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Learning to be accountable may be a matter of unlearning

In his small yet powerfully insightful book ‘Teaching Smart People How to Learn’, Chris Argyris makes the case that business success increasingly depends on the people in the business continually learning but that the majority of well-educated, high-powered, high-commitment professionals who occupy key leadership positions are lousy at learning!

Further, Chris said that most…


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First couple of days on a new job in HR

When beginning in a new organisation in a HR role that reports to the head of HR ( who I like to call the CPP (Chief People Person) this is what you should expect to be told and asked by the CPP in the first two days:

First day:

. This is what it is really like to work here..............

. These folk are the movers and shakers in this organisation...................

. This is my take on our CEO...............

. To be successful in HR here…


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Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary...What Type of Garden is your Business?

A good friend of mine once suggested a new (and somewhat profound) business idea. It went roughly as follows:

1 - Take busy executives out of their office or boardroom environment

2 - Put…


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Benefits of Take Your Dog To Work Day

What do Google, Amazon and Nestlé Purina PetCare have in common? These leading international brands have global pet friendly policies and recognise the significant health and wellness benefits for both pets and employees.

Through its Pets at Work initiative Nestle Purina Petcare is proud to be support the movement calling for an increased number of pet-friendly workplaces nationwide. And, with latest research concluding there are significant benefits for…


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Employee witness support for employer’s actions essential in FWC

The widely reported decision of Commissioner Stanton in William F v Mt Arthur Coal Pty Ltd [2015] FWC 2343 highlights the importance of witnesses participating in the FWC’s hearing processes.

Employees raising concerns about workplace issues or incidents must not only be willing to complain, but also to then support the employer who acts in relation to that complaint once the matter comes to trial.  Employers too, must also create an environment that is…


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LSI 1 Series: Achievement

After eight weeks of focusing on Defensive Styles I am finding it very different to now consider a Constructive Style. The former represent a huge potential cost to self and I have been able to explore the items in order to highlight the self-defeating nature of the way we describe ourselves. Thinking in the Constructive Styles on the other hand greatly enhances our enjoyment and effectiveness. It is the opposite. It rewards us - gives us satisfaction.

I did not always have complete…


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LSI 1 Series: Perfectionistic

In my experience Perfectionistic Style is one of the most commonly occurring styles in LSI.

When I see it at moderate levels, I visualise someone who is conscientious. Most of us when describing ourselves, readily give a 2 to items such as 'competent' and 'practical'. Many of us do the same for 'looks for challenges'. "What's the matter with that?" is a question often asked. It's about how we measure our worth. Are we of value by virtue of our innate qualities – intrinsic value, or do…


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The War on Talent

When I was a kid, the first time you encountered the word TALENT was usually in music class, or maybe on the sports field…

“How talented little Jessica is on the piano, she’s a natural”

“Look at those basketball skills. What a Talent!”

But cut to 2015…


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Protecting new leaders from the harsh realities of their role

When you appoint a new leader in your organisation do you leave them exposed to the ravages of the organisation or do you provide them with some shelter from the more extreme elements? It’s not unlike young plants being sheltered from the elements by a larger tree. It certainly helps them get established but you do need to be careful you don’t provide too much shelter or they may not be able to survive without it. Worse still, they may not be able to grow at all if a tree is completely…


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Bully to you: 77 symptoms


Recent media reports and programs on bullying attest to the fact that it continues to be a problem that challenges the HR function.  I hold to the notion that where bullies thrive, authority is weak. Much of the problem stems from the failure of management.   

Sadly, workplaces lacking in quality leadership can be incubators for a whole raft of dysfunctional behaviours – bullying is one of the worst. Bullying is another toxic behaviour. It…


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The Importance of WHS Training During Employee Induction

The implementation and delivery of a work health and safety (WHS) induction program is an important part of the development of a positive workplace health safety and culture for an organisation.

While induction programs are a way for employers to introduce new employees to their organisation, a WHS induction program is an equally essential step in the new…


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Don't Make It a Habit

Had another great life lesson smack me in the face (the best kind) just this week. I need to beware (and be aware) of my habits.

Allow me to illustrate - I don't travel an inordinate amount for business,  maybe 25% of the time. It's not cumbersome, and it's usually planned well in advance. Not only that, but the destination is almost always the same - San Francisco, CA.

So I can plan that trip in my sleep...and…


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You can’t create the desired culture if you don’t lead it!

 You would have heard the saying before, ‘It has to come from the top’ and how true it is! 

I’m sure this saying can be applied to many different scenarios, however I am referring to organisational values and culture and their strong connection with leadership. 

If the person…


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Why Driftwood Group?

Check out the photo. It was taken on Tofino Beach in British Columbia, Canada - after a big storm…what do you notice?

Driftwood - lots of it.

Now take a closer look.

See how no two pieces are the same shape or size? And see how the action of the waves and wind piles the driftwood together like some sort of naturally engineered…


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How To Train Your Focus – PT. 1

In today’s modern workplace we struggle with focus. Whether its still recovering from yesterday’s trials or thinking about tomorrow’s challenges, being able to clear your head and zone-in on mastering that 1 thing that needs to get done today or maintaining presence with an important customer, focus is a huge challenge.

Focus is important for:

- decreasing anxiety

- Improving absorbed attention on tasks at work

- increasing authentic…


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What DOESN'T constitute adverse action?

Federal Courts have tackled many adverse action cases recently, addressing what doesn't constitute adverse action.

A worker who was sacked while absent, an injured employee whose recruitment prospects were cut short, and another who was subjected to an abusive "dressing down" by his manager have all lost their adverse action claims.

Carefully word termination letters

Employers that don't tread carefully when disciplining sick workers can become embroiled in…


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What MasterChef Can Tell Us About the Perfectionistic Style

Dominic Gourley, Human Synergistics Australia

On Thursday last week's episode of MasterChef there was a fascinating insight into the pressure perfectionists put on themselves. The contestants had been asked to reimagine a French classic: Duck L'Orange. One of the contestants, Jessica Arnott, looked to put an Asian twist on it by doing an orange duck…


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A Cautionary Tale About Employees & Twitter

In April 2015 Mr Scott McIntyre, a SBS reporter and presenter, made headlines for posting a series of tweets about ANZAC day that were considered by many to be highly inappropriate and disrespectful. 

It is important to note that Mr McIntyre’s twitter profile stated that he was an SBS presenter permitting the assumption that his tweets were approved/endorsed/encouraged by his employer (SBS) and not just his personal opinion.

As a result of those tweets, Mr McIntyre was sacked…


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One Thing The Dalai Lama Can Teach Organisations

Like a ‘rock-star’ the Dalai Lama has landed in Sydney, Australia to a huge audience. The spiritual leader has arrived to discuss freedom, happiness, compassion but above all else unity, which may itself be the biggest learning for organisations worldwide.

Outside of the workplace we hear about unity all the time and we accept it as a form of utopia, from the simplest…


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