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“It’s the vibe of the thing”……can you explain your culture?

Last week I spoke at a boardroom breakfast to a group of leaders from infrastructure, mining, legal and local government.  The topic was on my blog “technical competence without people skills –  what is it costing you”? I was a little apprehensive prior…


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Political Skills and Job Performance

Organisations are inherently political arenas in which individuals are often competing for advancement and resources. In such environments, the exercise of power and influence can characterise the way things get done (Bing et al., 2011). As such, it makes intuitive sense that political skill (the ability to understand others at work, and use this information to influence others to enhance one’s personal or organisational goals) is predictive of job performance.

Political skill has…


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One little problem with using personality profiles for recruitment

The following information is an excerpt from the whitepaper ‘Best Practices in Talent Assessment’ by Dan Harrison, PhD, of Harrison Assessments International ©2008 Harrison Assessments International. For a copy of the full report, please email us.

If a behavioural assessment report simply describes the…


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Effective Union Relationship Management

Contrary to popular belief a Unions power is not enshrined within the confines of the Fair Work Act. 

For months now employers and public have been bombarded with statements of "inflexible" legislation. The "unfair dismissal monkey riding our backs". "Where has our productivity gone?".

My question is simple. How many lawyers, HR and IR Managers, Business Managers, Business owners and the like, have taken the time to learn what they CAN do, instead of simply listening to what…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work


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Play to Your Strengths

When I was a child growing up in the middle suburbs of Sydney, every household seemed to religiously read The Australian Women's Weekly. It was a cultural and social mainstay: both a barometer and a bible.

One of the main things I learned from the Women’s Weekly is to play to your strengths. Over and over again, and in…


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Three things you should know about every new employee

You’ve read the CV’s, interviewed and done reference checks. Could you have missed something? 

Assuming your new employee has the qualifications, experience, skills and attitudes required to do the job, there are three basic things every boss needs to know about their latest hire:

1.  How long are they likely to stick…


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Does your workplace feel natural?

This picture represents a typical scene in any wine growing area . . . orderly rows of grapes. When I see them it always reminds me of offices full of neat cubicles in a row. Both might appeal to our sense of neatness and order but they are not natural. 

Plants don’t choose to grow in neat rows. That is something that man has forced upon them to satisfy our need for…


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Individual Flexibility Arrangements - Are you getting them right?

As part of the Award Modernisation process, it was identified that every Modern Award was to contain a “Flexibility Term”. The original intent was to enshrine a mechanism in the awards for employees to seek flexible working arrangements to allow for family responsibilities etc, or alternatively for them to seek flexibility in terms of the certain arrangements or conditions in the Awards or Enterprise Agreement. 

Individual Flexibility Arrangements are not lodged with FWA, therefore…


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Things to consider before becoming a self employed Consultant

Every year, at around this time, a common theme in my conversations with HR professionals is their desire to follow through on a New Year's resolution to move onto a new role. 2012 has started out a little differently, though, with a number of these practitioners, mostly senior and highly experienced, considering a shift to working for themselves.

In the HR profession, especially in the learning and training arena, this is certainly an…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work


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5 Ways to Enhance Change Readiness

There are some things we just can’t do.  Turn on a country music station and before long you’re likely to hear a song about unrequited love.   It pains to be in love and not have that love returned.  But the fact is you can’t make someone love you. 

Neither can you make someone ready for change.  You can force people to change, but you can’t make them ready.   Readiness, like love, is a product of how someone sees the world, how they operate, what they want, how they think, how they…


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Statistics and damn lies in employment: Online job ads

Note: This post originally appeared on the RecruitLoop Blog.

Job ads in Australia increased 6.4% from December to January, according to …


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Why Test for Change Readiness When Recruiting Staff?

According to a recent HR article*, the true cost of recruiting a new staff member can exceed $100,000. Such expensive investments deserve a rigorous and well-informed decision-making process.

Recruitment agencies and some employers often use psychometric tests to screen potential candidates. These tests may target such areas as personality type, aptitude, job-fit, emotional intelligence, leadership, performance, work preferences, cognitive ability, and skills. It is important to know…


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Fierce Conversations ... or Constructive Ones?

In recent years, there has been widespread interest in books recommending “fierce” or “…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work


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Does the problem lie with the difficult performer or with you?

If the difficult performer has created a 'mess', that is, they have said or done something that has affected others in the organisation in some harmful or hurtful way then that person needs to be held accountable for their actions. There are lots of ways to do this but the trick lies with the approach taken by whoever is the first to respond.

Working 'with', being authoritative, is a skill. Building and maintaining relationships is not knowledge but a skill.

Working 'to', being…


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Change Readiness and Mandated Change

In my article entitled ‘Change Readiness Put Simply’ I stated that change readiness refers to a person’s capacity to act as the primary change agent in their own life.   In this current article I want to expand on the idea of change agents, and show how people can continue to act as their own primary agent of change even though other agents are influencing them.

It is first of all important to distinguish…


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The importance of ‘soft skills’ in leadership development

Leading a business has long been about displaying our personal strengths in the workplace. But today’s working environment requires managers to also display a raft of ‘softer skills’ when dealing with people. 

Soft skills can be quite a revelation for business leaders, who are beginning to understand that leading with an iron fist doesn’t yield the best results. 

Taking a softer approach refers to learning how to effectively relate to people, showing empathy and optimism and…


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Health and wellbeing: 4 ways to boost productivity and performance

The economic burden of Australia’s obesity epidemic is well known to most, with recent studies putting the cost of caring for overweight and obese Australians at $56 billion per year1.

But it’s not just the tax-paying public who are crumbling under this ever-increasing load – Australian businesses are also suffering as the health problems of our nation significantly decrease employee productivity.

Businesses recognise the link between poor employee health,…


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