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Importance of a healthy workplace culture

In most workplaces, it is very common to hear terms such as ‘workplace culture’ or hiring managers, advising that they are looking for ‘the right culture fit’ when considering candidates for their vacancies. What does it really mean when we say, ‘workplace culture’ or ‘the right culture fit’?

What is workplace…


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Why the office kitchen can be a health & safety battleground

The office kitchen is the heart and soul of a business. A place where employees come together to bond over a meal, collaborate over a tea or coffee, and make sure they eat enough healthy food to keep them going for the rest of the day.

With white goods like toasters out and being used all day, water boiling for tea, and unhealthy food options easily accessible, keeping the office kitchen safe and healthy is a challenge for most businesses.

While you might think you’re doing…


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5 Ways to Improve Your Construction Company’s Safety Culture

Safety is most certainly one of the major concerns of every construction company. The job, obviously, comes with a wide variety of risks. This is why it is essential for your business to have a strong safety culture. Engagement with each and every employee is crucial because they all need to be trained and fully aware of all the possible risks, as well as the ways to make sure that everyone on the worksite is protected. …


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Uncovering the Steps of an Effective Investigation Process

For many employers, a workplace investigation process can appear quite challenging to navigate. Questions around the actual subject of the investigation, and who is best qualified to carry out this important task, can immediately arise.

The investigation process itself is characterised by a number of important processes that are designed to reduce the risk of negative perceptions and/or potential legal pitfalls at a…


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How to Make a Healthier Workplace

Working by yourself is hard enough, so when you add other people to the mix, keeping a healthy workplace becomes even harder. Working in a collective has many perks, but you also need to take into consideration the health and habits of those around you. Even if you are just an…


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Being fused with the CEO and CFO is the future of HR

With so much buzz around “The Future of Work” it seems only natural to think about “The Future of HR”.

Certainly, it feels like there is a shift occurring in the field. The external imperatives are there with technology, globalisation, growth, change and consolidation. The business environment is also evolving rapidly and the need for transformation, innovation and agility is critical.

Whilst HR now largely has its desired seat at the table, the hard yards are not over. HR must…


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Changes in executive recruitment and why executive outplacement needs to adapt

We are operating in a business environment that is demanding more from our leaders than ever before. Executives need to be able to innovate, influence and pivot at an unprecedented rate all the while managing more significant risks, regulations and technological change.

It should come as no surprise then that executive recruitment is changing. Here are three changes that we have seen to executive recruitment and why your executive outplacement program needs to adapt to these trends if…


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Common New-Hire Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

The fun thing about being a hiring manager is that you never stop learning. The not-so-fun thing is that you usually learn through mistakes.

The competition for talent, limited budget, workforce planning, and not having access to the right system and tools – those are the four major challenges that Australian recruiters face when…


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How to Improve Payroll Automation

New technologies have made never-before-seen options possible when it comes to automation. Using the right tools, this time-consuming task can be automated and therefore finished faster and with less likelihood of human error. Every business should try to incorporate these tools and strive to automate as many processes as possible. Payroll is one such time-consuming task. Here are the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to payroll…


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How Your ATS Can Help (or Hurt) Your Recruitment Marketing

When most people talk about their recruitment software ecosystem, they're basically just talking about their ATS. Sometimes, the ATS is just the beginning, and there are integrated layers of smart technology connected to it that make recruiters’ (and job candidates’) lives easier. Other times, the “ecosystem” is a black box that magically spits out resumes based on hiring managers’ search parameters. So, you can imagine how this technology might have a huge impact—for better…


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Social Media Misconduct: The Need for a Fair Investigation

An ever-increasing key dilemma for employers in the modern age is how to deal with the misconduct by staff through their use of social media platforms. 

The list of potentially offending conduct is lengthy. For example, staff might call in sick but then post details of their activities on social media. Employees could post inappropriate, defamatory or confidential information on their accounts. One high-profile…


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Doing It For The 'Gram - Social media, sporting clubs and athletes

Social media has long been a platform through which athletes can engage with their fans and “build their brand”.

For professional athletes, their status as public figures make them instantly recognisable and immediately associated with their sport and their club. Even a non-professional athlete’s use of social media can impact the club or sport’s relationships with sponsors and the public. Given this linked recognition, posts on social media will inevitably be seen as a reflection…


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Tripping Out - FWO investigation finds Uber drivers not employees

Since it arrived in Australia, Uber has been under fire for its disruption of the transport industry and its complicated relationship with its drivers.

At present, Uber is facing a class action law suit from taxi and hire car drivers in Australia, as well as an enquiry into the working conditions of on-demand workers by the Victorian Government. Globally, drivers have protested seeking fairness in pay and better safety conditions.

Of all the issues faced by Uber, one of…


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May The Force Be With You: FWC finds resignation warranted

Managing employee exits can be tricky business, particularly when dismissing an employee for unacceptable conduct and behaviour. In some cases, the parties will try and reach an amicable solution to end the employment relationship such as agreeing to allow the employee to resign.

However, employers must be careful when entering into these types of discussions. The way in which an employee’s employment is finalised could have a significant bearing on that employee’s entitlement to…


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Online resources to help HR professionals learn essential data science skills

It is now known that data science, big data, and machine learning are of great importance when it comes to being equipped for the future of work. Data has now become an integral tool…


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How to Track and Measure Employee Performance

Measuring and tracking employee performance is an increasingly recognised way of optimising productivity and improving an organisation's effectiveness. Its key goal is to provide the overall structure for planning and analysing activities of each person, in the context of the business as a whole. In other words, to align worker and department goals to those of the…


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Performance Management vs Bullying: Where's the Line?

Employers often face a quandary in dealing with underperformers, and whether to place them onto a performance management program. 

It's essential that any such move can always be considered to be 'reasonable management action' in response to inappropriate behaviours or inadequate or unsatisfactory…


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Fast-Growing Startups: How Do You Build the Right Team?

Every startup’s dream is having the chance to grow at light speed. It means that you’re doing something right, that your investors can see your vision and are willing to support you, and you get to go all-in on your product or service. What many businesses realize late in the game, however, is that the reality of growing…


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Super (not so) Simple: Court finds independent contractor owed superannuation

Deciding on the terms under which to engage a person to perform services can be a complex task. There are benefits to engaging individuals as independent contractors where there is a particular task, project or specialised kind of work that needs to be performed. But mischaracterising the relationship can have dire consequences for employers.…


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The Stalking Horse: FWC warns of abuse of stop bullying jurisdiction

It has unfortunately become a common occurrence for employees who are subject to management action (such as the issuing of reasonable and lawful directions or disciplinary processes) to immediately seek redress by filing a claim against their employer (or other employees) alleging things such as adverse action, discrimination or bullying. In these instances, employers often feel obliged to delay or defer any further management action until the employee’s claim is resolved.

In a recent…


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