March 2019 Blog Posts (28)

Case Study: How EATON Reached More Technical Job Candidates

As almost everyone reading this right now can probably attest, the current global talent market can make things extremely difficult for recruiters. There’s a shortage of skilled labor in many industries, and businesses are constantly competing to establish themselves as the employer of choice through employer branding efforts that tend to be costly, complex, and time-consuming. This can be especially troubling for large, global businesses, who might have incredibly varied…


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How To Be Headhunted: The Dos And The Don’ts

I talk a lot about the dos and the don’ts of recruitment and hunting for work, but what are the rules of being headhunted?

In this episode, Brett Jarman, (the founder and CEO of Experts On Air, the producers of the podcast) joins me again to decipher the tricky subject.

Listen to us discuss this…


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5 ways to build better teams

If you’re determined to build a better culture for your team, think again. Instead, aim to build a better culture with your team. When it comes to exercising empathy for employees, walking the walk starts with five simple steps.

  1. Get greater context

Whilst you may not have the capacity to ‘walk a mile’ in your team’s shoes, make sure you spend significant time right alongside them. Inhabit the actual space and systems with which your teams…


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Signed Statements vs Affidavits in Workplace Investigations

When conducting a workplace investigation, it is important that supporting evidence is collected in order to ensure that any decisions can be backed up, particularly in the event of legal proceedings.

We examine the merits of recording evidence in a signed statement versus an affidavit.



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Increasing our workplace resolution wisdom

I feel like the temperature in our workplaces is continually heating up. Maybe it's just a reflection of our current fiery western culture where we appear to be less tolerant of disagreement and less open to alternatives to working through that agreement. So, I’ve been doing some…


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Handle with care: Managing the new family and domestic violence leave entitlement

The introduction of family and domestic violence leave entitlements into modern awards and the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act) last year was a significant development in Australian workplace relations. It has prompted employers to now give considerable thought as to how well their workplace is equipped to deal with such situations involving their employees.

What is the entitlement?

In summary, employees are entitled to a minimum of five days of unpaid…


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Autumn, the most popular time of the year to show ‘employee appreciation’ Perkbox finds

With today being Employee Appreciation Day, Perkbox, Europe’s fastest growing employee experience platform, has set off to uncover some of the most popular trends around reward and recognition used by UK businesses to showcase…


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