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5 Interesting Facts About Recruitment Marketing Automation

You have your company’s employee value proposition nailed down. You have your ideal candidate personas broken down by position, and you've selected a number of social channels that might be good fits for running targeted ad campaigns. Now, you're wondering how best to implement this strategy and begin spreading your employer brand and EVP to an audience of future applicants. Maybe someone has brought up the idea of using …


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The Right Mix: Professionalism, Impartiality and Empathy

When conducting a workplace investigation, it is essential that there is consideration given to maintaining an appropriate balance between professionalism, impartiality and empathy. 

By ensuring that this balance is maintained, employers are best able to protect the interests of staff, and safeguard against allegations…


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Apple and Aldi, the most ‘actively’ searched companies for jobs in Australia, over the last three years

Perkbox, Europe’s fastest growing employee experience platform, that recently launched in Australia, and SEMrush, a marketing analytics SaaS platform, have teamed up to find out some…


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Want Happy Employees? 4 Proven Ways to Improve Onboarding

There’s been a lot of discussion around how HR technology can improve the experience at work. 

Now new digital tools have the power to deliver a seamless onboarding process.

You may be wary of HR tech. Implementing the latest trend just for the sake of it – without consideration of your…


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Talk to Me: the importance of consultation in the redundancy process



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How Google Analytics Can Help Recruiters

So much recruitment activity happens online these days that it can be tough to recall the eras in which it didn’t. Still, if anyone reading this has been to a job fair (either as a recruiter or a job seeker) in the past few years, you at least have a sense of what in-person employer branding push looks like. The world looks very different from behind a booth decked out with corporate logos and recruitment-centric pamphlets: you can see not just how many people stop at your table, but how…


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No good in goodbye – employee on stress leave did not abandon employment

Some employers may find themselves in the situation where an employee fails to show up to work for a period of time with no notice and no communication about their absence – never to be heard from again.

How the employer should respond? Particularly where it appears that the employee has abandoned their employment and has brought the employment relationship to an end.

In the recent decision in Thompson v Zadlea Pty Ltd T/A Atlas Steel [2019] FWC 1687, the Fair Work…


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Family Feud: FWC orders managing director to stop bullying HR manager

In response to an application to stop bullying, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) has the power to make any orders it thinks necessary to prevent workplace bullying from continuing. The FWC’s exercise of this discretionary power has resulted in some interesting orders over the years, including requiring employees to greet each other in the mornings or directing that an employee stop exercising at work in the vicinity of another employee.

In a more recent decision, the…


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Safety is not a “sometimes thing”: Employer fined for failing to effectively enforce safe systems

The NSW District Court has convicted and fined a KFC franchisee after a young worker sustained third degree burns when his foot slipped into hot oil while he was cleaning the hoods of an overhead ventilation system.  

The worker, who was 20 years old at the time of the incident, was employed as a Food Service Team Member at a KFC restaurant in North Coffs Harbour, NSW. He was tasked by his supervisor (who was just 19 years old) with cleaning cooking equipment in the kitchen, including…


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Legal Professional Privilege and Workplace Investigations

When a workplace investigation is required, there may occasionally be good reason to seek legal professional privilege regarding the findings. This is particularly the case in matters that may require criminal investigation, such as fraud, theft or sexual harassment. 

So, is it sufficient to engage a law firm when undertaking workplace investigation if you wish to attract legal professional privilege? We take a look…


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Headhunted Shortlist – Testing Executive Talent In The Marketplace

What do you do when you’re thinking about replacing a current employee who is underperforming? Or have a position to fill and an internal candidate who meets the requirements of the role, but you want to make sure you’re hiring the right person for the job?

It’s important not to rush your decision for obvious reasons, but pressure can take over and it’s not always a simple process.

There’s no harm in testing and comparing the skill…


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How To Help Employees Navigate Through A Business's Financial Crisis

Being a business owner or manager isn’t the cushiest job. You have a host of responsibilities towards both your company and your loyal workers. Imagine how difficult it must be to run a company when things aren’t going very well. You have to juggle difficult decisions and employee satisfaction during a volatile time…


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Eddie McGuire and The Bystander

The recent comments made by Eddie McGuire while commentating on the coin toss by Cynthia Banham has had plenty of air time. I question the co-commentators who were laughing and agreeing with Eddie's comments. What is their role as the 'bystander'? We talk about the role of the witness in our bullying and harassment training, we coach staff to speak out and speak up. Mention the phrase: 'The standard you walk past is the standard you accept' and everyone nods in…


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What is situational leadership?

[This is from the Perkbox blog]

Situational leadership theory purports that there is no single best style of leadership. Its fundamental principal is that the most effective leaders adapt their style of leadership based on the current climate of their company and on the development of their employees.



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5 Key Components of a Robust Talent Network

The recruiting world can learn a lot from the marketing realm, especially now that recruitment marketing is becoming more established. Organized campaigns, content marketing, and using social media to reach passive job hunters are some of the ideas that made their way in between these two sectors. Another idea that makes sense to cross over is the idea of a multi-channel approach to building a talent network.…


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Employee Experience: The Emerging New HR Trend Of 2019

Passion and motivation for work is something that comes from within. While companies can take up endless initiatives to fuel these emotions, it boils down to how employees experience it. If you are a company looking to ways to increase your global footprint, organizational culture and employee experience should be a top priority.

A positive and productive employee…


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Safeguard your Hiring for Good - Ben Eatwell

I’m currently searching for some key hires at Weploy that will be instrumental in our next stage of growth. Talent is so critical to any company, so I spent a lot of time considering what I’ve learnt over the past year at Weploy to ensure these hires would succeed at a fast growing, disruptive company.

Securing talent is always challenging, but for me, hiring for a start-up is the most difficult. You can explain…


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Blind Recruitment - The New Resume

Whether we’re aware of it or not, the hiring process has inherent bias. It’s a neuroscientific fact that our brains are hardwired towards finding patterns and similarity - which we are now finding out is the worst thing possible when looking for talent.…


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