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Data-Driven People & Culture - Are you looking at the best behavioural metrics??

(PRE-READING WARNING: this is a long, in-depth blog…. and this sort of thing has been known to be associated with checking out, skim reading, opinion formation before completion, resistance and avoidance… if you have tendencies toward any of the above, probably better to skip right to avoidance…. however, for those who stick…


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Is IP walking out your door?

Have you ever considered how much it costs to lose a key team member? Some studies show it can be anything up to 200% of the person’s annual salary. At ELR Executive we actually think that seems rather low, especially if you factor in the associated ‘IP Drain’ – that is, the cost of the knowledge that walks out your door the day they leave. From our experience…


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Common Characteristics of Mental Illness in the Workplace

We’re aware that for all business owners, the majority of days – and plenty of nights as well –  will be spent juggling multiple balls connected to customers, products, services, payroll, health and safety, suppliers, marketing… the list goes on! And even with the best systems in place, we have all experienced…


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The Search for Engagement

Have you ever been involved in 'Team Building Days' that involve outdoor activities like abseiling and high ropes? 

In essence, these and a raft of other team activity initiatives, focus on getting people working better together. Leaders who organise these for their people are trying to address a problem of engagement - they're trying to help people gain insights and understandings to help them perform better individually and as a team.…


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Make it appealing: Appeals in the Fair Work Commission

For the 2014-2015 year, 79% of unfair dismissal applications made to the Fair Work Commission (FWC) were settled at the conciliation phase.

For the 21% that did not settle, some Applicants proceeded to have their matter heard by way of hearing.  If an Applicant is not satisfied with the outcome at the hearing they are able to lodge an application to appeal.  However, in order for an application to appeal to be granted, the Applicant must satisfy the FWC that it has proper…


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Cold As Ice - Recruitment Company snowed under by social media reaction to misbehaving employees

On 10 July 2016, a Mount Buller Reindeer Ski Club employee posted to Facebook a scathing assessment of guests employed by recruitment company, Michael Page Recruitment (the Company). The Ski Club employee alleged that the 22 guests caused a nuisance, were heavily intoxicated and became abusive to her and the Ski Club’s Manager.

The post detailed that the guests had left rooms in a mess, leaving broken glass on surfaces, rubbish on floors and food and clothes on benches. The…


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People don't resist change wholesale

From the latest edition of our 'Cultural Intelligence' newsletter

One of the most common issues cited by leaders across the world relates to how to manage change, including how to get people 'on board'. This has resulted in a number of memes gaining traction - including those such as 'people resist change', 'people are suffering from change fatigue', and so on.

We think…


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Applying Pareto's Principle to maximise your leadership development budget

Did you know that “Pareto’s principle”, also known as the “80/20 rule” came about as a result of engineer and mathematician Vilfredo Pareto growing peas in his garden. He observed that 80% of his crop was being produced by 20% of his plants. This is one of the examples he used to demonstrate his world renowned principle. As someone who develops new leaders you need to work out where to find the best return on investment for your development budget. Where did your money go last financial year…


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Working from home in the pursuit of the optimal work-life balance

In pursuit of a work-life balance, we are increasingly seeing employers agree to employees performing all or part of their duties from home.  If you are one such employer, there are a number of things you need to take into consideration when offering or agreeing to allow an employee to work from home.


Arrangements to work from home should be recorded in an agreement signed by the parties.  Consideration will need to be given as to whether this…


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My first year on the Lifeline


In this blog, I discuss my volunteer work at Lifeline, Australia’s leading support agency for people in crisis, including those contemplating suicide. If this is a painful or difficult issue for you, please skip this Pinch of Thought. Thanks, Mark

I was recently inundated by a mail storm of LinkedIn messages…


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Avoid these barriers to innovation

When most think of innovation, they think about high-tech pieces of technology and gadgets. These products may be described as innovative, but true innovation goes much deeper than that. True innovation is about the process. It’s about discovery and the path taken to get to the final goal. Innovation is about the “how” not the…


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What leadership isn't

From the latest edition of our 'Cultural Intelligence' newsletter

In my mid 20s, I was seconded from my role as a teacher into the head office of the Education Department. During the five years I spent in head office, I was invited to be part of a team that provided leadership training to school…


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Manage culture: manage the non-negotiables

In our workplace culture work with organisations, we attune people to the fact the culture in large part is deduced. People watch what gets noticed, what doesn't get noticed, the difference between what people say and what they do, and so on. These observations count for more than what is written in documentation and what is said publicly.

From these observations, along with what people share privately with one another, people learn about the 'non-negotiables' as well. We refer to…


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Get on board with Workplace Health & Safety

The amount of times we have encountered Board Members or Business Owners who are completely in the dark about their obligations regarding WH&S Due Diligence is worrying.  Sometimes this occurs because Business Owners or Directors delegate WH&S to those in operational roles  and assume that this is enough.

The reality is that everyone is responsible for health and safety in the workplace, but those in Board or senior management roles must have involvement and understanding of…


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430% Improvement in Productivity for Every $1 Invested is Achievable: Here is Why

A return of 430% improvement in productivity sounds massive but the truth is it is far more achievable than what most organisations believe.

In a combined study by Integrity Research Advisory Services and Ernst Young in 2012 titled; “Workplace Productivity” they found 85% of Australian workers could be more productive. Perhaps that is not surprising to many of…


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School’s out: How workplace conflict can become bullying behaviour

Left unaddressed, workplace conflict can sometimes evolve into allegations of bullying behaviour.  A recent decision by the Fair Work Commission (FWC) highlights how the working relationship between a school teacher and Principal deteriorated to the point that an application for an order to stop bullying was made.

The Applicant was employed as a teacher at a secondary school in Victoria (the School) in 1998.  The new Principal of the School was appointed in 2013. The…


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We need to talk... - Reasonable Management Action and Employee Meetings

The ability to counselling employees about their effectiveness in the workplace is important for employers. Unfortunately, not all employees respond to counselling meetings as productively and openly as employers might hope.

A meeting can be severely derailed if an employee responds badly to feedback about their work performance or workplace behaviour and, depending on how such circumstances are handled, the employer may face claims that the meeting, or the employer’s conduct in the…


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3 Strategies for Handling Mental Illness in the Workplace

It is heartening to see that the stigma around mental illness is slowly reducing, both in workplaces and the broader community. Yet when it comes to identifying and monitoring mental illness at work, many employers are uncertain of the best mechanisms to use. 

We understand that employers…


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Faces buried in smart phones is a familiar site this week as people everywhere are engrossed in the task of capturing, battling and training Pokémon creatures as they pop up at locations around the globe.

The game has only been available for a short period of time and yet it is obvious to even the most casual observer that it has the potential to cause accidents, injuries and at times create a public nuisance (particularly in Pokémon hotspots otherwise known as… Continue

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5 Key Reasons Why It's Important To Have Policies and Procedures

When I review an employer’s workplace practices, I consistently see businesses making avoidable mistakes. Many of my clients have policies in place because they should, without any real consideration for why they are so important. Policies and procedures, induction manuals and employee handbooks however can be very important to businesses. 

I was recently asked for the top 5 reasons why employers should have policies and procedures. While not the only reasons why you should have…


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