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How do you lead through change when your team isn't with you on the journey?

I was speaking at an event a few weeks ago on leading through change. It’s a great topic — a timely and timeless one; as change will not go away and leading well through the change it is the only way to affect proper change. I went through the practical steps that a leader can take to affect change — what we know works and what we know almost guarantees failure.

In going through this, there’s one thing that is glaringly obvious — and that is a leader cannot…


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The Number One Secret to Staff Retention

We've all seen the surveys on what the employee wants from their work. Free massages, free gym memberships, trinkets, opportunities for working…


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10 Tips for Managing your Boss

Managing others can be a challenge.  Encouraging, motivating and cajoling staff takes a lot of thought and effort but the most demanding management task of all can be managing your boss, or your peers.

As a young Chef back in the 1980’s it was simply unthinkable to consider any sort of upward feedback.  It would probably have been perceived as gross…


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Large Numbers of Franchises paying Incorrectly

We recently published our 2015 Fast Food Industry Report on our Payroll Audit Service, which reviewed payroll and award/enterprise agreement compliance at the franchisee outlet level for a number of Fast Food Companies.
Our audits revealed 84% of stores had some form of underpayments occurring.

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Stop bullying orders not required after employer changes its ways

Ms LP [2016] FWC 763

The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act) provides that the Fair Work Commission (the Commission) may only make orders to stop bullying if it is found that the worker has been bullied at work and if there is a risk that the bullying will continue.

The FW Act also sets…


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Mothers, families, work and role sharing: what I have learned

A very significant event for my family occurred on Christmas Eve. 

My wife, Michelle was offered, and she accepted, the position of Head of HR at her current employer of six years, Hallmark Cards Australia. I was thrilled for her as I know how hard she has worked to build her corporate HR skills after ten years in agency recruitment. Also throw into the mix Michelle's role as mother to our (now eight year old) son and her lack of tertiary qualifications in human resources and you have…


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