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'Own goals' when consulting to HR

This post takes a light-hearted look at the common gripes in-house HR professionals have with consultants. The author is known to HR Daily and works in the HR space, but has chosen to remain anonymous. If you're an HR consultant and would like to provide a counter view, please get in touch

If you work in an organisation, especially in HR, chances are you've engaged the services of an external…


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Virtual Or Bricks and Mortar?

In the current business environment of globalisation and evolving technology, the world of work has changed dramatically. Information can be transmitted in seconds, people can be located and contacted ‘anywhere, anytime’ and mobility of the workforce means that very few roles would strictly require an employee to remain in a static office in order to perform their duties. With virtual work spaces, electronic whiteboards and teleconferencing, work teams can now be dispersed across countries…


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Diversity - Is about understanding the benefits or changing perception

I attended a recent presentation conducted by HAYS on Diversity in the Workplace and it got me thinking…..  We hear a lot about Diversity being good for business but do Employers and Managers really believe, understand and agree with it?    

Whilst it is great to point out the benefits (which I have…


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What I know about ... working in an open plan office

Recently, the Wall Street Journal published a simple image based article which chronicled the history of office design and its changing form. It seems trying to find the magic workplace layout to increase employee output is not a new phenomenon. Over the years, many of us have been indoctrinated into an open plan office environment in the hope that the productivity will flow. Certainly, research…


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Thought for the day

By three methods may we learn: Firstly by reflection which is the noblest. Secondly by imitation which is the easiest, and thirdly by experience which is the bitterest. ( Tennyson )

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Tips For A Successful Video Job Interview

Career interviews done over video-conferencing facilities are becoming more common and relevant these days, with the advent of smart devices and apps. Ashley Milne-Tyte of the Wall Street Journal reported a data from the Aberdeen Group’s 2011 talent acquisition…


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The 7 things about your presentation topic your boss wants to know

Business presentations are essential to communicate projects, management issues, business restructuring, system implementations, marketing strategies, sales successes and so on. The Business Presentation is a pivotal method of communication to clients, staff and executives. How can a Business Presentation be structured to best get the message…


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Australia still a global laggard in talent practices: The Netherlands #1

LinkedIn and PWC have recently trumpeted that Australia is the world's worst country for effective white collar recruitment and retention practices due to 23% of new hires quitting their job within 12 months of starting. Our closest cultural cousins, the USA and the UK, were far better with 15% and 12% respectively. 

This information is taken from research undertaken by PWC in analysing the 277 million professionals on LinkedIn as well as 2600 employers and then reported in the white…


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Have your say on workplace gender reporting

The Government has today announced it will start consulting on workplace gender equality reporting requirements, so don't miss your chance to be heard.

According to Minister for Employment, Senator Eric Abetz, the Government wants to "get the balance right between getting…


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Kids in the workplace-flexible and engaging or safety nightmare?

Recently I read a newspaper article about a ‘progressive’ employer who permitted employees to bring their children with them to work.  The article sited the benefits of this arrangement for…


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Headhunting: Unethical or a necessary part of a competitive job market?

Two very interesting and relevant US court cases were settled in the past three weeks involving anti-competitive behavior, namely no-headhunting agreements between large and high profile publicly listed companies. 

In the most high profile case, four massive tech firms (Google, Apple, Adobe and Intel) who were the defendants in a class action suit, agreed to a settlement (subject to California court approval) of USD$324 million rather than have the case go to trial. Going to trial,…


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The Top 5 Mistakes of Graduate Programs

Ok this is more of a negative, ‘what you’re doing wrong’ kind of post. So apologies about that, but I’ve had a lot of conversations recently about poor experiences on graduate programs that I felt a need to share what I’ve learnt. Future leadership roles are intended to be filled by the graduate group, and so the purpose of this article is to provide advice on retaining those future leaders and not turning them away.

A word of caution – I’m not implying grads must have it “handed to…


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Mental Dexterity. 3 Things That Emotionally Strong People Do


A hidden driver of high performing individuals is their mental dexterity or emotional fitness.

 Developing high levels of mental dexterity gives you greater confidence, meaning you are more likely to influence others and hold a higher degree of respect with your peers. It also helps you to become more adaptable and resilient in times of change and uncertainty, harnessing higher levels of self efficacy and ensuring your capacity to work towards goals and being successful in…


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Double standard drinks: what's in a policy?

 We all know of the negative impact that drugs and alcohol can have in the workplace, be this from a health and safety perspective or even where you know that the guy (or girl) in the end office hits it a bit hard each and every night after work and is generally useless until 10am.  I’m sure we can also all think of situations where alcohol is tolerated or even encouraged in the workplace, be it for celebrating special…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work

Every job has its moments. Some are more demanding that others, some don't pay that well at all and some have ridiculous hours with no flexibility, etc. Watch this video about a job interview ... with a difference! Is this type of role up your alley,…


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National Wage Review Decision Soon

It's that time of the year again when the Fair Work Commission (FWC) will soon release its decision as to how much it will be increasing modern award rates and the Federal Minimum Wage, operative from 1 July.
The ACTU is seeking a $27 a week increase for workers up to the C10 Tradesperson rate, and a 3.7%…

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Making Stress Work for You

You know the feeling.  You’re about to give an important work presentation, and even though you’ve prepared for it as much as you can, you’re feeling stressed and anxious about it.  Your heart is…


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Are your workplace bullying investigations impartial?

The Fair Work Commission will look at a number of factors when considering workplace bullying investigations as part of an anti-bullying order, including the terms of reference of the investigation and how they were determined, according to a leading employment lawyer.

OHS Alert, the workplace safety news service I write for, and a sister site to HR Daily, has published many articles relating to the new bullying laws…


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Use your voice!

Last night on ABC’s Q&A program, in response to the Minister for Education, Christopher Pyne, a group of students launched a loud and disruptive protest (if you missed it you can watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ND290z2kr2o).  Pyne had been grilled earlier in the night on his plans for higher education, university fee structures, youth reachout programs and he, in true Pyne form, had maintained a steadfast position on…


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5 Things to Look for in a #Recruitment #database


In our post on Feb 7 we spoke about the role technology plays in the recruitment process these days.  Today we are going to look a little deeper into the 5 Things You Need In a Recruitment Database

As the…


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