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Leadership Development: Close the gaps in your strategy

When most people think about Leadership Development they’re missing the point. When most people think about Leadership Development they think about training programs with flashy brochures, and highly energetic presenters. Now, these types of sessions are part of the picture, they inspire, entertain, and sometimes even provide new insight for leaders, but Leadership Development is more than this. Effective Leadership Development is about the long game, and it’s all about strategy.



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Unfair dismissal upheld for disciplinary action without procedurally fair investigation or disciplinary process

The recent case of Poultry Harvesting Pty Ltd, highlights how a justifiable reason for dismissal does not meet the requirements of a fair dismissal if a fair process has not been followed.

In this case ([2015] FWC 3126) a worker was sacked for allegedly being intoxicated while at work and causing the death of 50 chickens. The decision to enforce the disciplinary action of summary dismissal was determined purely from listening to the witness of a co-worker. The co-worker believed the…


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Psych Testing 101 for HR

For hiring managers or the HR team that are not familiar with using psychometric assessment as part of a selection or development process, it can be quite daunting.  How much weight can you place on the results from such assessments?  How do you know if…


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The Value of Pre-Employment Medical Examinations

Organisations have obligations to ensure the health and safety of their employees.  One way for organisations to manage the risks is by making use of pre-employment medicals (PEMs). 

For an organisation to utilise PEMs effectively it is important they understand:

  • The purpose for the assessment – why do you need to perform the PEM?

  • What is to be achieved from the PEM?

  • Is the…


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Minimum Wage Set to Increase

The Fair Work Commission handed down its determination yesterday for its annual wage review.  The minimum wage is to increase by 2.5% from $16.87 per hour to $17.29 per hour for the period 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016.

Those with Enterprise Agreements or Common Law contracts need to ensure that their employees’ pay rates meet this new minimum requirement. 

Amy Richardson is a workplace relations lawyer with HR Law.…


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4 Ways to Have Fantastic Career Conversations with Your Team

Imagine this… You might have 5 people reporting to you. You might have 3 or 2 or just one. Your team performs reasonably well. You have one person who you can always count on, works themselves to the bone. Although you are concerned about them burning out. You have another team member who is very, very clever. They could be doing anything they…


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This Is Why Your Company Is So Unique

I strongly believe that every single company globally is unique because every company is the sum of all of its parts.

This uniqueness that makes your company distinct is derived from its biology. Understanding the biology of your own organisation is critical and here is why!

Firstly, to be unique it means it is definitely not static;…


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We don't care how good you are unless you’re nice

First impressions count. Research by Associate Professor Amy Cuddy, and her pals from Harvard Business School, tells us that people judge us based on our warmth before our competency. This means that if your first impression is not warm or likeable then you have a much harder task gaining people's trust in your…


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The Rise of Robotics, the Future of Humans in the Workforce

In the 2014 published paper from Pew Research titled; ‘Digital life in 2025: AI, Robotics and the future of jobs’, nearly 2000 experts provided their opinions with some genuine spirited debate. The glummest picture was; 48% of the experts believed AI and robotics will have displaced more jobs (blue or white collar) than created by 2025. This will cause vast increases in income…


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Climbing The Glass Ladder: Diversity and Inclusion in Brisbane

Diversity and inclusion have been hot topics for quite a while now but we haven’t seen much real progress....

This autumn, Sonia McDonald decided to facilitate the first Diversity Dinner Debate in Brisbane to ask top HR leaders about real solutions to achieving diversity in Australia.

The event had some fantastic speakers in the form of Megan Houghton, Chief Executive Officer, City Smart, Brisbane City Council's Sustainability Agency, Peter Birtles, Managing…


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