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How Robotic Process Automation Can Aid Recruiters

Let’s say you’re a recruitment marketer trying to reach passive job candidates on various niche platforms across the web. You know that active job seekers make up only 20% of candidates. You know that in order to reach the other 80% (many of whom would gladly switch jobs for the right company) you have to go where they are, and you’ve endeavored to do so, rolling out a recruitment…


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No Ordinary Job – Employer fails to demonstrate that redundancies were due to the ordinary and customary turnover of labour

The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act) provides a minimum entitlement to redundancy pay in situations where an employee’s position is genuinely made redundant. There are exceptions, however, to when this entitlement will be paid, one of which is when the employer no longer requires the job to be done due to the “ordinary and customary turnover of labour”.

What this phrase actually means was recently considered by the Federal Court of Australia in the…


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Who’s the Boss? Employee loses redundancy pay after refusing other acceptable employment

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has reduced an employee’s entitlement to redundancy pay to nil after an employer successfully argued that it obtained ‘other acceptable employment’ for the employee, which the employee had refused.

Under section 120 of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act), the FWC has the discretion to reduce an employee’s entitlement to redundancy pay in either of the following circumstances:

(i) the employer obtains other acceptable employment for the…


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Care and control: negligent host employer ordered to pay damages to injured labour-hire worker

A recent decision from the District Court of New South Wales has highlighted the importance of a host employer’s duty of care to any labour-hire worker it engages where the work directions and conditions are within the host employer’s knowledge and control.

In Castillo v Premist Framework Contractors Pty Ltd [2019] NSWC DC 6, a labour-hire worker successfully established that a host employer’s negligence caused him to sustain an injury to his left knee.

The labour-hire…


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Bringing an Employee Back from Suspension

It can seem as though the difficult part of a workplace investigation is dealt with by undergoing the investigative process, and making a decision as to how to deal with the employee. But the aftermath of an investigation, for example bringing an employee back into the workplace fold after a suspension, can be equally difficult. 

We examine what an employer should know, and do, in such a situation.…


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Office “Chill” Zones Are a Must in 2019

Even though a lot of people talk about a healthy work-life balance, not a lot of them are in a position to actually practice it. That is unless the employer that they’re working for decides to do something about it. We’re, of course, referring to the concept known as office chill zone. Now, this phrase could stand for a number of different ideas and approaches, which is why we’ll try to cover as many different concepts as we can. With that in mind and without…


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How SMEs can make workplace wellbeing a priority without a big budget

While on the surface investing in employee wellbeing may seem extravagant in terms of the priorities many SME owners face, the reality is, a focus on workplace wellbeing can dramatically improve productivity and staff churn.

 However, you don’t need the resources of Google to foster a culture of wellbeing in the office. Here are some clever ways to promote wellness in the workplace that won’t necessarily require a big budget.

  1. Swap sugary snacks to healthier…

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Managing Excessive Sick Leave

The great ‘Aussie sickie’ is supposedly embedded in our work culture – and can be a frustrating problem for any HR department to manage. Research shows that even the very ‘best’ employees are occasionally guilty of ‘chucking a sickie’. If it’s a one-off ‘mental health day’, then generally this isn’t too problematic for businesses.

But it’s when employees start taking sick days as a matter of course – or see their sick leave as…


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A HR dilemma - is bullying happening in your workplace?

Few issues are as hot in HR right now as workplace bullying. But working out whether you’re harbouring one can be difficult, especially as the fine line between tough love and, well, outright bullying behaviour, can be a fine one. With that in mind – and to help you avoid the potential cost, embarrassment and damage a bully can cause both to the victim and to your business – we’ve created this guide to spotting workplace bullies.

What constitutes bullying?

The best place to…


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Is HR Management Right For You?

When considering the career prospects in HR management, you may be thinking to yourself, is really this really the dream job that I’m after? To many human resources managers, they find HR management as a challenging yet rewarding role, benefiting from all various encounters with important personnel in business. Human resources management (HRM) involves a wide range of responsibilities including recruitment and section, dispute negotiation, training and development as well as dealing with…


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4 benefits of corporate events

A very important part of running a company is facilitating morale, and building teams. A business is only as good as its employees, they are its lifeblood, and they are what keep it running. For this reason, you want to…


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5 Myths About Employer Branding

As with any popular—dare we say trendy?—topic, discussions of employer brands and employer branding are often loaded with misconceptions. Some people are confused about what it is, some are confused about how it works, and some are confused about how to do it. The result? General difficulty for recruiters trying to create, leverage, or refine a strong…


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Hiring People with Disabilities and the Duty of the HR Department

There are three main reasons why you should start hiring people with disabilities as soon as possible. First of all, they are an amazing and massive talent pool and just because someone has a disability it doesn’t mean that they can’t contribute to your company and your brand as a whole. Second, it’s a program incentivized by the government, which may give your company a series of benefits. Finally, it’s an ethical thing to do, yet, other than this altruistic…


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When to Suspend an Employee During an Investigation

One of the most difficult aspects of a workplace investigation is the moment when the investigator or employer realises the immediate suspension of an employee is required. 

We examine the warning signs that a suspension might be necessary, as well as the best way to handle this complex eventuality.


Most investigations…


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What Makes A Good People Leader? These Are The Top 3 Skills

Do you have what it takes to be a good people leader? We’ve thought long and hard about what makes good leadership. We’ve narrowed it down to what we believe are the top three skills based on our experience working with people leaders over the years.

The top three skills are feedback, coaching and delegation. With the changing environment of how we are managing teams now, we absolutely need these skills. Whether you're…


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Over a quarter of working Brits admit they are “married to their job”

Recent research commissioned by Perkbox, Europe’s fastest growing employee experience platform, ahead of Valentine’s day, has found that over a quarter of working Brits admit they are ‘married to their job’, with 45 per cent habitually working outside of their contracted hours for over an hour a day…


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Ways to Make Sure Your Employees Are Properly Trained and Educated

You must have heard the saying that employees are a company’s most valuable asset. While that might be true, it cannot be achieved without giving them proper training. A cohesive and well-educated team is crucial for your business’s productivity and success. That is why you will be glad to hear that there are plenty of ways how you can make sure your employees are up to the task. Take a look.…


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Briginshaw Applied: Weighing Up The Evidence

For those involved in workplace investigations, one court case seems to be of central importance - Briginshaw v Briginshaw. Interestingly, this 1938 case is actually about alleged adultery in the context of divorce! So the question immediately arises - why do the concepts in Briginshaw seem to hold sway in…


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