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WFH (Work from Home) what powers do HR and employers have really? 3 answers you need to know

COVID-19, lockdown, face masks, illness, border closures and work from home (WFH)…


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The necessary conversation

In the past, workplaces were heavily hierarchical and it was expected and accepted that managers were direct and overt in giving instructions and critical feedback.

As we have moved to 'flatter' structures and a more empathetic and collaborative leadership style managers are now very hesitant to have these discussions. 

'In the past' workplace roles were very clearly defined. A manager was respected because they were a manager. An employee followed their manager's instructions…


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How your HR team can support remote staff

In 2020, the pandemic has forced companies to work remotely if they wanted to stay afloat. Whether or not those companies were prepared for such an abrupt shift, didn’t really matter. Their teams quickly became virtual ones while the managers had to figure out things along the way.…


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7 easy steps to quickly transfer workshops into online training

One of the reasons many organisations continue to stick with face-to-face workshops is that they feel the effort to transfer workshops into online training is too hard.

Until recently, this was probably correct. If you had to use complex eLearning Authoring tools, like Captivate or Storyline, to create online training, that was a long…


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New year, new hires and a new onboarding experience

Why creating an Outstanding Employee Onboarding Experience matters.

You might be surprised to learn that …


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The daily commute: Fair Work Commission accepts that role with additional travel time was acceptable redeployment employment

Employers have long known that they are obliged to try to find new employment opportunities for employees who are faced with the redundancy of their current role.  This might include redeployment within the employer or its related companies, or finding employment with a third party.

Despite employers’ best efforts to preserve employment, from time-to-time disputes arise when employees would rather have redundancy pay than a new role – or where the new role is not an adequate…


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Can Australian Employers force an employee to get vaccinated? 3 Considerations from an Employment Lawyer

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is COVID-Vaccine-1024x897.jpg
Can an Employer force an employee to take the vaccine?

The answer is probably yes.…

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Types of Insurance Every Business Owner Requires

Every business owners know that he or she will never succeed unless they take risks. These risks are calculated ones but nevertheless, it’s important to have an economic safety mechanism. There are numerous types of insurance available for entrepreneurs but it’s up to you to decide…


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Loosening The BOOT Straps And 9 Other Industrial Relations Changes

Loosening The BOOT Straps And 9 Other Industrial Relations Changes 

BOOT (better off overall test) and other IR changes might be coming

The Better Off Overall Test (BOOT) is consideration by the Fair Work Commission whether a proposed Enterprise Agreement (EA) or Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) is better off overall than the applicable industrial award.   A proposed bill is looking…


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How 3 Avengers Principles from Nick Fury can help Healthcare Employers

We ride into 2021 with lockdowns, face masks, UK strains and “you're on mute” consistent buzzwords for Employers and the healthcare industry. Directors, practitioners and office managers may be fielding a lot of questions…


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Best Ways to Prevent and Treat Pain & Injuries at the Workplace

High-flying companies cannot afford for worker injuries to thwart their growth. That’s why HR departments across the globe have the task of foremost prevent but also treating work-related pain and injuries. The healthier the workforce, the more productive a company…


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