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How to Turn Your Organisation Into an Idea Factory: Part I

Up to 80 percent of an organization's improvement potential could come from frontline employee ideas. However, the average employee suggestion box or idea program gets less than 10 percent adoption, has fewer than .5 ideas per employee per year and can hurt employee engagement.…


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Make This One Thing Mandatory for Millennials

If you happened to catch Simon Sinek’s recent interview on Inside Quest about millennials in the workplace, then you may already be familiar with his theory about why they are the way they are. If you haven’t seen it, he blames…


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Two lessons in leadership I learnt from my children

I was fortunate to get away over the break to visit family and friends in the UK. But I consider myself even more fortunate to watch my boys, now 5 and 7, reconnect with their cousins who they’d not seen since…


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How to Set Goals on Purpose

Download the Goal Setting Guide here: http://info.soapboxhq.com/Soapbox-goal-setting-guide

Personal growth and professional growth are intertwined. Most people set…


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Five tips to prepare for a performance review conversation

It seems performance review conversations have earned a bad reputation. Many managers may dread them because they seem tedious and laborious, followed by endless amounts of paperwork and administration that need to be completed and filed. At least for another six months or so.

And you, as you sit on the other side of the desk, dread it, too. Perhaps because you…


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The changing role of public sector Human Resources

HR experts with a public sector background can expect good job prospects this year, but one significant change that will impact their ability to secure a role is in the way they add value.

A move to a lean corporate service function has changed the role of human resources across the Australian Public Service, especially in Canberra. This doesn’t necessarily mean fewer positions but rather a change in focus to the way HR experts add…


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9 FREE Web Scrapers That You Cannot Miss

(from http://www.octoparse.com/blog/9-free-web-scrapers-that-you-cannot-miss/

(picture from gifaom.com)




I want to share with you in this post some best free web scrapers for non-programmers who want to gain insight from large data-set online at low…


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Stressful business? 5 Smart Office Design Tips To Help Your Employees

Do you think your staff suffer unacceptable long term stress levels at work? Do you know the signs? Aggression amongst workers, increasing amounts of sick days taken, irritable personnel, disinterest and dropping productivity, all point to an overly stressful working environment. According to SafeWork…


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Are You Failing Millennials in the Workplace?

Tech breakthroughs are making our lives easier — both in and out of the office. Apple continues to launch new versions of the iPhone. Wearable tech now uses apps to tell us what stresses us out and what makes us happy. Hi-tech mood rings. Now more companies are offering telecommuting…


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What's Your Excuse for Not Learning?

Disruptive technologies, seismic demographic shifts and intensifying skills shortages means that now more than ever, the ability to continuously learn and adapt is a source of competitive advantage. Organisations are therefore keen to attract and retain employees considered ‘agile’ and ‘flexible’, placing a premium on behaviours like experimenting, acting on feedback and learning from failure. So why, when faced with the choice to step into our growth zone or shrink back into our comfort…


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The One Resolution You Should Make In 2017

Coming into 2017 Gary Keller’s excellent book “The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results” was at the top of my summer reading list to (re)read. I find that this is a fantastic book to keep in mind when starting out anytime new (particularly a New Year) as the central theme of the book presents a powerful question - “What is the one thing that if done makes everything else easier or unnecessary?”. As a psychologist working with businesses across a range…


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Is fear stealing your peoples’ resourcefulness?

Fear can be useful - it keeps us safe when there is real physical danger, but it can also be very detrimental because it can steal our resourcefulness just when we need it most.  How is your behaviour as a leader and manager impacting on the resourcefulness your people?…


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7 Tips For Creating Videos Your Employees Will Actually Watch

An engaged workforce is important in any organisation. Happier employees work harder, champion your brand and have lower rates of absenteeism, all of which is good for your bottom line.

But many organisations struggle to provide that engagement. In its last major report on the topic, Gallup found that in 2012 only 24 per cent of Australian employees considered…


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Key Take-Home Messages from the Employment Law Cases of 2016: Part 2

Some of the important decisions handed down in the employment law world during 2016 would have left more than one employer very glad that they were not the ones facing the Fair Work Commission!

In part 1 of our year-end review of the cases of 2016, we covered the interplay between employment law and other legal areas. In part 2, we take…


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Nepotism and Bias in Volunteer Organisations: A Thorny Issue

Managers within volunteer organisations are renowned for their ability to run operations with incredibly limited resources. Working with both paid staff and volunteers, there is a sense of needing ‘all hands on deck’ within busy community and charity groups.

We explore today some of the hidden dangers of unconscious bias and nepotism that can arise in volunteer…


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Will your skills be in demand in 2017?

Looking for a new job in 2017? If you’re a HR Business Partner, Instructional Designer or Remuneration Analyst you’re in luck. These are just three of the HR skills that will be in high demand in 2017.

Those with experience in change and projects, start-up HR and ethics and compliance will be needed too.…


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Is your Enterprise Agreement a time bomb?

The public have expressed outrage regarding recent revelations surrounding Bakers Delights’ employment arrangements at some of its Victorian franchises.

Earlier this week most media outlets jumped on the story of a young girl allegedly being paid just $38.50 for a 4 hour Sunday shift (which is reportedly around half of what she would be entitled to under the applicable modern award).

It is clear from even a cursory review of the media articles and commentary on this matter that…


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Use Strengths and Develop Weaknesses

When recruiting for a new role the recruiting person aims to get the best applicant for the job and looks for and considers factors such as the best possible fit to the organisational values of the organisation, the skills required for the job, the desired attitude to be successful in the role and the personality to fit with the team and / or shake it up.

When the successful applicant commences in a role, they undertake the various aspects of the role required of them, such as, for…


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Key Take-Home Messages from the Fair Work and Employment Law related Cases of 2016: Part 1

As another year gets underway, it’s timely to look back at some of the most significant fair work and employment law-related decisions handed down during 2016, and the lessons employers can take away from these cases.

In this two-part series, we first look athow general legal principles fit into the sphere of employment law. In the…


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Is Child Protection a Priority in Your Volunteer Organisation?

by Vince Scopelliti

Volunteer organisations have a special place in the heart of every community. The vital work that they carry out most often involves providing assistance to those who are in need. Issues of poverty, homelessness, abuse, infirmity and mental illness are just some of the challenging aspects within the day-to-day operations of many volunteer…


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