process.

To encourage top candidates to commit to the entire process and put their best foot forward, employers should be cognisant of connecting with them on a deeper level.

Building a rapport and seeking an understanding of what…


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Evolving and Moving on from a Workplace Investigation

Most employers are aware of the importance of conducting workplace investigations to deal with complaints or allegations. But what happens after the investigation is over?

There may be a sense of disconnectedness, embarrassment, awkwardness or even anger amongst staff, particularly if disciplinary action has been taken or an employee has left the organisation. 

Although it is…


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Let’s Rethink Organisational Design

Let’s rethink job design. No wait – let’s rethink organisational design – for improved engagement and productivity through increased levels of employee health and well being.

The Australian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (AFOEM which is a faculty of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians) has released a ‘…


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Workplace Investigations: How to set out allegation letters

Workplace Investigation Allegation Letters. This article addresses the how and the format of allegation letters.

In a workplace investigation allegation letters are used to advise the person subject of the complaint about what has been alleged and also to invite that person to attend an interview to provide their version of events or their side of the story.

There are certain components that I recommend you include in an allegation letter, the…


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The last straw: Assaulted worker denied access to workers comp for baiting and taunting co-worker to breaking point

In what circumstances must employees take responsibility for their own actions leading to injuries in the workplace?

In a recent decision of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (OneSteel Recycling Proprietary Limited v Workers’ Compensation Regulator [2017] QIRC 113), a self-insured employer’s decision to deny a worker’s workers compensation claim was upheld on the basis that the worker’s own serious and wilful misconduct lead to his injuries.

The worker,…


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Living together in (im)perfect harmony: Redeployment not appropriate for employee who did not trust manager

Most employers have a clear understanding of the importance of cultural “fit” to having a happy and productive workforce. Questions about “fit” usually arise during the recruitment process, but are rarely addressed in circumstances involving redundancy and redeployment.

The requirement to implement redundancies usually results from an organisational restructure where an…


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Well that escalated quickly: Worker’s aggressive response was a breach of Code of Conduct and warranted summary dismissal

Implementing a Code of Conduct is vital to establish and maintain expected standards of behaviour in the workplace. In our previous blog Oh Behave!: What is a workplace Code of Conduct? we discussed the typical content of a Code of Conduct and how to utilise this Code to uphold the values of the organisation and provide a behavioural framework in the…


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Workplace investigations: drafting allegations

Workplace investigations drafting allegations – One of the most important parts of workplace investigations is the drafting of the allegations to be put to the person subject of a complaint. There are a number of important considerations;

Timing: Personally I interview the complainant first, then witnesses and then gather any other available evidence before attempting to draft allegations. I know of others who like to interview the respondent…


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Four Misconceptions About Human Resources

The title Human Resources sounds simple enough, but what exactly does it entail? Employment begins and ends with human resources, and they are there for every step in between. Hiring, training and administrative duties all lie on the shoulders of the human resources team. Your human resources team is there to help get new employees adjusted to their new position and to make sure…


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A Holistic Approach to Building Resilience - Ten Tips to Bounce Back from Life's Challenges

“Being resilient means that you are able to weather the…

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The Importance of Keeping Your Employee’s Data Safe

Data privacy and security laws are forever changing and updating in order to keep up with the technologically driven society that we live in. As a HR professional, the importance of keeping employees data, such as their medical records, previous convictions, personal address or salary is paramount, but as we conform to more salient digital HR processes, this task can become much more complex.

In Europe and the UK,…


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Let's talk about natural justice...

We have all seen the blaring headlines, the claims and…


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4 HR software tools no HR manager should live without

When you think about the mountain of rules and regulations that apply to all HR managers, it’s clear why employing and managing people is almost impossible without an HR software toolkit.

Just some of your legal obligations include:…


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How Surveys Can Uncover Secrets of Your Workplace Culture

Employers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of a positive workplace culture. A workplace culture which helps foster happy employees can increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and have a positive flow-on effect to customers. 

But just how can senior management get staff, particularly junior staff, to open up about how they feel? One excellent and very popular method is by engaging…


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Ready to jump? 5 keys to launching your solo career

I was recently invited to sit on a panel at one of Sydney’s leading business schools to share my thoughts on how I had set up my successful consultancy practise. I was struck by the wide variety of people in the room. They ranged from twenty something students to folk in their 50s and 60s. Many had obviously…


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Using Videos for HR and Recruitment

Often when we talk about video usage for your business, we mainly address marketing areas and their benefits in promoting your product or polishing your company’s image. However, those are not the only areas where videos can be of beneficial use. Lately, HR (human resources) teams have started to explore the effectiveness of video for their purposes.  Videos increase your chance to set yourself apart from other…


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