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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work (early!)

Recently, I was watching David Attenborough on TV and marvelling at…

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(a mental) Hup, One, Two, Three...

In our last article we focused on how to help maintain a physically healthy workforce and workplace. Now we're going to look at both from the mental point of view. In other words, how can we help to keep and develop a mentally healthy workforce?

This is a much more difficult area to deal with, partly because the signs of…


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How to turn your Engagement Survey into an Engagement Strategy – 6 Tips to Maximise Survey Results

Do Engagement Surveys in your organisation meet with yawns and complacence? Do you create space in your leadership planning schedules to work through your survey results with a view to making impactful changes? Or is your annual Engagement Survey just ticking an HR To-Do box?

Whilst an excellent starting point, an Engagement…


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Change Management Procedures and Anti-Discrimination Policies

You might think that a recent decision in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal regarding the dismissal of a pregnant employee would have managers reaching for their anti-discrimination policy – but what they should be doing is reviewing change management procedures.

Cook v Commanding Communications Pty Ltd and Ors [2013] QCAT 24

This decision centred on the allegation of a casual telesales employee who exhibited emotional outbursts and became upset…


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Three Practical Steps for Fostering a Learning Culture in Your Organisation

Peter Senge said it best - “the only sustainable competitive advantage is an organisation’s ability to learn faster than the competition”.

Unfortunately this is easier to say than do, especially if employees don’t experiment for fear of making mistakes, if it’s not possible to challenge ideas based on their merit, or if silos stifle the sharing of best practice. Having said this, there are three practical steps that you can take to kick start your organisation’s learning culture…


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Hup, One, Two, Three...

Question: how fit are you?

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Employerbility Productivity Survey

Have you had one of those weeks where your 'to do' list is still the same as it was Monday?

We have a theory about this and need your help to find out if our thinking is true.

There is now just under a week to go till we close the …


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3 Skills Leaders Use To Set Parameters

Inspired success is not always about big action or visionary sight or indeed big ideas.   Sometimes it is simply down to everyone doing their part in the right way, taking equal responsibility and doing what needs to be done to achieve success.  

This weeks article talks about 3 skills. people (not only leaders) need to master to experience consistent success in their lives.   Many times I have seen leaders and managers unwittingly disengage teams when there is a lack of balance.…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work

Sometimes after a long week, you just need a little amusement.  This…

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How is your Working Style affecting performance?

Is your working environment lowering the productivity of your people?  Is your personal preference getting in the way of others?   Our working traits and preferences can have a profound effect on our productivity and if the environment doesn’t match our needs we can get stressed and de-motivated.  Yet there are often some simple solutions. 

One of the things I love about snorkelling and scuba diving is getting up close and observing all the tropical fish and their behaviour.  There is…


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Human Capital Shares our Thoughts on Reward & Recognition for Retention

This month, Human Capital magazine featured a special report on retention. We provided comments and advice for businesses on how to keep reward and recognition programs alive and kicking, delivering positive results.…


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Blogging tips from a pedantic editor

Here in the HR Daily office, I'm known for my pedantry. I'm very picky about details, and doing things in particular ways. While I'm sure it's annoying to some people, it's a trait that has served me well in my career as a journalist.

Here are some quick tips that I try to use every day, which might help you take your blogging to…


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Motivation is Rarely About the Money...

One of the conversations that I regularly have with clients when talking about engagement in organisations and career opportunities is the role that money or financial inc entives play in workplace motivation.…


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Developing A Winning People Strategy

When I first began to develop people strategies to increase the odds of businesses being successful at delivering on their key outcomes, I researched my topic widely on the internet and in professional circles, but I found there was little guidance.

That was some years ago and while there is a lot more around about people strategies,  these days, the advice and information varies widely in content and form.  

I quickly realised i had to develop my…


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Balancing confidence and competence

A great way to get over the winter blues is to challenge your physical and mental skills at high altitudes.  Every fibre in your body is alert to any physical feedback as your mind tries to balance the mental cocktail of extreme excitement, anxiety and danger.  While surges of adrenalin keeps you totally focused on the here-and-now so you forget everything else, if you misjudge the conditions the consequences are immediate. . . 

Skiing provides a unique combination of pure fresh air…


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25 Quick & Easy Tips for Staff Engagement

Here are 25 quick, easy tips on staff engagement:

1. Put engagement on your agenda and commit to helping your staff achieve it

2. Be real and genuinely care about your staff’s happiness, growth and contribution

3. Make it your job to help all your staff achieve their potential

4. Keep the atmosphere light, even when the topics are serious

5. Make your office known for the creation of laughter not anger

6. Give your staff a voice, involve them, listen to them,…


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When is Employee Appreciation Day? Every Day.

In the US, they have National Employee Appreciation Day; it falls on the first Friday in March and has been doing so since 1995. During the approaching weeks, business owners and managers all over America are stricken with panic as they have forgotten to make arrangements. Simultaneously, the internet churns out streams of advice on how to show employees that they are…


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Communication - or is it?

Communication - or is it?

“Communication” is a much-used word, and a very important one at that, one which we all use frequently and, perhaps, have pride in…

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Why Internal Recruiters and External Recruiters Clash

Or why can't we all just get along?!?!?!

Firstly I think I need to let you know that I have only ever worked on the external side of this clash. But many of my friends and also our Operations Manager, David Styles, either are or have been internal recruiters in the past.

That out of the way, today I want to talk to you about what I see as an increasing level of hostility and frustration between…


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What Leaders Can Learn From Inspirational People

I have always admired people who have made a real difference. I think it takes particular qualities to really inspire me and others.  It is those qualities i have attempted to capture.  

My list of inspirational people is not exhaustive.  I can think of many others, and I know there are many "unsung hero's" who inspire.  

I’d read about Philippe Petit some years ago, and while being amazed at his …


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