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The ‘Less-Time-For-Better-Results’ Induction

Anybody who’s delivered Induction programmes before will know that, far too often, they’re packed full of content that new starters couldn’t possibly remember.

Organisations seem intent on overwhelming new starters with everything they need them to know on Day One:

“Our company was formed in blah blah blah… We started off as a widget maker… We now operate in all known solar systems…  Here’s the intranet. Here’s how you book holiday. This is what you do if…


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Finding your bravery in unexpected places

In these uncertain times it’s so easy to get stuck. In a recent PWC report, media expert Megan Brownlow, expressed her pessimism about the Australian sector outlook where businesses are reducing both spend and campaign ambition. 

“We have to educate a raft of business leaders that behaving in the risk averse way that they are, is actually the…


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Here’s how you get employees to take ownership over their work (part III)

Last week I took a closer look at what ownership in the workplace looks like, why it matters, and how to achieve it.

Now I want to discuss the role culture, responsibility, and ideas play in…


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How to increase your chances of getting a role through an agency

I want to let you into a little recruiter’s secret. Not all candidates were created equal.  We will go out of our way for some people.

I know what you’re probably thinking: we’ll only have time for you if we can see easy money in it. And there may be some truth in that. We do like to eat (some of us like to eat very well) and when a candidate is an easy placement we will shower them with attention. 

But that’s not the whole picture - not by a long way.…


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Supporting headspace to Tackle Youth Mental Health Issues

An extension of our work at Workplace Harmony Solutions is our support of organisations which tackle mental health issues. Last month we had the pleasure of hosting a table at a business luncheon for headspace, a national youth mental health foundation dedicated to improving the wellbeing of young Australians.

The Geelong branch is operated by Barwon Child, Youth and Family and funds raised at the…


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Thinking about employing staff? Here are some questions to ask before you even advertise.

Teamfinder spends almost every day working with different organisations on their recruitment needs - from start ups to large business.  Engaging with prospective employers early on in the process, we’ve been alongside our clients from their fist idea to employ a new staff member. Before taking the step into employing either your first team member or your 15th, it’s critical to take the opportunity to check off some basics before staring the recruitment process. Here are some key concepts to…


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Preparing Your Managers Before They Start Managing Your People

How soon after promotion does your company start formally developing managers? After a few weeks? A few months? Ideally you’d catch them on Day One, right?

Unfortunately, the reality is far from the ideal. I’ve known senior managers participating in their first formal management development several years after gaining the responsibility of managing…


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Top 3 Tips for Extroverted People Leaders

Extroverted managers are in their element when it comes to management and leadership. Not necessarily because they are better at it than introverts but because extroverts are people people. They are energised by the group dynamic and develop their ideas by bouncing them off others.

In an earlier blog post and …


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The changes from 457 Visa to the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

Subclass 457 Visas will soon be scrapped in favour of a new Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa. But what’s really changing and how will you - and your business - be affected?

The Commonwealth government recently announced it would be abolishing the subclass 457 Visa and replacing it with a new system for employment-related immigration. With little notice of the changes and lots of questions still to be answered, this move has left a lot of employers and sponsored…


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Misguided Neutrality - You can't just sit on the fence!

Here’s why neutrality is a problem  

For anyone involved in workplace tension trying to remain neutral is a problematic ideal. It’s like trying to balance on that proverbial fence – eventually you fall off or you get splinters. One particular dynamic stands out in my mind where an employee, with tears rolling down her face said to me “I just tried to…


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How the changes to Employer Sponsored Visas could affect your business

Changes to Employer Sponsored Visas

If your business is currently sponsoring 457 employees, or you are planning to sponsor skilled workers in the future, the recent changes to the 457 Visa program may affect you.

The announcement made by Malcolm Turnbull in April brought uncertainty for Australian business sponsors, ranging from small businesses to government bodies, who currently employ 457 workers.

As an…


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99 Problems and Agreement Drafting is one

Earlier this month, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) Full Bench handed down its decision in relation to an application to deal with a dispute in accordance with the dispute settlement procedure in the Kentz Pty Ltd Ichthys Onshore Construction Greenfields Agreement (the EBA).  This decision was an appeal of an earlier decision by Commissioner Bissett with respect to the interpretation of clause 19 of the EBA…


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Super funds not super fun – Employer non-compliance with the superannuation guarantee

Earlier this month, the Senate Economics References Committee (the Committee) released its report on non-compliance with superannuation guarantee legislation in Australia. The report, titled “Superbad – Wage theft and non-compliance of the Superannuation Guarantee”, documents the findings of the Committee’s inquiry and makes recommendations for changes to the law and initiatives run by government agencies to deal…


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Just one look: Employees’ access to personal information

Just one look... or in the case for one former job centre employee, thirty five unauthorised “looks” at an ex-lover’s job seeker profile.

It was recently reported in the media that an employee who worked for a job services provider was convicted of criminal offences for accessing restricted data without authorisation.…


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Five questions to ask before engaging a recruiter

“I am so busy”, a statement that all business owners can relate to.  Whether you’re busy juggling your accounts, tweaking your SEO, or just trying to grow your business the catch cry of “I am so busy” always rings true.  Often businesses owners will happily farm out tasks to subject matter experts to help alleviate some of the pain when trying to balance your BAS, build your website or to talk to a business coach.  However, when it comes to recruitment, business owners are perhaps far more…


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