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How Employers Can Learn From 5,700 Employees Underpaid By Woolworths – Top 4 Tips For Employers

Woolworths, Lush and Qantas were some of the big names in the spotlight recently due to underpayment of wages claims. Previously we discussed the wide ranging underpayment of wages issues a former Masterchef judge had to deal with and the bubble tea drink company Chatime had on their plate.  The top tip for Employers in that…


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Difficult Conversations Part 1

Holding a conversation for which you believe the content will upset the listener evokes the concept of a difficult conversation. Difficult because the speaker often assumes the news will be difficult for the receiver to hear. And so the conversation also becomes labelled as difficult for the speaker to know how best to frame what they need to say to cause the least discomfort for the listener. 

In such situations,…


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Managing Volunteers in the Workplace

Volunteers can be a fabulous resource in any business. Generally, they bring enthusiasm, true passion for the organisation's ethos and purpose, and a "can-do" attitude to the job.

However, volunteers in the workplace can also bring their own set of challenges for organisations. Even though they are not on the payroll, volunteers enjoy the same protections as paid workers are entitled to. Indeed, the Work Health…


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7 Benefits of Foreign Language Training Programs for Employees


In an increasingly competitive market, attracting, retaining, and…


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Workplace Investigations Managing Expectations

At times during a workplace investigation it may be necessary to manage the expectations of managers especially senior managers. As an investigator you must take control and responsibility for the investigation.

In my experience management expectations/interference/demands comes in three forms;

  1. Expectations around the process – how the investigation is conducted.
  2. Expectations about the outcome – What they want.
  3. Expectations around the timelines – How…

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Workplace Investigations Uncooperative Complainants

Workplace Investigations Uncooperative Complainants – at times during a workplace investigation you may have to deal with an uncooperative complainant, what should you do?

In my experience uncooperative complainants fall into 3 categories; (there may be more, but this is what I have encountered.)

  1. Complainants who are concerned and even fearful of the process and their part in the investigation.
  2. Complainants who know that their complaint is baseless and want…

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After the fires: 7 communication tips to help workplaces start the year

The essentials:

As those workplaces that closed over Christmas and New Year reopen after the break, a few simple internal communication actions are helping both the operational and human responses to the current Australian fire catastrophe.

The most effective employee communication responses…


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How to Truly Treat Your In-House and Remote Employees Equally


Remote work is becoming widespread, and with good reason. First of all, it’s a solid way to increase job…


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How to conduct an effective company training session

 A good leader is not just a person who effectively runs a company. Being a good leader means that you’ll do your best to constantly improve the skills and work of employees as well as your own. In order to provide the necessary education for your team, you have to learn how to properly conduct a company training session. Here’s a list of things you’ll have to consider if you want the training session to be successful.…


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Managing Misconduct over the Holidays

The festive season is fraught with concern for employers. With many staff on leave and those who remain letting their proverbial hair down (often with a beverage or three!) the holiday period can be a minefield.

We take a look at when employees are still considered to be "at work", define misconduct and provide some tips for dealing with poor behaviour in the workplace over the holidays. …


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How To Do A Year-End Review For Leaders and Teams

We don’t know what kind of year you’ve had to date but whatever it’s been, now is a great time to review how the year has been for you in the context of being a leader.

One thing to keep in mind is that success in any endeavour doesn’t always take a straight line. Walt Disney, for example, was fired from a job in an animation studio after one week  because he ‘lacked imagination’. He didn’t agree with this so…


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A healthy employee is a happy employee - ways to promote well-being in the office

Watching out for your employees' health and well-being should be one of your top priorities as an employer. There's nothing more important than health, and it can affect various spheres of your employee's lives, including their productivity and satisfaction with the workplace. For…


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Emotional Agility

Susan David, psychologist and author of the book ‘Emotional Agility’ states that organisations need to get comfortable with uncomfortable emotions in order to provide a psychologically safe workplace in which staff feel safe to bare their emotional truth. She believes that when leaders are comfortable with uncomfortable emotions, they are better equipped to listen to staff and explore the real drivers of the…


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Managing Risks in Workplace Investigations


By its very nature, a workplace investigation involves sensitive and contentious information.

When a workplace investigation is required, whether this is outsourced to an external investigator or conducted in-house, it is necessary to be aware of the risks which could eventuate.



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A Guide To Team Agreements For High-Performing Teams – What They Are And How To Use Them

We’ve been having a lot of discussions lately with teams about team agreements and there seem to be two key issues for managers.

The first is that while each individual team member is clear about what they do, they’re not necessarily clear on how their role fits in with other team members or stakeholders. The second is the behaviours of each team member and how that affects their overall performance.



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Dealing with Difficult Respondents in Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations Difficult Respondents – What can or should you do? – Remain calm and professional,  do not engage in arguments and stick to your interview plan/process.

At times during a workplace investigation, you may have to deal with difficult respondents. This can occur in a number of ways:

  1. The respondent refuses/declines to attend an interview to discuss complaints/allegations made against them.
  2. The respondent refuses/declines to answer questions…

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Workplace Investigation Questions

Workplace Investigation Questions and the question of what and how to ask questions during an interview.

The interview is typically a means to gather evidence, to clarify points made in a complaint, to find out what people saw, heard or experienced and also an opportunity for the person who is the subject of the complaint to provide their side of the story.

There are two key elements to the actual interview that are of paramount importance – asking questions and listening to…


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Complaint Ownership in Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations Complaint Ownership

Workplace Investigations Complaint Ownership – What if the employee does not want an investigation into their complaint?

In some circumstances, an employee may raise a workplace issue with their employer or make an “informal” complaint but does not wish for any formal action to be taken. What are the options for the employer, Manager or HR professional?

While it is…


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Rules of Evidence in Workplace Investigations

Although workplace investigations are not expected to be conducted in the same way as a police investigation, it is essential to keep in mind the principles of evidence which might apply. This is particularly important against a backdrop where many workplace investigations end up in the Fair Work Commission or otherwise in a contentious, litigated setting.

We examine the rules of evidence which should be followed to…


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Mental Health at Work

Work-life Balance

It’s a message that we’re continually hearing companies sing on about as part of their employer branding, which makes sense as research does…


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