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How Employers can Prepare for Employees’ Return to Work

Learn how employers can make a return to the office, after a long period of work from home, easier for employees.

As lockdown ease around the world and businesses start to operate as normal, employers ought to be discretionary. Many employees are experiencing mental breakdown due…


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How to Stop the Baby Boomer Brain Drain

Australia is about to enter an age unparalleled in our history: the age of the great retirement. Our largest generation ever, the Baby Boomers, will soon exit the workforce forever, leaving 4 million vacant positions in their wake and taking an enormous amount of corporate knowledge, wisdom, and expertise with them. 

And with this exit could come devastating consequences. …


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Dual-Faceted Employee And Contractor Relationships

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) was recently invited to consider a jurisdictional objection in a matter[1] involving a personal trainer who used the premises of a gym to conduct his own…


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Top 10 reasons why your organisation should have training in bullying harassment sexual harassment

Top 10 reasons why your organisation should have training in bullying harassment sexual harassment

Training your employees of all levels in bullying, harassment and sexual harassment shouldn’t be a “nice to have”, “we’ll get around to it” or “maybe one day”, it’s an imperative, today.  Not convinced here are the top ten reasons why your organisation should have training in bullying, harassment and…


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Workplace Safety is HR's Biggest Challenge in 2020

As the world is reeling from the coronavirus pandemic, millions of workers across the globe are slowly returning to their jobs. They are fearful more than ever that the environment they work in will be safe enough to continue as usual.…


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A Stress-Free Room in the Workplace for Improved Productivity

Boosting productivity is the goal of every company. This is easier said than done, as there are numerous factors at play, employees’ stress being just one of them. Luckily, you can reduce the stress your workers are exposed to by creating a leisure room where they would…


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Sexual Harassment Investigation Myth Busting

I have investigated a large number of sexual harassment complaints this article busting the myths contains most of the excuses for the behaviour that I have heard when interviewing perpetrators.

I believe that when it comes to sexual harassment the behaviour is;

Deliberate – Where the perpetrator knowingly behaves in a sexually harassing manner towards the victim.

Offensive – Where the person subjected to the…


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Transitioning back to the workplace: what you may need to know

Australian workers are slowly, but surely, returning to their workplaces. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ fifth Household Impacts of COVID-19 Survey, only 53% of Australians felt comfortable returning to work.

Whilst the office may seem familiar, the ways of working will have altered: the office floor plan and where employees are situated may have changed, not all employees will enter the office daily, some may arrive and leave for the day at off-peak times…


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5 Steps to Plan Your Return to Work Post-Pandemic

Australia is reopening, and businesses are beginning to plan their return to the workplace. A well-thought out and meticulous approach is critical now more than ever. The return to work post-pandemic is not like any other kind of return to work any of us have experienced before and there are multiple aspects to consider. Logistics, travel arrangements, sanitation measures are all going to be priorities that most of us haven’t had to worry about too much…


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Anyone getting on your nerves right now?

Anyone giving you that nails on a chalk board feeling currently?

With so much going on at the moment people may be getting on your nerves a little more easily.  



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How to have great coaching conversations at work

There are many team-building benefits of the coaching leadership style, it identifies strengths, encourages learning, accelerates self-development, drives collaboration, increases engagement, improves performance, and that is by no means a comprehensive list.

That is why we want to share with you one of the tools of a coaching leader – the coaching conversation. Coaching conversations work a little…


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Improving the recruitment and selection of people with disabilities

Despite representing nearly 20% of the Australian population, people with disabilities are severely underrepresented in the workforce and face numerous barriers to employment.

This year, People Solutions undertook a research project to examine the challenges that organisations face in employing people with disabilities, the gaps between best practice and actual practice among organisations in Western Australia, and what can be done to improve these practices. We conducted…


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A-League club facing adverse action claim in Court

It is sometimes forgotten that sporting clubs and organisations are employers who are also subject to workplace laws and regulations in relation to their employees.

In a stark reminder that sporting clubs and organisations are not exempt from the rules, the former team manager of Western United has commenced…

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No competition: Conflicts of interest in the employment relationship

Many standard employment contracts contain a clause that addresses an employee’s obligations in relation to secondary employment and conflicts of interest. The obligation is generally that an employee will not act in a manner that conflicts with the interests of their employer or their duties as an employee. This contractual obligation is reflective of the common law duty that an employee must not engage in conduct that is incompatible with their duties to…

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Leave me be: JobKeeper and annual leave requests

In April 2020, temporary amendments were introduced into the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act) to support the JobKeeper scheme. The provisions permit eligible employers to give certain directions to eligible employees in relation to reducing hours or days of work and/or temporarily changing their usual duties, location of work or days and times of work.

In addition, the JobKeeper provisions…


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Stand down and out: FWC dismisses challenge to stand down


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Adverse action claim initiated against professional football club

The Chief Operating Officer of Macarthur and South West United FC (the Club) has launched legal proceedings against the Club, the Club Chair and another director alleging breaches of the general protections provisions under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act).

The FW Act provides…


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Will we soon see a Great Reset of people’s careers?

Careers are funny things. When we reflect on them, we can always tell a narrative; explain how one opportunity seamlessly turned into the next until we reach an endgame. Yet when we’re living them, they can feel like a different experience entirely. Often we find ourselves happily meandering; jumping from one job to the next and not taking it all too seriously. Sometimes, we make what we think are enlightened moves, only to take a step in the wrong direction. Other times still, we fall into…


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5 Essential Data Mining Skills for Recruiting

Job sites are really popular today for anyone to find the right job or for any firm to hire the perfect candidates. These sites, however, also house large quantities of aggregated data which provides good insights for job trends, salary levels, competitors‘ info and many others. While these job sites are overwhelmed with a massive volume of data, recruiters should know how to leverage and make full use of them…


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A Complete Guide to Web Scraping Job Postings

Why job data?


Throughout years of working in the web scraping industry and talking to users from all over the world, job data stands out as being one of the most sought after information on the web. I was honestly a bit overwhelmed until I came across …

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