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Hiring Managers: Stop spilling the beans at interview!

Hiring Managers: Stop spilling the beans in interviews

By Karen Galasso

Candidates today are not only really savvy about interviews, but they have access to more information about the company they are going to meet with than ever before. You want to hire the smart ones, who have done their homework and can impress you with knowledge of your company from online research…


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How leadership development has changed over the last 10 years

I want you to think back 10 years and recall how much has changed about the way we do business. In 2005 it was all about Nokia flip phones and faxes, while Facebook was just starting out in universities. Think back too and recall how we developed leaders and the skills we believed they needed. A lot has changed since then but has the way you develop your leaders changed to keep up with the times?

Back in the day, it was all about helping people develop specific skill sets and getting…


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Drop the ‘but’ to double your influence

Often when speak we don’t realise how the simplest word choice can have a major impact on our listener’s response and sometimes it’s contrary to the outcome we want. The word ‘but’ is a great example of this. According to the dictionary the word ‘but’ is ‘used to introduce a phrase or clause contrasting what has…


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How to motivate top performers

Most organisations spend their precious resources such as time and money on lifting the skills of their poor performers at the risk of neglecting their top performers who may be contributing greatly to the organisation. As a result, these top performers can be left feeling neglected, unappreciated and uninspired to do better.

Unmotivated and unengaged employees are costly to business in unrealised productivity, so here are top five ways to motivate and inspire your top performers and…


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What is your leadership team modelling?

As a leadership coach and team performance consultant I am highly aware of the influence leaders have on the culture and behaviours of their organisation and it is something that is firmly on my agenda when working with them.

In my early years as a leader I received some great coaching on re-orienting my view of myself from being a private individual to a public person. Initially…


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Leading Through Change Pt.1

To resist change is to brace extinction…

I believe every organization will have three types of people when facing internal change:

1. The unwilling – your resisters

2. The potentials – Those that struggle with change at first but in time will demonstrate enthusiasm and get on board with the right leadership in place.

3. The models -Those that are on board from the beginning

Today, I want to specifically share on how specifically to support your…


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WH&S Due Diligence-are your officers doing enough?

A Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking has health and safety duties under the Work Health and Safety Act. The PCBU may be a corporation, partnership, unincorporated association, a self-employed person or a sole trader.

Section 27 of the WHS Act places a duty to exercise due diligence on…


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The Art and Science of Presenting-Episode 9 – How to use your voice

You’ve done everything you can to understand your audience, craft the conversation you wish to have, you know your story inside out and have envisioned what success looks like.

Having spent several days or perhaps even weeks preparing your presentation the time has come to unveil the…


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LSI 1 Series: Oppositional

Lorraine McCarthy, Counsellor/Coach, Human Synergistics Australia

Oppositional Style is best summarised by two of the items, 'usually against things' and 'opposes new ideas'.

I am familiar with this style as it was strong in my mother's thinking and behaviour. With such a role model I learned how to do it and need to notice it in myself and stop it from time to time. She had a habit of shouting at the TV if there was something on she did not agree with and…


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5 common mistakes made during the workplace investigation process

Commentary by Elisa Walerys, WPCR Employee Relations Specialist

Workplace investigations require a thorough, unbiased and procedurally fair approach. There are common mistakes made during all phases of the investigation process that can put the integrity of the investigation at risk.

#1 – Not being responsive

Taking too long to respond to a complaint can lead to a bigger issue developing and the risk of legal intervention. An employer has a duty…


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Becoming An Instinctive People Motivator

“The most important single ingredient to the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people"

-Theodore Roosevelt -


To increase leadership potential a manager must learn the skill set to become an instinctive people…


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Do you put the shoe on the other foot?

The relationship between an employer and employee is a contractual one. It is often referred to as a contract of service.  However, we all know it is far more than performing a service (work) and being paid for it.  How productive are you?  Do you have the businesses’ best interest at heart?  Are you working with other team members?  Are you representing our brand?  Are you living our culture?  Are you empowering and inspiring others?  Are you contributing to our strategy and goals?  And the…


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The Art and Science of Presenting-Episode 8 – Setting the mood

We’ve talked a lot so far in this series ‘The Art and Science of Presenting’ about creating and having a meaningful conversation as opposed to simply presenting your thoughts and ideas.

When you reflect on the conversations you’ve enjoyed and remembered the most it’s likely you’ll find that it’s those conversations in which you felt entirely comfortable with the…


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Results get you in the game; how you play the game is what determines your success

There is no question that producing results in your accountability is a prerequisite for being successful throughout your career. Without producing results, you will not even get on the game board for promotion, results earn you the right to play the game.

Once in the game, how you play the game will ultimately determine how successful you are. As you move into more…


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LSI 1 Series: Avoidance

Lorraine McCarthy, Counsellor/Coach, Human Synergistics Australia

This writing on Avoidance is due to be published today. I am only just doing it at ten in the morning while I am actually at a meeting in Auckland with 20 other people. It must be obvious to anyone who is observant that I am not fully present in the moment. The group is missing out on my creativity as I tap away on my laptop. I feel somewhat embarrassed about this as I know what judgements I make about…


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Is Australia Lagging Behind in Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP)?

Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) is one of the ‘hottest’ issues in HR today. Many organisations are striving to more effectively manage their most vital intangible asset (their people), and typically the highest cost item in their budget.

But are Australian based organisations lagging behind in SWP?

Based on our recent surveying of 60 significant Australian organisations on the state of their workforce strategy development and people management practices, many organisations…


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The extra step that will make a huge difference to your leadership development programs

In my last post on “The first step in successful leadership development” I discussed about the importance of creating the right culture before starting to develop your frontline leaders. Now I want to move to another step, an extra step that will help to maximise the impact of the training you’ve provided.

I am assuming, of course that you have provided a high value and customised training experience for your new leaders. If that is the case and you are still struggling to see the…


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Lessons on leadership: the vital role leaders play in bouncing back

How an aligned leadership has led the Australian cricket team out of the ashes and is teaching the world about team performance.…


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Organisations are Conversations

Organisations are conversations. At its heart, the life of any organisation exists in and is sustained through the conversations that are taking place inside,…


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The Art and Science of Presenting-Episode 7 – The Mindful Way to Managing Nerves

“I was a tiger, a good fighter, in good shape, but I was always nervous before boxing matches.”

George Foreman

So even the twice heavy weight boxing champion of the world got nervous before a fight and he didn’t even have to say a word.

Since you were a small child, way before…


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