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Recruiters' role critical in powering Australia's future prosperity: Deloitte

I've just finished reading Deloitte's Positioning for prosperity? Catching the next wave report, the third paper in their Building the Lucky Country series. This report includes the actions that businesses and governments can take to position their…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work

It's another big question, followed by another one: Can you believe it's 30 years since Footloose? Kevin Bacon was a guest on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last week and left us wondering if those kids on 'So You Think You Can Dance' will still…


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Drive employee engagement by mapping your business’ DNA

We’ve heard it time and time again: people are a business’ greatest asset. Encouraging the best from your staff and engaging them in your organisation’s mission is essential to business growth.

But aligning your people’s capabilities, responsibilities and motivations with your business goals is often challenging. It requires great understanding of the individuals and groups that comprise the organisation, how they interact with each other and how they produce business…


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Malaysian Airlines – A Tragic Cautionary Tale

With the tragedy of the lost Malaysian airliner still unfolding, it has been several weeks of contemplating how a disaster of that magnitude affects not only the lives of those who have experienced such a devastating personal loss, but also the impact on the organisations involved. Watching the response of the leadership of Malaysian Airlines, media organisations, and governments…


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You have leaders but do you have leadership?

Leaders and leadership are not the same thing, even though the two terms are often used interchangeably. In order for your organisation to grow, you need both. So what is leadership, why does it matter and how do you help the people who run your organisation to develop this important skill set?


What’s the difference?

Learning to be a leader is about helping individuals develop the personal skills they need to operate in their role whilst training…


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Communication Skills - The Essentials for Managers - How to build a team, a community, a tribe

Communication is the single most important factor in handling selling , promotions, marketing, conflict resolution, hiring, firing, and the list goes on.

How does a manager build a strong team? Build a cohesive working environment? Build a Tribe (in the old terminology)?

For a team to work , there are three important factors -

  1. There must be TRUST within the team
  2. Each member must CONFORM to the…

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Data driven people strategy - 4 things you can do today

“To get insight into the drivers of your economic engine, search for the one denominator (profit per x) that has the single greatest impact.”

Jim Collins, Good to Great

As Jim Collins describes in his iconic book ‘Good to Great’, data (both people related and business data) can play a critical role…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work

How much have relationships, both personal and professional, been affected by the development of online social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc? Watch this spoof where it seems that even the humble handshake might have to be…


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How fools recruit: 'I'll know them when I meet them'

No matter how far we think Australian businesses have come with respect to recruitment and employment practices, there are always plenty of reminders that old habits die hard. 

One of these old habits is the classic client response to a recruiter who requests a job description; ‘I don't need a job description, I'll know them when I meet them'

This would be laughable if it weren't so common to hear, even in 2014. Considering the amount of money at stake in hiring…


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Are you ready for the G20?

In November 2014 it will be Australia’s turn to chair the G20 Leaders Summit. The main event, to be held on the 15th and 16th of November in Brisbane, will be preceded by numerous meetings held in a number of Australian Capitals throughout the year. There are a number of potential negative impacts of this event on employers and these highlight the need for businesses to have in place effective plans for responding to emergencies and/or disruptions.

During the 2010 G20 summit in…


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How To Deal With A Stressful Confrontation Between You & A Key Person At Work

Establish a positive identity in the other person

 I read a great quote some time ago that stated “people who seem like monsters are simply human beings whose language and behaviour sometimes keeps us from seeing their humanness”.

 Your state is determined by what you focus on. In a confrontation circumstance, if we are focused on our negative perception that the other person has done something ‘wrong’ to us, ‘wrong’ because it has violated our values, then…


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Could Your Workplace Benefit From Ethics Training?

Could Your Workplace Benefit From Ethics Training?

There is no universal moral code to guide businesses through complex dilemmas about what is right or wrong. Business ethics contain principles and standards that guide the behavior of business. It entails what is right or wrong, and dictates what behavior is…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work

It's the question that has been asked millions of times ... can money buy happiness? ASAP Science have come up with an answer, but do you agree with it?…


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I'm calling it - the job market is back

The mainstream media are full of big job loss stories such as Alcoa, QANTAS and Toyota but out there in the SME sector, where the economy's engine really hums, there's signs of life. 

I have been speaking to a lot of recruitment agency owners over the past 6 weeks and almost without exception they are all smiling again. February was a much better month than January, December or November and, even better, the pipeline for March is looking strong. 

This good news was further…


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Women “knocking on doors” aren’t just selling Avon.

On Monday night’s Q&A program (watch here  the topic of introducing mandatory quotas to boost women in Federal Parliament was raised. The panel, comprising, among others Lisa Wilkinson (from the Today Show), George Brandis (Attorney General) and Chris Bowen (Shadow Treasurer), were quite divided in their support of quotas with Brandis being the only outspoken panel member…


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What the top 20 do differently to grow their leaders

A survey by Hay Group in partnership with “Chief Executive magazine” sheds light on the looming leadership drought by looking at what the top 20 companies are doing differently to the rest.

Their survey found that when it comes to high potential future leaders the top companies are more likely to: 

  • have a formal process in place for identifying individuals who are likely to assume leadership roles in the future
  • provide career tracks for high potential…

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I’ll level with you: “Levels of Work” tips and traps

A useful model that supports people to work well together in an organisation is the concept of “Levels of Work”. Familiar to many, it’s also one of the toughest things to grasp for people new to organisational theory (for an explanation, see Jacques’ book, Requisite Organisation a link to the book on Amazon here, or this …


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How to thrive on the expat career rollercoaster

The pressure on expats can be immense.

You’ve come to a new country and often a new job with a new network of friends to build and a new house to kit out. Often you can land on your feet but for anyone who chooses to work away from their home country, there’ll be some teething problems.

Naturally, the first months – even years – of expat life are clouded by background anxiety about getting your life back into somewhere near the more comfortable and ordered space…


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Treading the fine line

The decision to engage contractors is often fraught with danger and managing the relationship frequently requires treading the fine line between ensuring that contractors are productive and allowing contractors to retain their independence.  In my previous blog “The issue that never goes away – Employees or contractors?”, I considered the difficulties that businesses face in deciding how to engage workers.  In this blog,…


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How to engage and motivate staff who remain following redundancies

Redundancy brings with it a complex set of emotions for those departing. However, those who remain are often impacted too, even when their job is deemed safe.

'Survivors' of job cuts typically suffer from feelings normally experienced by those survive major disasters or traumas. These emotions can have long-term implications on staff morale, motivation, productivity and stress levels, and can make it difficult for individuals to move forward.

'Survivor syndrome' describes the…


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