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How Organisational Culture and Organisational Change Interact

To understand how organisational culture and change interact, it is first necessary to establish some understanding of what culture actually is.

 It’s not easy to understand culture because it isn’t something you can see – though you can see evidence of it everywhere.  Yet even though the concept is abstract it refers to something real; something that is experienced by everyone who comes into contact with the organisation.  Not only is it experienced, but in subtle or significant ways…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work

At a recent Teen Choice Awards Ceremony, Ashton Kutcher gave some words of wisdom to those in the audience. Although aimed at a younger generation, his words could resonate with anyone of any age...  …


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100 Corporate Champions - sort of ...

A quick update on the Government’s Corporate Champions program. I note they now have a hundred candidates, which is good news but if you remove the 20 or so pilot organisations which have been with the program for almost three years, the numbers shrink.

I also note that they have included Transfield Services in Adelaide (Light City Buses), which I…


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Old School Value Still Builds Trust

Growing up living above a UK Newsagency (aka Milk Bar), was always an interesting experience. I saw exceptional service from an early age to a wide array of customers; some that were lovely, some that weren’t so nice. That was the technical distinction I made being only 6 years old! My parents worked some extraordinary hours over the thirty years they had their business, often under extremely challenging conditions. Supermarkets undercut their prices by ridiculous margins, official retail…


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Three Paradigms Which Can Sabotage Your Engagement Strategy

Let’s face it, organisations have to be outward facing, it’s no good naval-gazing constantly, because that will get them nowhere. Sometimes though concentrating on external goals, relationships and service can create a blind-spot for leaders which means they miss some of the most important dynamics in their own organisation. Today, I set out three dynamics which leaders must pay attention to if they want to truly create an excellent organisation. 

An ability to create an…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work



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Can you let go to grow?

Why do so many senior people struggle to delegate key tasks even when they know they are limiting growth by being the bottleneck in their business?  The latest scientific evidence shows that it’s not only down to skill, it’s our brain getting in the way.  There is always a lot more to be done in a day than you can achieve by yourself and the key to success is knowing what to let go of.  But letting go creates uncertainty and your brain hates uncertainty almost more than anything…


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What Do Your Staff Really Think?

Are you sure you have the culture you want? How can you tell if you’re getting full engagement, reluctant compliance or mere lip service from your staff? Do you know what’s really said around the water cooler?

Even the best of us overestimate the openness of the cultures we create, underestimate the challenges for employees to be forthright within them, or underrate how…


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Video Killed the Phone Interview Star

So by now you’ve probably heard of video interviewing as the ‘next big thing’ in recruitment.  But what is it all about?  How does it work?  Should you be considering it?

Video interviewing involves using software that allows candidates to record their answers to a number of interview questions using a webcam at a time that is convenient to them.  Recruiters…


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How post-school education helps your work prospects and earnings

The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations recently released its comprehensive annual Australian labour market update; Australian Jobs 2013

Here are some interesting stats about employment and earnings outcomes from education and training:

(A) Unemployment and participation rates

  1. Australians who hold a bachelor degree or…

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Success factors in developing next generation leaders

In their report “Filling the executive bench: how companies are growing future leaders”, RHR International has found that the most significant factors in successfully grooming leaders of the future are:

  • successful programs start with committed senior managers who drive the development of future leaders
  • development programs need not be highly structured and formal, but they should be aligned with the strategy and culture of the company
  • future leaders need…

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Employee Engagement by Design Not Default

One of the things I love most about consulting in the employee engagement space is the opportunity to see the diverse approaches that organisations take regarding the performance of their people and business strategy.

Over time, I have come to see that there is a common lifecycle that organisations progress through as employee engagement evolves as part of the leadership philosophy within the culture of the organisation.

Below are few observations about organisations…


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Time to take responsibility for your own engagement at work

Employee engagement has long been a buzzword in HR circles.  At a theoretical level, many organisations now seem to understand the importance of having an engaged workforce.  They conduct engagement surveys, analyse the results and compare them to those of previous years.  This can then inform them which of their staff engagement initiatives are working, and in what…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work

Justin Bachman, 16, is an…


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How Leaders Can Redeem Mistakes With Integrity

It’s very easy to sit on the side lines and judge someone when they’ve either intentionally or unintentionally made an error of judgement  We all make mistakes at times. Leaders are no different, they are only human. Like great service providers, leaders can make good a mistake, it is about how they go about it, which will either reinforce or destroy the trust of their team or followers. 

Ethics, morality and values based leadership are high on any thought leaders…


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What level of thinking are you encouraging in your people?

We are facing an unprecedented crisis in workplace motivation.  Only the businesses that are quick to learn and adapt will survive and thrive in the current economic climate.  Survey after survey is showing that the majority of people are disengaged at work and are delivering well below their best efforts.  But we now have an opportunity to use a more creative management approach – by utilising below conscious motivation patterns.    



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Why isn't your next hire a 'law of attraction' away?

If social media is about attracting and connecting like minded people, does it bring the 'laws of attraction' to a simple reality?  Generally speaking, and whether one believes it or not, the laws of attraction are about attracting and willing like thoughts, ideas, situations, people, events and circumstances, so isn't that what we are doing now across our social media platforms when we actively discuss, share, like and connect with others?

So, keeping the above in mind, why don't we…


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Why won't managers talk to their staff about performance?

Why don't managers give employees regular feedback on their performance? Why do they often wait for the appraisal to do so?

Over the past 18 years I have talked to thousands of employees and this is a common complain across all industry groups.

For example, I recall speaking to an 18-year-old female fresh out of school and nine months into her first job in an…


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Refugees and older workers


It costs the Australian taxpayer about $1 billion per year to maintain our refugee policy, including providing navy ships, hiring staff, etc.

It costs another $100,000 per year to feed and house a refugee. I have no problem there.

Yet in Australia, the Federal Government has only set aside $70 million over four years to help people 50+ find jobs. We have about 100,000 unemployed Boomers and about two million people 50+ currently working…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work

Homeless Persons' Week…


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