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Negative micro behaviours are a sign of frustration and poor communication skills

In a previous article, I explained which behaviours may constitute a negative micro behaviour and how the display of such behaviours should be best managed and addressed.

In this article, I would like to explore with you why a staff member may display negative micro behaviours at work.

All actions, all…


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It’s all in the contract: The High Court affirms the importance of contractual terms when distinguishing between an employee and independent contractor

The High Court of Australia has handed down two long-awaited appeals regarding the distinction between employee and independent contractor, ultimately deciding that the answer is to be found in the terms of the written contract, with particular regard for the rights and obligations of the parties under that contract.

In both cases, the High Court held that where parties have comprehensively agreed in a written contract as to the terms of their relationship, “the characterisation…


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UK, China, USA: Navigating Australia’s open international borders as an SME

International borders reopened this week and Australia has lifted a major restriction that has impacted operations and growth opportunities for businesses small, medium, and large that rely on international travel.

Businesses looking to resume international travel will be met with a ‘new normal’ way of crossing the globe and offers his advice to Australian businesses looking to navigate their new freedoms.

Corporate Traveller,…


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Must you always conduct an investigation in workplace complaint matters?

The short answer is… no.

But there’s always a but! And there are many variables to consider. If you’re a Governance or Human Resources leader there are options without immediately jumping into a costly and time consuming investigation. One of those options is mediation.

Mediation (part of what’s referred to as Alternative Dispute Resolution – ADR) can be an important consideration in the governance, complaints and workplace investigation space.

But what…


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Unvaccinated and out of time: Commission declines to extend time for two unfair dismissal applications involving unvaccinated employees

In the unfair dismissal jurisdiction, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) imposes a strict 21-day time limit for employees to file unfair dismissal applications. The clock starts running from the date the dismissal takes effect.

If an application is lodged outside the 21-day timeframe, the employee must seek an extension of time and the FWC is tasked with assessing whether exceptional circumstances exist to grant the extension of time. The FWC will take into account a…


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Who wants to know? Vaccination policies and privacy issues

A recent decision of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) has highlighted the privacy considerations for employers when implementing vaccination policies in the workplace, particularly in this COVID-19 environment.

Across Australia, many employers have been required to introduce (or at least consider introducing) vaccination policies as a result of Public Health Orders or Directions issued by Federal, State and Territory Governments.

These types of policies require…


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Move in my direction: State public health mandates sink aged care employees’ unfair dismissal claims

Two decisions of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) have reinforced that a failure to comply with public health orders or directions which mandate vaccinations will be a valid reason for dismissal.

In Tew v The Bethanie Group Inc. T/A Bethanie Aged Care [2022] FWC 96 an electrician for a Western Australian aged care provider lodged an unfair dismissal application after he was dismissed because he did not have an up-to-date influenza (flu) vaccination.



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HR’s role when workplace sexual offences are a crime

There have been a number of high-profile examples of workplace sexual offences resulting in police investigations being discussed in the news recently. For example:

  • In 2021 Brittany Higgins accused the government of inaction in response to a sexual assault that took place in Parliament House. Higgins complained that no action was taken and she received no support. In response, the Government argued that Higgins didn’t want police involvement.
  • This year a…

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What are the three main pillars that support business success?

The three main pillars which underpin and strongly support business success are also those which are developed when an organisation understands that a broad and continued focus on workplace culture is the number one priority.…


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Workplace investigations – 4 words of concern

In conducting workplace investigations, coaching and conflict resolution in the workplace, I have found that there are 4 words which I hear repeatedly, when I am called in to resolve a workplace conflict, coach an employee on problem behaviours, or determine if an employee has been bullied or harassed.

These are 4 words that you do not want me, as a consultant coach, investigator and resolver of conflicts, to hear from your employees. They mean that perhaps this problem could…


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Performance improvement plan is not workplace bullying says Fair Work Commission – 3 reasons why

The issue of workplace bullying has become a prevalent situation in workplaces of late especially those dealing with:

  • Under resourced workforces
  • Hard to manage or underperforming staff
  • Lack of…

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What is purpose and do your people have enough of it?

The global challenges we face are increasing people’s desire to make a difference and act with a greater sense of purpose, however for many it feels out of reach because they lead busy and complex lives. Furthermore, if they feel fatigued, burnt out or disengaged from their work they’ll be more prone to consider career and lifestyle alternatives,…


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Taking a strategic approach to career development

For senior executives, building and maintaining strong relationships with executive recruiters/search consultants can be an important - and mutually beneficial - way of moving forward in your career and taking it where you want it to go. For job seekers in the earlier stages of…


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The Johari Window – Developing your people leader toolkit

As a people leader it’s useful to have a strong toolkit of good frameworks; shortcuts for certain ways of operating. We get a lot of feedback from people about the resources we share and how helpful they are, so we’re sharing a new one with you: the Johari Window. 

You can listen to the podcast episode here or continue…


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Negative micro behaviours - What are they and how can they be addressed?

In an HRM article (September 2021), a consulting workplace psychologist identified 8 negative micro behaviours which lead to interpersonal tensions and conflict.

These behaviours were identified as:

  • Interrupting others
  • Negative body language
  • Irritable or arrogant demeanour
  • Complaining and gossiping about others
  • Inappropriate humour or offensive comments
  • Lack of greetings
  • Offering unsolicited advice
  • Not…

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The importance of conducting effective exit interviews

We recently blogged about useful strategies to maximise employee retention in face of “The Great Resignation”. Since the start of the pandemic, many companies have been disrupted by a sudden increase in employees leaving the business. If there are lessons to be learned over the past two years, it’s that employees desire greater connection with their peers and leaders both at a social and interpersonal level; as well as a sense of purpose, community and value…


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