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Caffeine hit: Fair Work Commission upholds dismissal of an employee who misused a company coffee account

Financial misconduct committed by an employee can fundamentally damage the trust and confidence in an employment relationship. Unfortunately, financial misconduct is a common issue for Australian businesses and if it is not dealt with promptly and effectively, there is an opportunity for further misadventure.  

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) considered the gravity of financial misconduct in the recent decision of [name withheld] v Credit Union…


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Graduate employability: Work integrated learning holds the key

How employable their graduates are is, and should be, at the top of higher education providers’ agenda. It is important to businesses too; according to an Australian research paper on employability,…


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What is reasonable management action? It does not need to be perfect

The rise of workplace bullying, unfair dismissal and general protections claims in the Fair Work Commission is not surprising considering the current economic and business climate. Managers and supervisors gaining an understanding of what is reasonable management action done in a reasonable way must be learned and trained – organisations…


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5 Reasons to Use Talent Assessment When Hiring Drivers

If you’re hiring  right now, your primary concern may be finding the drivers to fill your vacancies. You may not be focused on how to check how safe a driver they are, or the effect they will have on your company’s reputational risk, if they are hired. 

Whether your drivers are delivering parcels to homes, goods to warehouses, carrying out installations or taking passengers from location to location, drivers are increasingly the public face of your company…


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Understanding different personalities: The 7 myths of introversion and extroversion

One of the most popular topics we come across as people leader coaches is that of personality types. We’re big lovers of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and using it to dissect your own and your team’s personality types. So it’s about looking at introversion versus extroversion and the cross over that naturally happens. 



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A time for change – Navigating the new world of business

It’s a tricky time right now. We’re all learning how to navigate such dramatic change in business as a result of COVID-19, so we wanted to take the opportunity to give back to you with our latest resource — a transition plan.

A change in…


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7 deadly strategies: Our top tips to improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

If there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s teaching you how to be the best people leader. And if there’s one thing we know people leaders tend to overlook, it’s their own well being. 

Paying extra attention to your mental, emotional and physical well being is always a good idea, so we’ve got some really great strategies to help you do just that. 

We use these strategies in our …


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How to run a successful assessment centre in a virtual world

In December last year, People Solutions team members Georgia and Courtenay ran an online webinar to a range of HR managers. The webinar delved deep into assessment centres, and how to successfully run them in a virtual world. We know that COVID-19 has created an extremely challenging environment for businesses, and many have had to adapt their entire business model to survive.

The question is, how do you…


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If not now, when? Don’t put high performance on hold…

We’ve had a lot of mixed responses from clients weighing up face-to-face vs online facilitation for leadership and team-building programs since Covid-19 restrictions took hold back in March.

All the leaders and organisations we’ve spoken to recognise that the team dynamic and organisational culture have had to adapt to the new ways of working, and that, in many ways, these changes will be…


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