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Making family friendly work - 5 mistakes to avoid

Family Friendly is a business and employee benefit

If you struggle to get the very best people to come and work for you.   If you believe your employees aren’t giving their best, or are stressed because their working life and domestic life don’t work well together.  Or if you have a high rate of unexplained absence, then you may wish to consider reviewing your family friendly offer.

If you want to attract and retain top talent now and in the future;  to remain…


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Does your job description answer the question "what's in it for me"?

When was the last time you read a job description that was fresh, dynamic, exciting and evoked an emotional response? Even better – it really made you want the job? Probably never is my guess. That’s because job descriptions are usually old, boring, outdated and too long. They are costing you candidates! In today’s market, the highest quality candidates – the talent that companies are finding so hard to attract, recruit and retain – have estimated drop off rates as high as…


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The changing feel of business relationships

It struck me recently during a program called Strategic Relationship Development run by one of the largest companies in the world, that the investment and focus of contemporary sales and influencing skills training was in trying to regain something in the workplace we all do naturally outside of it… connecting as human beings.…


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The Innovator and the Objector – Fine Tuning Your Creative Process to Meet the Needs of Your Business


"Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things." - Theodore Levitt

In your workplace, the ultimate goal is to achieve a level of full engagement from each and every employee, if all your workers are engaged and innovating, your business will no doubt flourish. However, within every workplace there is likely to be both innovators and objectors. Whilst your innovators are fully engaged and working…


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Enterprise Agreement approved despite EMPLOYER objection

A recent decision of the full bench of Fair Work Australia (FWA) has confirmed that whilst an employer can choose to discontinue an application for approval of an enterprise agreement, this does not prevent another bargaining representative for the agreement making their own application for approval.

In late 2010, CJ Manfield Pty Ltd (a company that provides electrical and refrigeration services to the Rio Tinto Alcan Refinery site at Gove in the Northern Territory)…


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Best Practice Graduate Development Strategies - Part 4

Best Practice Graduate Development Strategies

In a four part series, the team at DBL have put together a comprehensive ‘best practice’ guide to graduate development. Although by no means exhaustive, the series is a great resource and useful ‘how-to’ for graduate managers both new to the industry, and for veterans looking for new or fresh ideas to enhance their existing program, enjoy!



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When navel-gazing can be healthy

As a young manager it was drummed into me that I focus on my customers and the services or products I provided to the customer.  It didn’t occur to me to question the philosophy in those days, after all the most senior people in the business advocated it and I certainly cared a lot about customers.

If you are outcome focused and performance manage your people against customer service, company standards, results, targets and outcomes, for example, you are practicing the key behaviours…


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A Tale of Two Airlines

Why do so many airlines (and other organisations for that matter) maintain practices and policies that appear to be aimed at annoying their customers at best and enraging them at worst?  Isn’t great service always a differentiator for any business?

I heard two contrasting examples of airline shenanigans at the weekend. One centered on the stereotypical rude airline…


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Can you improve customer service by 'incentivising people'?

Qantas is planning to give financial bonuses to cabin crew and other staff based on customer satisfaction (Sydney Morning Herald, 2 June 2012). Qantas CEO Alan Joyce told the Herald “Incentivising people for doing a good job is absolutely the way to go. The Apple guys do it and it’s very powerful.”

What’s wrong with Alan Joyce’s  approach?

1. If you…


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