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A Six Hour Work Day…How About It?

I read an article recently that an experiment is to be carried out in the Swedish city of Gothenburg in which council workers will try out a six-hour working day for one year. According to the mayor, Mats Pilhem, changing to a six hour working day across the country could “create more jobs, increase productivity and reduce sick leave — thereby saving the country money in the long term”.…


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Why investigate when the complaint seems frivolous and you are busy?

Making an assumption that a workplace complaint is frivolous without investigation to substantiate this stance is fraught with danger. What if the complaint does have a genuine basis but you have allowed yourself to be biased by a manager’s perspective and interpretation of events and therefore don’t believe an investigation is necessary? Not to worry – you are too busy and have other more important and urgent matters to attend to. Well, you should be worried.

Employers have a legal…


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How To Improve Employee Focus & Attention

What we put our focus on is what gets our attention, it’s not rocket science.

 However, in a world of rising demands and limited capacity to attend to it ‘all’, we must expand our awareness, identify what truly deserves our attention and eliminate environments that keep us from seeing to the important.

 We know 2 things:

1. We are becoming more and more ‘wired’ while our attention span lessens

2. When the pressing need to attend to the urgent rises, it…


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Why law firms need better leaders (and what to do about it)

Back when I was studying to be a lawyer, I was generally surrounded by people who wanted to get ahead. Generally, get ahead of each other – it was a very competitive environment. When it came time in 4th year to apply for clerkship positions with the major law firms, the competitive tension became even more pronounced and explicit. Often, people would be quite desperate to beat everyone else, leading to bullying and out and out aggression, as well as anxiety and depression. For young…


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Impact of Social Issues on the Workplace

What a world we live in!?  So much talk in the media about social issues such as; drugs and alcohol, violence, mental health, obesity, domestic violence, family responsibilities, ageing workforce, stress, cost of living, casualisation, technology and more  - and it all impacts the workplace some way!

 Although I don’t I think it has ever been any different, but…


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How To Motivate Employees Without Incentives

No human being you will ever meet does anything just for the sake of doing it. All human behaviour is motivated by a perception that what we are doing somehow meets one, or several, of our highest values.

 If an employee finds it hard to connect their professional responsibilities and what they are expected to do from day to day with the fulfilment of their highest values, how can we expect them to work hard?

 When employees and leaders today lack that spark, focus and…


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Tips to Improve Employee Satisfaction

Good managers know that loyal and reliable employees are hard to come by. That’s why they’re always looking for ways to make their staff happy while offering them room to grow. This article lists six areas you should focus on if you want to…


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Getting your head around workplace mental health

Christina Willcox MHSc; PostGradDip OHS; BBus

Workplace Health & Safety Specialist -HR Business Direction

Mental health and mental illness are ever increasing issues for employers and HR professionals. Whether this is due to the pressures of modern life or…


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How To Turn Your Team From Passive Followers Into Proactive Leaders

I believe our language patterns have the power to influence two things: what we see and how we feel. This, in turn, influences the results we get!

Our words have the ability to hypnotize our view of reality and the opportunities that actually do exist.

I remember recently browsing through the pantry looking for the salt and after looking for a good 10 seconds I began saying ‘its not here, I can’t see it, it’s definitely not here’. It wasn’t until my wife physically came over…


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Casual winners


Casual winners

Melissa Fitzpatrick LLB (Hons) B.IntBus

Industrial and Employment Relations Specialist


There is no doubt that there has been an increase in the prevalence of casual…


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When does a workplace 'tug of war' warrant sacking?

Dismissals involving injured workers, a cancer diagnosis, drug and alcohol policy breaches, and even a workplace tug of war have been handed down in various courts and tribunals recently. Here we discuss the reasons why each was found unfair or justified.

OHS Alert, the workplace safety news service I write for, regularly publishes articles relating to fair and unfair dismissals. You'll recognise some of the site features as…


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How To Coach Employees Into Peak Performance

I’ve noticed there is one huge mistake that we make when it comes to solving problems with our staff and teams. We give our advice and solutions.

 As ironic as this may seem, one of the biggest challenges managers face is getting their staff motivated enough to find solutions to their own problems. According to recent research in the field of neuroscience, when people have their own insight, creating an “I’ve got it” moment and are able to come up with their own plan for solving…


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How to Navigate the Individual Development Market

You don’t need Google to tell you there are many techniques out there that help people understand and improve themselves. There are a myriad of philosophies and even more approaches – you can do tests and quizzes, take challenges, go through trials and tribulations.

You can look solely at understanding your cognitive ability, your personality, your level of optimism and pessimism, your level of introversion and extraversion. There are many things that claim to do all of this and more.…


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Meaningful Conversations

In the workplace, meetings are happening all the time but how many come out with constructive conclusions and ways to move forward?

In The Speakers Practice - Friday Forum, Adrienne McLean speaks with Glenda Thompson from Flourisheer. 

Glenda works with successful people who want to connect to others more effectively. This information Glenda details here gives a structure to handle meetings by which results with the participants getting what they were there for plus meaningful…


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Are your Assumptions killing performance?

All too often Senior Managers and Directors want to believe that their managers are competent and will ‘just get on with it’.  This is understandable when there is plenty of evidence that the manager is competent in many, often job-specific and technical, areas.  But being able to do the job and managing others to do the job are very different things.

A few years ago I developed a task-oriented ‘Proficiency Scale’ with a colleague to help managers explore and diagnose the capability…


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What about me?

So, what about me?  Well, that’s YOU!, (Business Owners and Managers) not me.

 I ask this question as, working with Business Owners and Managers, I see (and appreciate) the commitment and care put into looking after their staff.  I also…


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How to Get Gender Balance Really Moving

In 2013, less than 25 percent of new board appointments to ASX 200 boards were women.

Currently, 16.4% of directors in the ASX 200 are women.

How can that be?

This might sound funny coming from a man, but these statistics are astonishing. Can it really be explained away by women opting out of corporate life? What sort of system produces such a result?

I’ll give you our take. Firstly, none of these arguments stand…


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Rules, love, machines and understanding

For a long time I thought that not only were these propositions true, but I fully intended to structure my whole life around their existence. I sometimes wonder what on earth I was thinking, but looking around at what we currently do in organisations, government and public life, I can see how it all happened. How I could possibly form an entire system of beliefs that I now know to be false. Here goes…

  1. People’s behaviour can be controlled by telling them what to do
  2. More…

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Why you need to establish the purpose

Do you struggle with any of the following:

  • Meetings that seem to drag on forever and never achieve anything
  • Tasks at work that are hazy and unclear, that limp along aimlessly or get half-done then disappear completely
  • Work that you’ve given to others to do that’s returned for your review looking nothing like what was in your mind when you assigned the work

You may well have a problem linked to articulating and pursuing a…


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