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Employment Law Essentials – What is “Procedural Fairness”?

Whether the termination of an employee’s employment was procedurally fair or unfair forms the basis of the unfair dismissal jurisdiction under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act). Employers can often put themselves at risk of unfair dismissal claims when procedural fairness is not provided to employees during disciplinary action and / or the termination process.…


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The four biggest risks to your employment brand during transition - and how to minimise them

The pace of change in the business world continues to increase — and so do the risks of workplace change. Here are four risks to be aware of when transitioning employees to ensure your employment brand is protected.

1. Short-timer syndrome

Short-timer syndrome is often experienced when staff, who are waiting out their notice or redundancy period, become disengaged or indifferent and have a significant drop in productivity because they have no future with… Continue

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Show me the values

Just as personal values tell us about an individual, so too do the values of an organisation.

As an organisation, your values paint a picture of what you stand for, support your vision, shape your culture and ultimately, help attract and identify the type of person who will thrive in your environment.…


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Are you really succeeding?

I wrote recently about the power of connection. In an ironic twist, today my internet connection died – predictably at a supremely inconvenient moment. This created a farcical ‘signal quest’ as I frantically ran like an addict from café to café, “do you have wi-fi, do you have wi-fi?” Finally somewhere did. Message sent. Mission accomplished. Celebratory cappuccino…


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Bullying: What's the Role of Leadership?

Workplace bullying is somewhat of a scourge in modern society. Broadly categorised by Reach Out Australia as any behaviour which is physically, mentally or socially threatening and takes place in the employment context, it can have an enormous impact on staff effectiveness, employee retention, the number and type of worker's…


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A Guide To Your First Job In HR

At the core of every business is HR; a champion of the modern-day professional. In rapidly expanding global industries, the human resources department must keep pace with new workplace practice, technology and high turnovers.

Getting the interview was the first step, now the real work begins. Working in a different environment and to a new standard should be viewed as a unique opportunity. Read on to learn more about navigating the world of HR in just a few…


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An Employee's Sense of Control Can Improve Engagement

Giving employees a sense they have some control over their work and environment has the ability to drastically improve the level of motivation they bring to their jobs and engagement as a whole.

Scientists at Stanford were the first to discover a correlation between willpower and success, while further…


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A People-Less HR Function?

What the digital revolution will hold for the HR function and talent

For decades, Human Resources has driven transformation programmes that have aimed to build better working practices, processes and experiences for employees, managers and candidates.  

Early transformations involved large scale enterprise resource platforms (ERP)…


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