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Employee Benefits as an Employer of Choice

Make your employee benefits count!

I am not talking here about financial benefits. If you are a great employer you know the market levels of financial reward and presumably you are paying a fair salary in return for the work of your employees. Pensions are another financial reward which I know is subject to all manner of pressures, so you may not be able to offer a…


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Help! A recruitment agency stole my wallet: The myth of guaranteed placement

This post was originally published on the RecruitLoop Blog, by Paul Slezak.

It's generated some interesting comments, so thought we'd share it here as well.

Help! A recruitment agency stole my wallet:  The myth of guaranteed…


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How to use non-negotiables to create business clarity.

When you’re clear on what is not negotiable in your business, you put yourself in a position to make better decisions and move forward. Here’s some expert advice for establishing non-negotiables.

Imagine if we were all crystal clear on what we wanted or needed and how we communicated this.

In an article recently published in a prominent Sydney newspaper titled ‘Ceasefire ‘not negotiable’, it reads, ‘US President Barack Obama has delivered a blunt…


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Managing performance – not just KPIs

Organisations are no longer simply basing performance reviews on employee’s achievements; they are also considering how they go about achieving their goals. So while an employee may exceed their sales targets for the quarter, managers need to know how they did this; for example, was it through bringing in new clients, or by poaching clients from others?

More comprehensive performance reviews affect the culture of a workplace and can help to improve levels of employee engagement…


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The importance of employee performance appraisals – and how to do them right

Employee performance appraisals are one of those much maligned HR processes that many feel we’d be better off doing away with altogether. But at a time when employee engagement, productivity and alignment are so important to our organisations, they can be an important tool for effectively managing your workforce — if they’re done right.

Here are some pointers for how to use performance appraisals to help your employees perform to their potential.

Solicit your employees’…


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"You can accomplish nothing unless you can communicate effectively".....ensuring you are heard as a leader

This week I got a bill from my Accountant – who I’ve had a long term relationship with (nearly 15 years) that got me rather annoyed and frustrated. I had been charged extra for “email advice” on a “range of issues”.  Did that make my blood boil!  Not because I had been charged – I understand they make money from their knowledge and expertise – but history had told me that…


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HR Manager's Effectiveness: 21 variables to aspire to

HR Manager’s Effectiveness:

I had been Director of HR for just over 5 years in a human services agency. Just after winning a promotion to a senior executive line management position the newly recruited Director approached me and asked me for my perspective on what makes for an effective Manager of the HR function. This is what I gave her:

1 Work hard to build, foster and sustain a special relationship with your CEO. This must be based on –

• trust

• personal…


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