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How to Manage Anonymous Workplace Complaints

We’ve put some focus in recent months on workplaces investigations through our series of videos outlining frequently asked questions on the subject. Today we’re covering a question that wasn’t covered in the series but which has arisen a few…


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4 Types of Performance Conversations for Leaders and Managers

Performance conversations are extremely important in your job as a manager. A fundamental part of your role is giving feedback to improve your team's effectiveness as well as helping each member develop their skills and career. In this post and podcast we're looking at the four broad performance categories: Underperformers, Average to…


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How to Improve Workplace Harmony

Maintaining workplace harmony should be a key focus of every organisation. Conflict in the workplace can lead to behaviours such as bullying, harassment and discrimination. Staff can lack motivation, fail to work as a team and be generally unhappy. 

So how can employers and staff deal with conflict, and encourage staff to work together to promote harmony in the workplace? 



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Leading an organisation through industry upheaval

Since the establishment and roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the whole disability sector has been flipped on its head leaving organisations with the challenge of implementing a brand-new system that is a significant departure from the existing framework.

The NDIS is a welcomed and necessary change for people with disability. But for organisations in the sector, the scheme has taken them into unchartered territory, leaving them to figure out how to adopt…


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Learn how to create business values in just 5 simple steps

When it comes to creating a vibrant company, values are absolutely foundational - in fact, they’re one of the most visible aspects of any company culture.  

Your values set expectations for how your employees engage with customers,…


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A guy, two part-time jobs and an overtime claim: Federal Circuit Court dismisses claim for cumulative overtime

It is increasingly common for workers, particularly those employed on a part-time basis, to hold multiple jobs. Usually the positions will be with different employers and are worked at different days and times.

In Lacson v Australian Postal Corporation [2018] FCCA 511, the Federal Circuit Court of Australia heard an underpayment application by an employee who claimed that the Australian Postal Corporation (Australia Post) did not pay his overtime, rest relief and meal…


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The dos and do-nuts of business growth and expansion

It is a story told and heard often – a small business starts with a single, great idea or product and experiences great success in a very short amount of time. However, problems arise when the business, wishing to grow its success, decides to create more products, open more offices or stores and hire more staff – without having all of the appropriate systems and processes in place to deal with the additional responsibilities and liabilities that are attached to expansion.

The recent…


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Who should attend our meeting?

For meetings that matter, who should attend our meeting?   Why do we often forget to ask the most important stakeholders?

We’ve held our meeting.  We’ve made our decision.  We are just getting into the execution of that decision when we are suddenly confronted with an objection we did not anticipate.

Has this ever happened to you?  Have you ever participated in a meeting where a decision was made, after which there was some unexpected pushback?  Have you ever…


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3 great ways to put thought leadership to work in your business

With the explosion of professional social media channels such as LinkedIn, it makes sense for your managers, leaders and future stars to get serious about building a presence. As we all remember from school science experiments, nature abhors a vacuum. If your people are not a voice in the market, chances are your customers are tuning into someone else.

Building a Thought Leadership profile is one of the key aspects of turning your leaders into INFLUENCERS. They need to build their…


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Why you should create an agile workspace

It’s important for everyone to be responsive, efficient and effective in their work, especially with how demanding our world has become. This might be difficult for some, but it can be made easier by adopting a flexible workplace that promotes the ability to work in an agile way.

Agile working means to be productive and flexible no matter where you are. As the days of having to sit behind a desk all day begin to disappear, employees are now able to complete tasks and respond to emails…


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Improving Your Investigative Interviewing Skills

To any outsider, the job of investigative interviewing seems fairly straightforward - questions are asked and then answers are provided. Yet as we know, the job of interviewing parties in the course of a workplace investigation can be anything but simple. 

For example, the investigative interviewer must ensure procedural fairness at every step along the investigative pathway. And this raises other questions, such as can the…


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3 tools and an essential skill to help managers communicate better

Organisations ask a lot of their operational and line managers. The day-to-day administration of a team while also focusing on delivering business results can be overwhelming for even experienced operational managers. Functional areas such as finance, human resources, property and procurement…


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Next Generation L&D: From ‘Learning’ To ‘Performance’

A trend I’m seeing more and more, and which is reflected in the latest Bersin By Deloitte  ‘Market Trends’ Keynote, is L&D’s shift in focus from ‘learning outcomes’ to the complex and individually experienced reality of the work…


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Why We’re STILL All Trying To Fix Company Induction

It seems to me that everybody is trying to fix Company Induction. I hear this from contacts, clients and it’s often a topic of conversation on LinkedIn:

“Has anybody got any ideas on modernising induction?”

I remember this perpetual cycle of fixing induction myself from my in-house days. In fact, it was what I was hired to…


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4 Tips for Keeping Your Employees Satisfied

Happy employees represent one of the backbones of a successful, smoothly operating business. Obviously, at the most elementary level, the best way to keep people satisfied is to offer them decent salaries. Some articles on entrepreneurship claim that money is not more important than…


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HR Postcard from Washington

Our latest in the HR Postcard series, comes from Rani Hammond who is a Global HR Executive based in Washington D.C.

Rani recently joined 2U as Chief People Office. A publically listed company on the New York Stock Exchange, 2U is experiencing a 30% year on year growth and has a market cap of 4 billion dollars.   2U is a technology company that has an education component to it. They partner with leading University brands across US and internationally, at graduate…

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Workplace Complaint Investigation - reluctant complainants

How many of you have encountered the problem when a complaint is made but the complainant tells you that they don’t want the matter investigated

I often get asked by HR professional and managers, “What do I do if someone makes a complaint and then says that they don’t want me to do anything, they just wanted me to know.”

Despite what people think this is not a difficult situation, it becomes all about ownership of the complaint.

Once someone has made a complaint…


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Developing the INFLUENTIAL LEADERS your business needs

The rules have changed. To succeed today, your leaders have to stand out. Being expert and experienced is still necessary - but it’s no longer sufficient. The people charged with leading must actively develop their INFLUENCE to attract the people, customers and resources necessary for your business to win in volatile, uncertain and complex markets.

INFLUENCE doesn’t just happen

Turning your leaders into Influencers creates benefits for both the individual and the…


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How to Deal with Workplace Conflict

As a hiring manager, it’s your responsibility to make sure that any workplace conflicts that arise are handled correctly. There are issues that you will have to face during your time as a manager, but one of the most important things that you will have to deal with is correct conflict resolution.

As a leader, you must be fair, understanding and firm, as this is the only way that you will get the…


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6 must-have and truly affordable HR tools for small business

Whether you run a startup or an established small business, technology has a huge role to play in your success. Taking advantage of purpose-built finance, accounting and HR tools for small business means you no longer have to be a slave to…


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