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Do your interviews stink? 10 ways to turn pro

This week I met with a promising new client. They have a handful of vacancies, one position that has been vacant for 3 months and another that they have interviewed 30 candidates for (yes, face to face) and still haven’t found the right candidate. Hmmmm…. Houston we have a problem!

The managers are pulling their hair out as it…


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Leadership development programs the key to an engaged workforce in fluctuating market

This year’s recognition as an Aon Hewitt Best Employer has meant much more to Hilti Australia because in a soft construction market everyone had to work much harder to retain high employee engagement.

In 2011 when Hilti was recognised as the ‘Best of the Best’ Best Employer the company felt the impact immediately. Most notably, there was an instant boost in employee confidence and a 300 per cent spike in job applications.

In my experience, an engaged and motivated…


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"Warning, warning" - Taking account of past workplace sins when disciplining employees - [Part 1]

In Brief

A recent dismissal case before Fair Work Australia ("FWA") serves as a useful illustration of the issues facing employers when weighing up an employee's poor disciplinary record and whether a dismissal would be justified.

Warning Confusion…


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Absence can make the heart grow fonder. Seven Tips To Help You Manage Remote Teams

There is no doubt about it, the Australian workplace is going through massive structural changes.  Wage costs are high. The cost of living and working in the major capitals is also high. In case you hadn’t noticed, Sydney is the seventh most expensive city in the world. Melbourne is the eighth.


So it’s no surprise that organisations have been…


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The Secret Ingredient of Creativity in Business.

I’ve noticed, as I go around talking to organisations about diagnosing, understanding and harnessing their creativity to improve their business practices, that there is one crucial ingredient of creativity that most people don’t know about. This makes me think that idea Incubation might be the secret ingredient of innovation and problem solving.

Some people, like Steve Jobs, know the secret automatically, but…


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People management - great or grim?


People management – great or grim?

In early April I posted a blog HR Manager’s Effectiveness: 21 variables to aspire to.

It took 2077 hits.  What follows is a further development of the theme – the…


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Awkward Workplace Situations – How To Eliminate Them

Awkward workplace situations are almost unavoidable when you consider the number of diverse personalities, opinions and behaviours that are forcibly grouped together to form the average workplace.

It is likely that every work environment has had the same complaint at some point about a certain employee who sometimes makes the workplace feel “awkward” for…


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Who owns social media accounts and business contacts: employees or employers?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks have become a crucial tool in establishing and building business relationships for many companies. Employees are increasingly connecting with current and potential customers using social media in order to promote themselves and their employers.

However, what happens to social media accounts when employees decide to leave for greener pastures? Do employers have any rights to such accounts, or to stop their former employees from…


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Teaching elephants to dance

Can you teach an elephant to dance? That’s what many HR professionals are being asked to do with the introduction of ‘agile’ or ‘lean’ principles to large enterprises, particularly in areas like performance management.

In the circus they get the pachyderms prancing through repetition and pain, but does injecting some agility…


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