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A Policy of Truth - Why employers should carry out pre-employment checks

It is all too tempting to for job hunters to do: lie on a resume to secure THAT job. Employers may be left red faced however when their recent star recruit doesn’t actually have the qualification/s required or the previous experience as they claimed – and it is only discovered after they have accepted the job and commenced work.

This scenario is what eventuated at an Australian department store in 2014. It discovered that a new senior level employee had lied about his previous retail…


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Uncovering Key Causes of Psychological Injury at Work

We know that for many employers, it can be rather challenging to face the complexities of work-related psychological injury claims. 

For decades, trip and fall incidents, burns, bending and other visible physical injuries all tended to dominate workplace safety concerns for both employers…


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The problem with anonymous feedback

Think about all the anonymous surveys you filled out throughout your lifetime. Or those you’ve administered to others. Imagine if your responses were attributed back to you. Would the information you share differ? Would theirs?

Whether you’re looking to solicit feedback or ideas for an employee survey or through…


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WH&S Planning –why you need to do it.


In previous articles I have written about the need to integrate WH&S in business operations (making safety simpler) and thinking big about safety when the organisation is small (bite-sized WH&S).

In order to achieve a specified goal it makes sense that you have a plan. The value of planning is well-recognised and strategic plans, business plans, succession plans, and marketing plans are every day talking points.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for…


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Attracting the best talent with the best technology capabilities

Enticing and choosing the right job candidates is vital to any business’ success. However many businesses need to reassess and update their strategies for attracting and keeping the best employees, to ensure they are in line with what current candidates are looking for.

While once it was common practice for an employer to scan social media to screen potential employees, businesses are now under scrutiny too. Potential employees are themselves now carefully assessing workplaces for the…


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How Silence and Censorship Can Enable Workplace Corruption

While workplace corruption can take many forms, it can also exist in silence and censorship. A corrupt group of workers may keep silent about their activities, or they may impose silence or censorship on others to ensure that their conduct is not reported. 

This makes corruption very…


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I smell a rat - The new FWO anonymous tip-off service

The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has announced a new anonymous tip-off service aimed at encouraging the general public to report businesses that they suspect are doing the wrong thing by employees.

The service is intended to provide a comfortable way for employees to report workplace issues without opening themselves up to repercussions from their employers. It also provides other parties with the opportunity to report non-compliant businesses in circumstances where they don’t wish to be…


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Putting the BOOT in – Coles Supermarkets

Duncan Hart v Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd and Bi-Lo Pty Limited T/A Coles and Bi-Lo;

The Australasian Meet Industry Employees Union v Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd and Bi-Lo Pty Limited T/A Coles and Bi Lo
[2016] FWCFB 2887

In our blog If the BOOT Doesn’t Fit earlier this year, we examined how the Fair Work Commission (the…


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Pinch of Thought - Building Leaders for the Imagination Age

This week’s Pinch marks the culmination of a series that I’ve been writing as part of my work as the Head of Consultancy at the About My Brain Institute. It outlines the case for a new model of leadership, developed by AMBI Founder and CEO, Silvia Damiano. It’s one that puts our new-found understanding of how our brains work at the centre. I believe this to be an extraordinary…


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How to ask great questions at work

Are you getting the right information at work? The information you need to do your job well? It’s possible you may not be asking the right questions.

Some professionals are reluctant to ask questions because they see it as a sign of weakness; as if admitting you don’t understand something is a reflection of your competency. But this mentality…


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Why Do Only 19% of CEO’s Globally Believe They Have The ‘Right Culture’?

Organisational culture is certainly a hot topic right now and it has become a top priority for organisations developing a 21st century workforce. CEOs and HR leaders now recognize that culture drives people’s behaviour, innovation, and customer service: according to Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends Report 2016; “82% of survey respondents believe that…


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Getting it right - 5 tips for workplace investigations

It does not matter what the size of the business, all employers face and receive workplace complaints. Once a complaint is received, it must be acted upon, but what action is taken can vary depending on the circumstances and nature of the complaint made.  Good employers recognise this and taking note of the five tips below can assist in handling what can be a stressful time for a business. 

 1. Consider your policies and procedures 

 Complaints can often catch a business…


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Workplace Investigation or Workplace Review?

Have you ever had that niggly feeling that something just is not right in a particular area of the organisation?  Perhaps staff are alerting you to the fact that someone is not behaving as they should, but are not prepared to make a formal complaint.  What can you do?  We would suggest you think about doing a workplace review.

What is the difference between a Workplace Investigation and a Workplace…


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What is one of the important things to get right in a workplace investigation?

When facilitating Effective Workplace Investigations training, participants will often ask me what I believe is the most important part of the investigative process. Naturally, my first thought is… Everything! That is because I believe workplace investigations are an essential part of any robust grievance handling process, and therefore need to be conducted in such a way that procedural fairness is maintained for all involved. Deconstruct the investigative process and you discover a number…


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Should you hire an intern under the government’s new scheme?

This year’s budget brought news of a new internship program: up to 120,000 paid placements for young people over the next four years.

So is this something that could benefit your business?

The details

In a nutshell, the new internship program looks like…


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Be prepared as annual leave entitlements are set to change in all modern awards

Is one or more of your employees covered by a Modern Award?  If the answer is yes, then the Fair Work Commission’s Full Bench Decision on 23 May 2016 effects your business.

What’s set to change?


The current state of play: Section 92 of the Fair Work Act 2009 (“FW Act”) provides that an employee’s annual leave entitlement cannot be cashed out, EXCEPT if permitted by a provision in an applicable Modern…


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Do you know what NLP is?

Do you know what NLP is? If not, don't worry. Not too many people know what NLP / Neuro Linguistic Programing actually is. Some people think it is about persuasion and influence, others think it is about communication while others simply have no clue what it is.

So what is it?

In simple terms, it is the study of excellence.

At the heart of NLP is…


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A true David and Goliath battle: how one employee can bring down an entire EBA

This week’s decision by the Fair Work Commission to overturn the approval of the Coles Store Team Enterprise Agreement 2014 – 2017 (EBA) shows that all it takes is one disadvantaged employee to bring down a whole agreement.

The EBA reportedly covers in excess of 75,000 Coles supermarket employees and has been in operation for just under 12…


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Are you being too helpful for your own good?

One of the greatest challenges of leadership is how to use the level of power you have to ensure mutual needs are met.  This is the key to enduring and positive relationships.  While it’s great to be helpful, if it’s not balanced it can lead to unintended consequences like not achieving the key result you are accountable for because they require your attention…


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It's not always what you think

The many Business Owners and Senior Managers that we work with and discuss people issues with obviously have a very good understanding of their business, the impact of an issue on their business and even ideas to rectify an issue. However, it’s not always what they think.

I recently experienced a situation where a Business Owner and I had been in conversation over something he wanted to implement in his business as a result of a particular issue he had.  When I questioned him as to…


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