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How Can Recruitment Marketing Impact Business Growth?

Let’s say you’re a scrappy young startup. You’ve got an innovative product and a dedicated team. While you’re certainly not working out of your friend’s garage anymore, you’re still in a pretty small, bare-bones office space without too many frills—which is just as well, because there aren’t too many people around to appreciate those frills. This is all well and good for now, but you know that it’s not going to be this way forever. Heck, maybe it’s not even going to be this…


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Sharing Information After a Workplace Investigation

For employers, the completion of a workplace investigation can feel like the end of a marathon. The relevant issues have been aired and discussed, a report delivered and decisions made. However, it is also important to effectively share relevant information with affected parties and the broader organisation as the investigation process draws to a close. 

It is likely that employees and other stakeholders affected by…


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How RMA Promotes Diversity in Hiring

At this point, we’ve all heard the statistics: more diverse teams promote internal innovation, improve sales, and develop better products. You don’t necessarily need a reason to strive for inclusiveness in the workplace, but there are plenty of them to choose from. In spite of this fact, many or even most businesses are still struggling to create diverse workforces. This can be attributed to a whole host of factors, from work environment to historical factors, but on some…


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Can't agree? Does it matter?

I’m starting with the assumption that we all agree it’s actually OK not to agree all the time. (Yes I see I’ve asked you to agree and we said we don’t actually have to! But just go with it. OK)?

So, what do you do if you are the facilitator in a conversation and people aren’t agreeing? Or, if you are a manager and…


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Safeguarding the sanity of health professionals

They are the modern-day superheroes who play a critical role in providing quality healthcare to our siblings, parents, children and community. Their whole ethos is centred around helping others – yet the question must be asked, who is helping the health professionals when they face their own health challenges?

The mental health of our valued doctors and health workers is an ongoing concern and, for 85 per cent of doctors, mental illness is not just something they treat but something…


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The importance of building T-shaped employees

In 2019, one of the terms we are going to hear more about is the ‘T-shaped employee’.

The term T-shaped employee was popularised a couple of years ago by Tim Brown, the CEO of the IDEO, a California design firm known for its innovative practices.

A T-shaped employee is an individual who has deep knowledge and skills in a particular area, along with a willingness and ability to make connections across disciplines. The horizontal bar of the T represents the ability to collaborate…


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6 Proven Techniques for Improving Employee Productivity

Improving employee productivity is arguably one of the most complex tasks you could be required to undertake as a business owner or an HR professional, though with the right data and a reliable guide, the process might not be as difficult as you imagined.

Depending on the type of business you own or manage, you’ll need to make a few changes, invest in some new equipment and implement a few exciting new strategies. You’ll find that the productivity boost won’t happen immediately,…


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Substantiating Claims of Reportable Conduct

It is one of society's great shames that our most vulnerable individuals are often open to abuse by those entrusted with their care. However, it is somewhat edifying to know that stringent legal and regulatory measures are in place in Australia to ensure that employers and others act quickly when allegations arise of abuse in care. 

In the case of issues involving children, organisations such as the Ombudsman mandate…


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