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A Complete List of Online Resources to Learn Essential Data Science Skills

It is predicted that data science, big data, and machine learning will hold the top spot for hot professions of the future. Data has now become an integral tool for decision making. All human…


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How to Track and Measure Employee Performance

Measuring and tracking employee performance is an increasingly recognized way of optimizing productivity and improving an organization's effectiveness. Its key goal is to provide the overall structure for planning and analyzing activities of each person, in the context of the business as a whole. In other words, to align worker and department goals to those of the company.

Regular monitoring allows…


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Performance Management vs Bullying: Where's the Line?

Employers often face a quandary in dealing with underperformers, and whether to place them onto a performance management program. 

It's essential that any such move can always be considered to be 'reasonable management action' in response to inappropriate behaviours or inadequate or unsatisfactory…


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Fast-Growing Startups: How Do You Build the Right Team?

Every startup’s dream is having the chance to grow at light speed. It means that you’re doing something right, that your investors can see your vision and are willing to support you, and you get to go all-in on your product or service. What many businesses realize late in the game, however, is that the reality of growing…


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Super (not so) Simple: Court finds independent contractor owed superannuation

Deciding on the terms under which to engage a person to perform services can be a complex task. There are benefits to engaging individuals as independent contractors where there is a particular task, project or specialised kind of work that needs to be performed. But mischaracterising the relationship can have dire consequences for employers.…


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The Stalking Horse: FWC warns of abuse of stop bullying jurisdiction

It has unfortunately become a common occurrence for employees who are subject to management action (such as the issuing of reasonable and lawful directions or disciplinary processes) to immediately seek redress by filing a claim against their employer (or other employees) alleging things such as adverse action, discrimination or bullying. In these instances, employers often feel obliged to delay or defer any further management action until the employee’s claim is resolved.

In a recent…


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Perceptions of truth in workplace investigations

When conducting a workplace investigation one of the most interesting phenomena is how multiple people can view an incident and how they can all give different accounts… sometimes wildly!  Of course, there is the ‘he said - she said’ cases. However just as challenging is when you have non-invested witnesses who all see something different. You may ask, can this really be true? Well, I challenge you to look at this photo that has been doing the…


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How to introduce policies in the workplace

[This post originally appeared on the Perkbox blog]
What's stopping companies from introducing wellness initiatives or taking your birthday off is often as simple as not having a policy in place for it. Policies can be deceptively simple to create and implement, here's…

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How a career coach can help your ageing team with retirement planning

We are reaching a critical turning point in the workforce. Baby Boomers – the 5.5 million Australians born between 1946 and 1965 – are at or approaching retirement age. And the question on many employers’ lips is "How do I successfully transition my ageing workforce into retirement?"

While some employees look forward to their permanent vacation, others want to scale back and enjoy life or keep on working regardless, and as an employer, it isn’t always clear which group your ageing…


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What Should You Include in a Whistleblower Policy?

Whistleblower protections have been top of mind for many Australian organisations recently, following a number of changes to the law. 

The Treasury Laws Amendment (Enhancing Whistle-Blower Protections) Bill 2017 is due to come into effect from July…


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How to build the perfect applicant funnel

Recruitment marketing is still in its infancy when compared to either its older sibling HR recruiting, or its first cousin Marketing. There are plenty of ways you can streamline and improve your recruitment marketing tactics by borrowing from both of these related practices.

Today we’re going to go over building the perfect applicant funnel, pulling when necessary from the marketing world for explanations. Think of this as a How-To Guide for building your…


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To Investigate or Mediate?

Sometimes managing staff can seem like a test of one's skill to be able to delicately walk on eggshells, particularly when one staff member starts making veiled complaints about another.

No manager should dismiss or ignore such comments, avoid the conversation, or offer comments of consolation or agreement (either implicitly or explicitly).

If a staff member makes…


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Independent workplace investigations - Why they matter

Investigating workplace misconduct complaints and disputes between employees can be a complex and time-consuming task. And if these investigations are not conducted well, they can have serious negative…


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Which metrics to track when it comes to employee engagement

[This blog originally appeared on Perkbox, the world's fastest growing employee happiness platform]

Rather than asking employees "are you happy", HR and People and Culture should be looking into a number of other factors without needing to confront employees at all.

If your employees are unengaged, they won't…


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How to successfully transition your ageing workforce into retirement

Retirement can be one of the most anticipated and life-changing life events in a person’s life. But while many people look forward to retirement at different times in their life, when the time comes it can impact them in ways they never considered. With usually fifty plus years in employment, the thought of suddenly not working can be fraught with many concerns.

Thankfully, as an employer, there are proactive ways you can help employees approaching this stage in their lives and ensure…


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Case Study: How GENPACT Got More Out of Its Recruitment Marketing

Genpact has always prided itself on innovation. When the company spun off from General Electric in 2005, they were determined to spread the gospel of lean management across the globe, providing data-driven professional services help to a diverse array of businesses spread across the globe. Since then, they’ve only gotten more cutting-edge, incorporating AI and advanced analytics into their offerings as they've helped businesses to completely reimagine their established…


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How to Deal with an Uncooperative Respondent

When conducting investigations in the workplace, senior staff and human resource managers often have to deal with uncooperative respondents. 

Understandably, this can significantly hamper the progress of the investigation. 


There are many ways in which the smooth running of an investigation can be negatively affected…


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False Allegations – Further Trend Of “Upward” Bullying

We have been contacted by several clients in recent months wherein executives, directors, business owners and HR managers attempting to performance manage an employee over a medium to long period of time have had false allegations of bullying directed towards them. Linking such “bullying” action with mental health issues or using it as an angle for a General protections claim, something we have covered in a previous article “The Rise Of Upward Bullying: How Employers Can Protect Themselves From… Continue

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Whistleblower Laws Come Into Effect On 1 July 2019 – Are You Ready?

Does your business have more than 100 employees?


Is your revenue in excess of $50 million?


Do you have gross assets worth more than $25 million?

If so, a potentially dangerous regulation is coming on 1 July 2019. They are the new whistleblower laws.

The new whistleblower laws are a commonwealth amendment (Treasury Laws Amendment [Enhancing Whistleblower Protections] Act 2019). These new laws are designed to expand whistleblower protection and…


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What is SWP and how can it help the business

Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) is the most misused and least understood business phrases out there. Ask five different people what SWP is to them and you will end up with seven different answers. Responses may range from rostering, project management, and recruitment pipelining to financial headcount forecasting.

SWP does provide input into each of those elements, but it is so much more. At the heart of SWP is the translation of business strategy into workforce implications, in a…


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